30-2 Skorpion FFA Subtitle-tary

Uploaded by MisterDyslexo on 06.02.2011

Hello hello. MisterDyslexo here.
Bringing you a 30-2 Free-For-All Deathmatch on Hanoi with the Skorpion.
Its actually a fairly good weapon. I've just recently fallen in love with it this prestige.
Really good up close, very accurate, probably the best SMG to have for shooting long-range.
You can even see my 'lil Kirby on it, along with my clan tag. Totally worth 2,00 CoD points.
Pretty good with any attachment, including the suppressor until you unlock the AK74 or MPL.
But due its short range, I don't do much towards the end of the match, because I don't want to die like an idiot lol.
But that doesn't matter so much, because today is Super Bowl Sunday!!
As such, I won't be able to commentate this; have to keep it down for the game/
Now since you probably don't know, I'm a huge (american) football fan.
My team is the New York Giants-Big Blue Wrecking Crew.
My grandfather out in Vegas considers me a savant for the sport.
Probably since I've made him an ass-load of money. For example:
I had him bet on the Patriots in the Super Bowl the year they went 18-1
I had him bet a few hundred on the Cardinals the year they shocked everybody and made the Superbowl.
I had him do the Saints last year. And this year, I had him do the Packers.
So I'm officially his good luck charm xD
Jesus fricking christ!!!
Jumpy much? Lol
Well opinions are like @$$holes, everone has one.
I figured since everybody else is giving theirs, I might as well give my own,
I'm not very invested in this, even though I had best on Green Bay.
But right now I'm watching the intro show right now, and I'm seeing Ben Rapistberger walking out into the field.
And thats the reason I'm rooting for Green Bay. Sorry if you're a Steelers fan, nothing against your team itself.
I just don't want that guy touching the trophy, or Lombardi will get up and out of his grave to bitch slap somebody
for letting somebody like that disgrace his sport.
If you couldn't tell yet, I REALLY like football.
Hot... sweaty men... rolling all over each other... trying to grab somebody's ball... yummy...
lol Anyways I'm rooting for Green Bay, and quite frankly I think that they'll win it.
Plus living not too far from the Pitt, I'd have to deal with their gloating for a whole year.
And there's a part of me that just can't grasp the fact that might happen xO
And by now, I'm seeing whoever that is singing butchering my national anthemn.
I love my country. When somebody considers that butchering of the national anthemn good, you know you're ass-backwards xD
Anyways although not my favourite thing about the Super Bowl, I love the commercials. Some of the best commercials ever, airing here tonight.
And Fox's constant plugging of "Animation Domination"
Go google "Animation Domination" with safe search off, I dare ya!
Rule 34, gotta love it.
Anyways last year's were pretty good, I'm hoping to see more good ones this year.
So back to my gameplay for a short bit. I'm using the Skorpion.
I have care package by accident. I just got out of a team match.
If I hadn't that on, this game wouldn't take forever to finish.
I'd have my perritos on. Nobody hides from my Cujos!
YEah I'm a team player bitch usually, but I couldn't find any players for a quick match.
And I almost never play with randoms anymore. I've rediscovered hupit in the past two weeks.
I've you've never heard of HUPIT, I'll post a link in the description.
Helping Unite Players Into Teams
I HIGHLY recommend going there if you haven't already.
Mostly good players, often enough friendly and fun to play with.
Especially when you're tired of having four guys on your team go 4 and 38.
When you play with other Huipteers, the guys on the OTHER team are the ones that go 4 and 38
So yeah, I'll post a link in the description. Check it out, I'm sure you'll thank yourself for it
Ooh watch this dummy right here...
Seriously though, what the hell was he thinking.
And I say he, because I think all women have slightly more common sense than that.
'Cuz you know us guys...
I can tell you I'm no prime specimen for our species.
Have you ever stabbed yourself?
In the hand?
With a steak knife?
Trying to cut through a stick of frozen butter?
Short story-Don't cut anything while seeing the Red Sox win the World Series.
