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This week's episode opens up where we last left off with
our long awaited movie star, Rebecca Duvall at rehearsals.
She's a confident performer.
So she decides to just dive right into the music.
She stands there.
She's poised.
Everybody's waiting for her to sing.
She opens her mouth.
And all the flowers in the world wilt and die.
She can't sing.
You can't be the lead role in a musical if you can't sing.
So the director's going to really have to
think this one through.
Tom and Sam's relationship is blooming as rapidly as ever,
as we see that the two are still constantly flirting.
Julia decides to do them a favor and make dinner
But they skip out to go to Tom's apartment instead, where
he tries to initiate some intimacy.
This is where Sam reveals that he's a religious man.
So sex is holy to him.
And he doesn't go any further than a kiss.
But he can't help but leave Tom wanting for more.
Good job, Smash.
They're really pushing these boundaries.
Go interracial couples.
Back at rehearsals, Rebecca is really hindering their
practice time by making all these suggestions.
She's a stronger actor than singer and has all these ideas
to extend some of the scenes and actually cut
out some of the songs.
Which is a total insult to Tom's artistry.
The crew decides to give her one extended scene.
But Eileen draws the line at that, and says that they have
a perfectly fine musical without any of her
I would hate working with her.
We find out that Dev didn't tell Karen that he didn't get
the job as press secretary.
And although she feels lied to, she doesn't want to argue,
so she invites him to go see a screening of
Rebecca's new movie.
She waits for him, but he sends her a text later that
night saying he isn't up for it.
But as Karen checks back at the apartment, Dev is nowhere
to be found.
If he's not up for a movie with his girlfriend,
what's he up to?
The show closes with a performance by Rebecca as
Marilyn And as bad as I expected it to be, it was
pretty good.
Her suggestions for more chorus involvement and key
changes really worked out for her.
And after three grueling days of practices, they finally
have a shining performance.
The drama was already heated when there was only two people
gunning for the role of Marilyn.
And now there's three.
It can only get better.
But we have to keep watching to find out.
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