MASTER SERIES: Jeremy Cowart and Imogen Heap

Uploaded by ProfotoGlobal on 16.05.2012

This next images is a shot of one of my favorite musicians of all time her name is
Imogen Heap.
She's a very experimental kind of ethereal musician and
her music just really inspires me. And so I just emailed her and we set up our
own personal shoot.
When she came to Nashville, where I lived, well this is really quick shoot
probably just fifteen minutes of her time and i came in with a few ideas.
And this image came out of the very quick photoshoot.
This is my first year being a professional photographer and so I was
shooting quite simply back then. This is just lit with a
three foot by two foot softbox.
You know, straight over my head up forty five degree angle
on the subject. Pretty simple but
that soft light on her face, her skin just lit up and
there's nothing more to it, very simple.
And i come from a background in painting and illustration
and so this image was really all about post-production.
Something about her pose was still really magic and kind of matched her music.
And so i went into Photoshop
and took her,
removed her from the background entirely.
Brought her back in, we retuched her skin a little bit
and i just started out bringing different backgrounds in and
brought a landscape in that I'd shoot. I shoot a lot of stock images, on my down time,
so I'm always building that library of personal work
and so that at times like this i can use those images.
So I brought in a landscape,
brought in some clowds
and just start building.
Building at the image one layer at the time.
I do this really crazy effects, to where I reshoot images on my
cinema display,
through various glass and old cameras and so.
I've shot this image again
through my various techniques
and brought those images,
of the image, back into photoshop and layered them
on top of the original. And so started creating this really
bizarre effect.
And started bringing this weird noice and grain and
dust and all kinds of weird textures that really made
image come to life. And i just kept building until i was a
satisfied. You know they say that
half of art is knowing when to start and the other half is knowing when to stop.
And this is, I just finally got to that place where I knew
that I had my final image.
Sometimes I now going into a shoot, I know what my vision is going to be
in some times I really don't. Sometimes it's just about
where it's headed. And even when I open it up
the first in Photoshop
i still didn't know exactly what is going to be
so i just started painting
through photoshop and adding layers and it landed in place I was really excited about