Fail Minecraft: Escape The Cage #4 w/ sponge-bubb, xL3gitGamerx209 and ABCsoup

Uploaded by imthatgoodguy on 25.05.2012

What Does It Say We Have To Make

Yummy... :)
We gotta make uhh
We gotta make like 13 jack-o-lanterns

thirteen? Nee!
We got to craft the clock
How are we gonna get the gold? IDK
Mmm oreo Is good
Ok how were gonna get the
Are you guys recording?
Man... AHH no no no OW
Porkers you must be free.
Porker You Must Be Free Get Out
OHH!! Sh*t!!
Oh its morning
Ooo No No Eeeee
I'm in front of you
Imma Fart On You
*Fart* oooooooooh Nice!

Look at you with those green eyes
And that sweater
Oh my god!
*Crunch* Look at those shoes that's wierd. Huh?
Look at you. Your wearing converse
Im wearing PowerPuffGirls shoes. Now shut up.
Nice Im wearing some...
Stuff Lol
Im wearing red shoes. Im jealous Pikachu doesn't wear any shoes!
Oh Yeah?
*Stammering* Well i got a half a heart left guys!
Awhh hehe
Here Imma eat Imma wear my uggs.
Imma wear my uggs! It Not Faaaaiir! Imma wear my uggs! This is good uggs.
I Need It!!!
You guys already have shoes! Here you can have these pants Goddd
Wear the pants!
LET ME TAKE IT! You Guys Are Seeing My Butt AHAha! I'm a gentleman! Haha

Look at that pants! xD
Looks like beef jerky tape two.
Aww I'm not going to wear this!
Here you can have it.
Thats some good pants your wearing haha
Thats good pants your wearing!
Is that good pants? I need to be a GENTLEMEN! HEHEHEHEHE
Ok here you go.
Look at those pants! HAHAHA

*drops mic*
Oh look at that shirt! My mic fell! Oh oh look at those pants woah oh shoot whats wrong with me.
Oh those are some good pants your wearing! Look at my hairy back hehe!
Are you guys seriously recording? Yeah!
Aww YEAH yeah lets put on this shirt! Me and my other uhh whats that called?
*Small Laughter*
Oh yeah? Mines white yours is BLUE! Shut up! Oh yea well i got more swag!
Yeah i look cool with my shirt on! XD
Yeah yeah i look so cool!
Can't even see my eyes.
Are you bliiind? Where are you?!
NOOO I keep losing the freakin' iron!
Theres an iron? Look at me!
Look behind you! Look
behind you! *Girl Scream* -.-
Aww thats no fair :'(
Do you have any stuff on you?
Aww i have a diamond you have the diamond helmet.
Wait no no there both mine no get away! NOOo
No! I fell now i lost my i lost my clothes! I think...
Now your naked.. oooh aha!
Noooo! Wait I have shoes on!
You like shoes
Thats why I'm always NAKED!
All cool! Fine take them you take them!
I'll take care of them! Yeah.
You have have 5 more where'd you do it.
Look at those uggs man
so jealous
Oh yeah
Now lets go get those cracks now! Ok.
Just gonna...
Keep hitting that.
Oh my gosh why dont you break?!
Almost done! What
Fine fine pikachu. You can have this
They call me two two

Jacob Two-Two
Ok I made a safety proticol here. :)
Yeah nice pants! Look at those pants!
Those are good pants your wearing!
Yeah Pikachu's Lovin' It!
You look like a farmer with a- YOU MAKING ME FEEL BAD OH GODD AHAH
If you hit me then we lost our pickaxe
I'm getting the wood.
You know what? What what
Wait how'd we get
Hold on. Oh no the cactus is killin' me Is it me or my butt moving?
Does porkers- Hey can you guys help me get this saplings?
Aww cool saplings!
I want some! MY PANTS IS MOVING! What?!
Your pants is moving? Oh wait nevermind.
For a second, it is
You know what?!
You guys dont like my pants?!
i like it look good on you!
Yeah you look like my favorite character!
My pants is actually moving!
Your pants love you too much.
Unless its lag. Can you please move?
How do you guys make that move man?
Oh it is lag
Can i organize this
Oh i can!
Dude seriously stop. How did you do that? Its a mod
What do you press?
I can't explain it
No put it on warm.
Is that okay? Alright
Sp- I mean Quan
Quan. I'm not pressing anything Im clicking
Ok one his name is not Quan its Jacob
Aww wow the backpack mod does'nt work
You guys don't like me any more. We do just don't go suicide.
My life is over :'(
Did you fall? Oh
*2 people talking at once*
Let me jum- ohh let me put that in there in the chest.
Serisously? What? What?!
Here. Here Keep it! Keep the sapling!
Oh god let me check something.
I just noticed, why aren't any mobs spawning?
Oh my god i just spawned a mushroom!
WAaaahahayyy! Oh jeez.
My life is over AGAIN! Sweet Jesus.
Captioned by: xL3gitGamerx209