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Hello and welcome to Freshly Served, the healthy vegan cooking show. Iím Heather and tonight
weíre going to make some roasted root vegetables.
Now it is still winter and root vegetables are excellent things to eat in the winter
for a couple of reasons. One, they store most easily over the winter so you can get fairly
local stuff or if your growing it on your own. Itís the best thing to eat out from
your garden because you can keep it cool throughout the winter and just keep eating it.
The other reason is that because its winter our bodies are looking for something a little
bit warming and root vegetable needs to be cook in order to be digested properly so we
cooked them, add warmth to the vegetable which add warmth to your body.
So tonight weíre gonna use some carrots, classic! As well as some parsnips which many
people havenít tried or a little bit afraid of. Parsnips on their own, Iím not a big
fan of, they have a bit of tangy kind of flavor but when theyíre roasted and especially when
we put this orange sauce on its gonna give a really nice sweet flavor, theyíre delicious!
So, parsnips as well as beets and this is probably the largest beet Iíve seen in quite
some time and I just couldnít resist the massiveness of this beet.
So weíre gonna start by making the sauce which is going to be an orange sauce, weíre
just gonna add some spices to it but orange is gonna be the basis of this sauce.
And because there is sugar in this orange it will work as kind of a glazed. A glaze
is when the sauce thickens a little bit around whatever your cooking really nice.
Start with the orange zest it. Zesting is where you take out ñ take off the very outer
part of the peel of a citrus fruit. Not only are the peels packed with really awesome flavor
but there are nutrients in the peel as well so anytime Iím using a citrus fruit, youíll
probably gonna see me zesting it.
And this is the zester here very cheap, very inexpensive, you can use a grater if you wish
but be careful not to go too far into the orange. If you get into this white part on
the outside, itís called the pith. It is very bitter and itís not gonna taste all
that nice.
To juice I just poke the orange with my zester and give it a squeeze, occasionally I squirt
myself in the eye, this is a hazard of being a chef. You just gotta suck it up and deal
with it.
Alright! I manage to escape today without any squirting in the eye. Orange isnít that
bad anyway, itís really the lemon and the grape fruit that causes some major stinging
to go.
Now, next into our orange juice and orange zest Iím gonna add just a little bit olive
oil. You really donít need very much, I think I about a tablespoon but basically itís just
to give it a little bit more body when itís going around these vegetables.
Iím also gonna add some tamari and tamari is a soy sauce but itís a fermented soy sauce
which means that itís much more easily process by your body because some of the protein in
the soy has been broken down in that fermentation process. You can use soy sauce if you like
but just pay attention to how you digest it, if you have trouble with it like I do you
might wanna try tamari.
Ok! next Iím gonna take some ginger and Iím going to grate it in order not to have such
an intense ginger flavor because weíre not gonna cook this sauce at all before it goes
into the oven with the vegetables and all Iím gonna do is take my ginger, it got its
skin and everything, just grate it on my grater.
This kind of grater is important for ginger because the ginger doesnít go through the
other side, itís a solid grater so whatís gonna happen at the end is Iím gonna bunch
up all these ginger pulp and squeeze the juice out.
Once the ginger has been all grated, youíre just going to collect it on one edge and best
is to have a little area like this where you can squeeze the ginger and see that juice
coming out at the bottom there, thatís whatís gonna go into my sauce, not the actual ginger.
It's best if you have some ginger thatís really fresh, this ginger has been sitting
at my house for a couple of days so itís not the freshest and itís not the juiciest
but it will work.
Use my little egg dude to give it a little whisk, Phil likes to go into the action every
now and then he doesnít get to beat any eggs so he needs to beat something.
Finishing touches for this sauce are gonna be some cinnamon for a little sweetness and
again Iíve put measurements in here but just sprinkle some in until it feels right. A bit
of nutmeg and to spice it up a little bit Iím going to add some paprika; cayenne is
also nice in here. Paprika is a little bit softer and smokier, cayenne is just plain
spicy. So depending on what you like you can go with either of those, get the little egg
dude a little work out and weíll put that aside.
Next Iím going to do is prepare the vegetables so with carrots I donít peel them because
they have a lot of nutrition in the peel itís actually where a lot of their nutrients are
living and the peel on carrots is kind of nice.
With the beets and the parsnips Iím going to peel them because theyíre a little bit
thicker of a te peel but if youíre ok with it. They also have nutrition in their peels.
Parsnips more so I might eat but beets, beets skin a little bit depends on what your beets
are if you have a beet this size, itís gonna have a pretty tough skin on it.
So just rinse these guys off and theyíre gonna get slice and you can cut them in chunks if you like but if you slice
them, theyíre gonna take less time to cook. And the less time it takes to cook, the less
time theyíre in the oven seems a little bit in true to it, isnít it? but what Iím saying
is the less time they are in the oven, the less time they are in high heat and the more
they will retain their nutrients.
I just thought I would show you for those who like to compost or maybe want to start
composting but feel like it would be too much of a pain of always taking the scraps out
to the compost. What I do is I take a bucket and I have all of my waste from the meal in
this bucket.
And then Iím lucky coz Phil likes to help in the kitchen so when he ask for something
to help with I say ìoh you could take out the compost.î ìVery easy!î weíll pour
this on top of the vegetables, now on this sauce you might have notice that I didnít
use any salt.
Normally salt would be in the sauce in order to bring the flavors together as well as the
vinegar and the oil together, in this case weíre using orange as our acid instead of
vinegar which is gonna be lot softer and nicer for the body and the salt comes in from the
tamari or your soy sauce. They both have quite a bit of salt so if youíre using them and
youíre in a low sodium diet you wanna be careful.
Now I find the best way to mix up vegetables with the sauce is mostly by using my hands
so make sure you clean them before you get them in here and theyíre probably gonna turned
fairly red from the beets. Kind of fun!
Once you get the sauce stir together your gonna pop this on the oven, 350F is a pretty
good temperature. You can preheat the oven or you can just turn it on when the vegetables
go in. Vegetables arenít too picky with that kind of thing and then theyíre gonna go in
until theyíre soft which will probably take about 30 to 45 minutes depending on how big
youíve made your slices.
So I hope you enjoy, you can find the recipe at Iím Heather and
this is Freshly Served.