Solid Snake on a plane // Kratos Jones

Uploaded by QuickSilverD on 29.07.2007

He's trained for stealth and built for drills
Flight Attendant 1: Would you like some pretsels?
Solid Snake: I wanted peanuts, not pretsels
The flight attendants are working for Revolver Ocelot...
... and they're vampires
Snake: That makes more sense than my last 3 games
Snake: Is time for the inflight meal, MY BOOT IN YOUR ASS!
Who's the man who takes down any god he feels like?
Can you dig it?
Kratos Jones Private Investigator
And one man Spartan army
Currupt cops and out of control drug dealers,
He's using his own brand of street justice to clean up Athens, Georgia
The Irishman: I want Kratos Jones out of the picture
Kratos: I' aint gonna let them hurt you no more
Black Chick: But what are you gonna do, Sugar?
Kratos: What I do best
The Irishman: This is my town Kratos Jones, Go to Hades!
Kratos: You first
He fights evil, he paints his body, he gets the ladies
Two hundred and fifty pounts of pure fury
Kratos Jones at the E3 GrindHouse