Wegmans Grilled Fish Tacos

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Hey guys, Chef Mark here. Today weĞre gonna
make tacos. WeĞre gonna be outside
on the grill, weĞre gonna throw
a fish on there, weĞre gonna throw it
right in the tortillas. ItĞs gonna be great.
- Bernie? - Yes?
How about four fillets of tilapia?
No problem whatsoever. Beautiful.
Today weĞre gonna use tilapia, but I would just as well use...
maybe mahi. Piece of swordfish,
today we have salmon sitting right down here.
Anything thatĞs gonna hold up to grill,
lot of spices on there, maybe some orange,
some citrus on there, maybe some cilantro.
ItĞs gonna be perfect for it. You ready?
All ready Chef Mark. Thanks bud,
have a good one. Whenever I do tacos
at the house, whether it be pork or fish
like weĞre gonna do today, I always use
a cabbage inside. It has a nice texture,
gives you a nice great crunch all the way through,
it doesnĞt wilt like a lettuce would. This one today IĞm gonna use
is nice and convenient, itĞs already cut up
in the package ready to go. To give our fish a little bit
of that island flavor, IĞm gonna go for some
of our Mojo marinade here. ItĞs got flavors of orange citrus,
and actually a little bit of chili in there too.
ItĞs gonna be great for our tacos on the grill.
Got everything I need, so letĞs go cook this thing.
Okay, fish tacos. WeĞre gonna be outside
on the grill, put these things together
all outside here. So, IĞve got some
tilapia fillets. IĞve got four tilapia fillets
marinated in a little bit of our Mojo seasoning,
little bit of salt and pepper, about 20 minutes or so
IĞve got those marinating. Then I go over to the grill,
and thereĞs a couple ways you can do this.
One way IĞm gonna show you now,
normally IĞd show you how to put `em directly on the grill,
but letĞs use a little bit of aluminum foil.
So IĞve got a heavy duty aluminum foil
onto a clean grill. IĞm just gonna place that
directly on there. So the grill foilĞs
down on there, and weĞre gonna take
two of these fillets. Normally weĞd do
four in the recipe, IĞm gonna do two
for you today. Place `em right down
on top of the grill. And weĞre gonna cook them for
about two or three minutes to start, and then IĞm gonna
flip `em over, weĞre gonna look for that to turn,
you know, a pink about a quarter away up the sides,
and then weĞll flip `em. We get a nice
sear on `em, and then weĞll finish
the rest of the dish. So in order to make
my sauce here IĞm gonna take a little bit
of cilantro. IĞve got one of these
packages of cilantro. I take this and bunch it up,
and then I take a knife and then slice right
through it. Just slice the one time
with the knife. Cilantro tastes much better
if I slice it through once rather than bang it around
a whole bunch of times. I take all of that
and put it into a bowl. IĞm gonna mix it with
a cup of mayonnaise... and a couple tablespoons
of milk just to thin that out. You can even, if you want,
you can even add a little bit of salt
and pepper to this. But this is gonna be
the sauce for our tacos here. ThatĞs ready,
weĞll reserve that to the side. And then IĞm gonna show
you how to cut the avocado. Our fish is still going, so IĞve kinda
got an eye on that right now. Um, way to do
an avocado. ThereĞs a pit on
the inside of this, but what I want to make sure
that you do is be careful as you turn it over
to cut through it. But go right through the top
and youĞre gonna hit the pit. So right in the middle.
And then IĞm gonna rotate the knife around
that pit until I meet up with the other side.
Now youĞve got a half which you can break in half
and then go from there, but give it a quarter turn there.
You make an X on the top where I take my knife
and move it around again, and now what you have...
you have four quarters here which come apart like this.
And then to take this pit out,
I take the knife and just give it a slight tap,
and I twist that and it comes out. Then what you do,
by cutting it into quarters it makes it a lot
easier to peel. So I take the top of this
and it peels off in nice slices like this.
WeĞre gonna take this and cut it down into a couple
of smaller pieces so it fits on our taco.
So just a couple of slices if you feel like.
If you wanna do a dice, thatĞs fine.
Slices here. LetĞs check out fish here.
Look at that. So itĞs come up about
a quarter way on the bottom, itĞs got a little bit
brown on the bottom. So weĞre gonna take our spatula,
scoop that directly off, flip that over.
And then weĞre gonna wait. ItĞs probably gonna be about anywhere
from five to seven or so minutes until that comes up
to 130 degrees. Let me get the rest
of my stuff ready here. Okay, the fish is just
about done. IĞm gonna look at it
on the grill. IĞm gonna temp that
in a minute, but while thatĞs getting ready,
letĞs warm these tortillas up. So IĞm gonna throw these
directly on top of the grill there. Those will warm up
as IĞm temping. So letĞs shoot for
130 on the grill. So weĞre gonna pull
it off right there. These come directly off.
And if they happen to break up a little bit,
IĞm not really worried about it at this point
because what happens is, when I put `em in my taco,
IĞm gonna flake `em off anyway.
So right there, got a nice sear on there.
Those are gonna be great.
And then I take my tongs and gonna give them a little flip.
IĞm just gonna warm that tortilla through.
Gonna plate this guy up. Gonna use a little bit
of lime too. So cut me some
slices of lime. Just a little wedge.
Everybody gets their own. And I get my cabbage
ready to go. So IĞm gonna pull
these tortillas off here, theyĞre nice and warm.
Pull `em straight off the grill.
And then I take a little bit of this fish,
and you can put this on a platter if you want,
you can put it out in the middle of the table
with all these different sides that weĞre gonna add
to our taco. Everybody can make their own.
And IĞm using cabbage today, IĞm using a little bit of avocado,
and a little bit of the lime juice,
and some sliced onions here for my tacos.
But if you felt like it, you can add tomatoes,
jalapenos, little bit of salsa if you feel like it.
IĞm gonna put this on there and maybe a couple leaves of cilantro
fresh on the top. And then a little bit
of our sauce there. ItĞs got the lime juice,
the milk, the mayonnaise. Just a couple of dabs of that
on each one of these tacos. These look fantastic.
Before my guest gets one, I always get the first bite.
Very good.