Thanksgiving Message

Uploaded by usembassybrussels on 21.11.2011

I would like to share a beloved American tradition by wishing all of you
a very Happy Thanksgiving.
For Americans, Thanksgiving is one of the most meaningful holidays of the year
and it has a very distinguished pedigree:
the first Thanksgiving proclamation was issued by President George Washington in
seventeen eighty nine
and it has been observed annually in the United States since eighteen sixty-three
when President Abraham Lincoln declared it a national holiday.
And Thanksgiving embodies values and practices that Belgians and Americans
Thanksgiving is a day to get together with family members and dear friends,
to share good food,
and most of all to show humble gratitude for the blessings we have
been given.
Thanksgiving also celebrates the diversity and inclusiveness of America,
with Americans of all religious and ethnic backgrounds embracing it
and making it their own.
You may have heard about the traditional Thanksgiving foods --
turkey with stuffing and gravy, cranberry sauce, sweet potatoes and pumpkin pie for
But many families adapt that menu to reflect their own heritage and
Some Italian-American families serve turkey and lasagna,
while Chinese-American families may choose to include rice dishes on the
I can imagine that a good Belgian beer and a plate of chocolates might be on the
Thanksgiving table among Belgian-American families.
The essence of Thanksgiving is thankfulness,
and for me as the American Ambassador to Belgium it is an opportunity to reflect,
not only on the blessings of freedoms we enjoy as Americans,
but also for the friends and allies that America has in the world.
So, this is my chance to say
'thank you" to Belgium as well.
The US and Belgium share not just a rich history with ties that go back more
than four hundred years,
but also values and goals that will lead us to a more prosperous future.
The Belgian-American partnership is one of the strongest on the planet,
and at this time of Thanksgiving,
I would like to convey the thanks of the American people
for the support and the friendship of the Belgian people
Thank you so much, all the best,
and have a very Happy Thanksgiving.