Its uhh... not pleasant...
Not all too painful though. I was taking pictures on my cell phone.
Sending them to my friends...
And love interest...
By the way, don't send bloody photos of yourself to your love interest.
Doesn't leave a good impression
You see this fricking guy! Huh? Campy campy.
I don't get people who pay 60 dollars to do nothing but sit in a corner.
And in a fictional world too.
Save yourself 60 bucks, and go in that corner where your dog goes potty
It'll increase your resistance to, uhh....
So I think that a perfect segway to talk about my playstyle
Nothing too special.
Rusher mainly, can do defense and designated marksman.
I bring a few life lessons of shooting into CoD, so I play a little bit better because of that.
Especially when sniping. I do better sniping in Black Ops than any other CoD.
So if you want to bitch about Black Ops snipers
And then ask for realism
Would you kindly STFU? Kindly?
I said "Would you kindly", so you have to
Andrew Ryan says so
I use low killstreaks generally. Which is good IMO.
The three best killstreaks in this game are Spy Plane...
Counter-Spy Plane...
And the SR-71 Blackbird.
As G.I. Joe says, "Knowing is half the battle"
My K/D is only like 1.7
But everytime I play with my best friend IRL, it goes up...
While my Win/Loss plummets faster than the stock market of 1929
You know the guy that goes 5-32?
Yeah, thats him.
Bless his heart, he tries so hard. And uses his brain too.
Some people just aren't good at videogames.
Anyways, I'll talk some about my gaming history.
My first game was Tempest, from Atari.
My second was Unreal, as in Unreal Tournament, or the Unreal Engine.
My dad... crazy bastard. I played that before even pokemon.
My father also let me play games like Fallout 2, way younger than the age recommendation,
But since I was so little, most of the stuff went over my head.
I played FPS, RPG, RTS, flight sims, fighting games, racing games, platformers.
All by the time I was four.
Hell, I learned math from playing Spyro the Dragon and Baulder's Gate.
My mother thought I was illiterate until I was 9, but I could understand everything said in games like Metal Gear or Halo CE.
So don't you ever tell me vieogames are bad for you.
They taught me more than first through sixth grade did.
I tried all of the great games. Some I loved. Adored.
Halo Combat Evolved, MechWarrior, Knight of the Old Republic...
Some I didn't like. But could recognize as being great.
Like Half-Life.
But I've played a lot. I mean a LOT.
Quite frankly I was a no lifer until I hit about 14 years old.
So because of that, you'll see lots of content from me.
Lots of Bioware. I'm a Bioware fanboy, since MDK2.
Probably some Halo, Dead Space, Crysis, Star Wars
Kirby, Fallout, Fire Emblem, and definitely Bioshock.
I'm not leaving out a game that got me an A+++++++++++
Eleven pluses, if you couldn't count that out.
Did a 30-page report. Had a view videos made.
Got my teacher to pick a videogame for the first time in 10+ years
I consider that a success.
I lost the stuff when my old flash drive broke, but I'm re-doing all of that.
I'm calling it "Dear Roger Ebert", if you know what that means.
Just have to get somebody with a nice voice to do it.
Maybe I'll PM XboxAhoy...
Anyways, I'll also put up some fighting and RTS.
I didn't mention them because there aren't far too many popular franchises still going strong today out of those genres.
Probably not any racing. I'll be honest and say I'm not a huge fan of racing games.
Anyways, you see myself pinballing in this building.
Trying to get the last two kills, ahead by miles.
The video is ending soon now, one kill left.
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If you disliked the video, be honest and give it a thumbs down.
Maybe leave some CONSTRUCTIVE criticism.
If you want to see more from me, press the subscribe button.
Maybe send a suggestion my way if you like.
Hopefully I'll post some Dead Space 2 within the next few days.
About to end my third playthrough, this time on Zealot.
Gonna do some harcore.
I want that hand cannon. Bang bang! Pew pew pew!
And thats the way it is.
Mister D here, signing off.