100m final from olympic games Tokyo 1964

Uploaded by jesudomine on 11.12.2009

At the starting line, the tension of the runners shows
in the expressions on their faces- They even look sad-
A very long, very tense moment-
One hears only the flags flapping in the wind-
Lane 1--No- 7O2, Hayes, USA-
Lane 2--No- 196, Schumann, Germany-
Lane 3--No- 8O, Figuerola, Cuba-
Lane 4--No- 366, Kone, Ivory Coast-
Lane 5--No- 56,Jerome, Canada-
Lane 6--No- 493, Maniak, Poland-
Lane 7--No- 33, Robinson, the Bahamas-
Lane 8--No- 7O4, Pender, USA-
These are the eight athletes who will be competing-
First place--Bob Hayes, USA-
Ten seconds flat, the fastest speed a man has ever run-
How much faster can a human being run?