Indie GoGo Fundraiser! Dine & Sign episode 37

Uploaded by Podsmiths on 04.06.2012

Hi, I'm Alex and this is my father. He's deaf and I'm not. Join us as we share a father-son
conversation over a bite to eat and I start to learn that he's got a unique little way
of saying things to me. This is Dine and Sign.
So far for over 30 weeks I've been producing a show on YouTube called "Dine & Sign" with
my father. And now we are moving into the summer. What's that mean? Summer Movie time.
I want to produce 4 different movies for the summer.
Okay, I know. Make what kind of movies? What's your plan?
My goal is- I'm going to write funny stories, and we both will be involved, acting in them.
Yeah, yeah! Right, right, yes.
I want an example, like, we're talking, but at the end, the hearing person realizes- "Oh,
I wasn't thinking, you're deaf."
You think that's valuable to raising awareness?
Yes! Many times we're conversing, and at the end- I'm disgusted. They didn't remember I
was deaf? F**k you. That's what I say in my head- F**k you. It's true! It makes me angry
in the end. Is it on purpose? "Oh, I wasn't… I know you're deaf.. oh, oh I forgot about
your deafness." Is it on purpose? Which is it?
I think a lot is that sometimes… I will tell you…
Not thinking?
I don't think, too! and you're my father! Sometimes I forget- "oh my dad is deaf". Before,
I made a movie, a 90 minute film, without closed captioning. Someone said "Your father
is Deaf? And no Closed Captioning?" I realized, "They're right". I didn't think about that
world. But now? I've changed. Deaf is my number one concern. That's my focus now. That's my
At the end they didn't realize I'm deaf. "Oh, I forgot." We're talking, planning. "Oh! You're
deaf." I look- really BullSh*t.
Yeah. So I will make 4 different short movies about someone who tastes compared to Deaf,
sees compared to Deaf, smells compared to Deaf. So I call it '4 Senses' because they're
missing the 5th sense. But you talked about the 6th Deaf sense. I like that view.
I think we have the ability to create 4 different movies related to each other thematically.
Their story. That people can share with each other. I like the goal of making the project
like a mini series or theater. So this will be our version for "Dine & Sign". So hopefully
someone will give us the support we're looking for. We have rewards… listed… and I hope
you will enjoy our project but my goal for the summer? Raise Deaf awareness, and ASL
awareness so thanks for your support.
Many people are still not aware.
So if the project is successful, we will progress. We've been sitting here for the show, but
now I want to make small films about the Deaf world.
Sure, Films. How? What you mean out- some-
I will set it up. It's my project.
You become the actor.
But how to film? Outside? I need a studio, look at this!
I've made a movie before. We have to move. It's just that the problem is it requires
more to make. The money is to pay the crew, time, scheduling, that's why I'm looking for
support. Hopefully if people realize that so far we've done over 30 weeks of Dine & Sign
for free maybe they can give us $10… something. I will appreciate $1, $10. "Oh, thank you!"
I can make more and circulate it.
If nothing?
Then… we'll see what happens.
Nothing. Canceled.
That's business.
Okay. We'll see.
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