Zodiac (2/9) Movie CLIP - This is the Zodiac Speaking (2007) HD

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Who am I speaking with?
This is the zodiac speaking.
Is there something I can call you that's a little less ominous?
Sam. Yes.
Melvin: Sam, do you think you need medical care?
Medical, not mental.
Do you have health problems?
I'm sick. I have headaches.
I have headaches, too, but a chiropractor stopped them a week ago.
I think I can help you, sam.
(phone hanging up)
He knows they're tracing his calls.
Sam, we'd like you to know that we are not tracing these calls.
It's a long, difficult process and ineffective with these short calls.
(phone ringing)
We're not tracing these calls. You have my word.
Sam, you need to tell me what your problem is.
I don't want to go to the gas chamber.
I have headaches. I kill, I don't get them.
Shorty: That is fucked up!
You want to live, don't you? Well, this is your passport.
How long have you been having these headaches?
Since I killed a kid.
I don't want to be hurt.
Why is he calling? Hey, just a second, buddy.
You won't get hurt if you talk to me.
And you're not going to the gas chamber.
I wouldn't think they would ask for capital punishment.
We should ask the district attorney.
Do you want me to do that, sam?
Do you want me to talk to the district attorney?
What was that, sam?
I did not say anything.
Melvin: We heard a scream.
That was my headache.
You sound like you're in a great deal of pain.
My head aches. I'm so sick.
I'm gonna kill them.
Oh, oh, okay.
I'm gonna kill those kids!