How to Gain Weight with a Fast Metabolism

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Hi, this is Andy Wilkinson from, bringing you another video lesson on how to
gain weight if you're naturally skinny. And in this video we're answering the question:
"How do you gain weight if you have a fast or high metabolism?"
And by "high metabolism", we're talking about when your body burns energy very efficiently,
you have a naturally thin or skinny body shape, and you find it very difficult or tough to
put on weight. And the reason you need to know this is because,
if you DO have a fast metabolism, you're unlikely to succeed in your weight gain goals simply
by just trying to eat more food. In fact, you may have tried this yourself,
and realized how difficult and tough it is. Instead, you need a plan that's designed specifically
for the needs of a fast metabolism. Otherwise, you're unlikely to gain the weight
that you want, and you're unlikely to achieve the impressive weight and muscle gains that
you're really looking for. You need a plan that's designed specifically
for the needs of a fast metabolism. So, let's take a look now at how you can gain
weight if you have a fast metabolism. Okay, so let's get on with explaining how
to gain weight with a fast metabolism. You see, some interesting scientific discoveries
were made in the 1990s, showing that: Not only do skinny people tend to have higher
concentrations of the 'T3 Thyroid' hormone in their body - which is directly related
to a high metabolism - But another study showed that a lot of skinny people's metabolism actually
INCREASES in response to an increase in calories in their daily diet.
So in simple terms, if you just try to eat more food, your body becomes even MORE efficient
at burning up these calories. And you experience little, if any, gains in
weight. So what can you do?
Well interestingly, one of the keys to putting on weight if you're skinny lies in applying
new 'habits' that NATURALLY affect your body's hormone levels, and make it easier to gain
weight. And there are about 4 key hormones you need
to be aware of. And the one we're going to focus on in this
video is TESTOSTERONE (which you've probably already heard of, right?)
So obviously, you need a better strategy - a better plan - than simply trying to 'eat
more food'. Now, Testosterone has what's called an 'anabolic'
- or 'growth' effect - in your body. And Testosterone promotes protein synthesis,
and the growth of muscle mass and strength. And it also prevents muscle breakdown.
So we really want to do everything we can to BOOST and ELEVATE the levels of Testosterone
in our bodies if we want to overcome a fast metabolism, and gain healthy weight.
So here are 5 quick tips you can use to naturally boost your Testosterone levels:
1. Include Essential Fatty Acids in your diet. And these are healthy fats that you'll find
in foods like avocados, oily fish like mackerel, flaxseed oil, and nuts (like peanuts and almonds).
2. Lift Heavy Weights And train with high intensity, that uses as
much muscle as possible. And this means generally doing Compound Exercises
- what I call "Major Muscle Movements" - like squats, deadlifts and bench presses.
And if you don't understand these exercises, then we'll cover more information about this
in other videos. But these exercises use a lot of muscles ALL
AT ONCE. 3. Keep Your Rest Periods Short
Keep your rest periods in your weight training workouts short. This will help boost your
testosterone levels as well. 4. Limit how much alcohol you consume. It
has a negative effect on Testosterone levels. 5. Make sure you're getting enough protein
in your diet. You want to be eating anywhere between 1 and
2 grams of protein each day for every kilogram of body weight you have. And that translates
to about 1 gram for every pound in body weight you have.
Okay, so that's it. There you have it. Those are 5 tips to raising your Testosterone
levels NATURALLY to help you gain healthy muscle weight when you have a fast metabolism.
Okay, that brings us to the end of this video. Thanks very much for watching.
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