Ryuji Kajiwara's Training Session - 6.25 K-1 MAX 2011

Uploaded by K1 on 15.06.2011

Q: Having hard training and exhausted now?
Kajiwara: Yes. I'm having my own training and also helping out my team mates for some competitions.
So I have been pretty busy. But I'm ok as I had a good day off lately.
Q: You fought in Krush's one day-tourney and now fighting in K-1's. Isn't is too tough?
Kajiwara: It's ok. It's been a good experience for me.
Q: What's your plan for a Noiri fight like?
Kajiwara: Noiri is young but quite a complete fighter. He must be preparing to deal with my punches.
He's young but I'll have to watch out. What I have to do is finish the fight before being finished.
Q: You might have to face your teammate Urabe at the final.
Kajiwara: Off course, I don't want to fight him. But I'll do if I have to.
This touney seems to be like early days of K-1 of 1990's to me.
Many different types of fighters gather in a place and fight for the best. That's what I like about K-1.
Q: Mr.Tanikawa is saying he wants to create a spectacular tourney which world's outstanding fighters join.
Kajiwara: It sounds great! I love the idea. I think it's the origin of K-1.
One Japanese soccer player was saying we Japanese need better technics to match foreign players.
I really understand it. So many great fighters for this division should exist in the world.
Exist in the area like Europe, Asia and Central-America.
I'm not very young any more. So I don't want to miss this chance.
I have to win this Japan tourney and then want to fight in the world.
If I get the Japan title, then it will be the 5th one to me. I want to be like Roy Jones Jr.
I have a long fighting career and I'm still so happy to be fighting.
Now I want to show my gratitude to fans and teammates.
I'll start some interesting projects after I win this tourney. So I really have to win.
Q: Mr. Tanikawa was saying you are one of his favorite fighters.
Kajiwara: I'm happy with it. I told Mr.Tanikawa that I would try to beat Noiri completey though he's still young.
Then he said "I know. You can". I understand what he's expecting me to do. So I'll just do what I should do.