Obesity and Heart Health - The Nebraska Medical Center

Uploaded by NebraskaMedCenter on 08.12.2010

We know that obesity and diabetes confers probably one of the greatest risks to developing
heart disease. As our population continues to grow, and the obesity of that really is
a risk and I think that as teenage obesity is on a rise and early adult obesity is on
the rise, I really do think that we’re going to have increasing cardiovascular diseases
such as heart attack and strokes. This doesn’t even talk about the mobility problems. Peripheral
vascular disease, the amputation legs because of peripheral vascular disease, the neuropathy
of diabetes that’s associated with diabetes, the arthritis that’s associated with obesity.
There’s a lot of co-morbidities that come in the face of obesity that I think we’re
going to end up dealing with and is going to be a great expense. I think we’re going
to see that unfold unless we change things.