VICE and Project X's Party Legends: Tyler the Creator

Uploaded by vice on Feb 1, 2012


Hey, it's Tyler.
I'm here to tell you about my crazy fucking story, about a
party, story.

I was with my friend [BLEEP].
We're at this fucking party at this dude's
house in Malibu, right?
We found this party on Facebook and
we just went there.
I didn't know the nigger, and it was like a couple blocks
down from the beach.
Big ass mansion-- this is Malibu, them white
motherfuckers are rich.
It was people everywhere passed the fuck out.
It was shit on a white couch, like actually doo-doo.
It was like drinks everywhere, bitches passed out, panties,
nigger's crying and throwing up and shit.
They was actually watching a pit bull video.
We're in there, we walk in and shit.
We're like oh man, this is kind of cool and shit, people
are fucking drunk and shit, right?
He's like, oh dude, go upstairs to
the balcony and shit.
We go to the fucking balcony, right?
There's fucking people throwing up on
there, bugging out.
These dudes start fucking fighting.
One of the dudes was short, black and fat.
And the other one was this skinny white dude, not that
tall but fucking out of his fucking mind.
I think they were high off speed or some shit.
The fat, black, short, musty motherfucker says, yo, if you
don't back the fuck up I'ma go fucking get a machete.
This dude runs downstairs, come back with a fucking
machete and tries to stab at the white
motherfucker, who is so drunk.
The white motherfucker falls off of the roof onto this
balcony that's in the parent's bedroom thing.
Falls on there, drunk as fuck, doesn't feel nothin'.
Runs in the house, the other guy tries to run in the house
to catch him.
We go in that motherfucker, everybody's running after the
dude with the machete and shit to see if he stabs this
motherfucker, right?
The fat, black, musty motherfucker catches him and
has him in a fucking headlock saying, I'm going to cut your
fucking head off.
Next thing you know, there's fucking cops in that
motherfucker everywhere.
A lot of motherfuckers are in handcuffs.
Luckily me and my friend [BLEEP]
sneak the fuck out, but [BLEEP]
are still in there.
Their phone is dead, so they have to run up the fucking
block in order to find us.
Come to find out, [BLEEP]
stole the fucking laptop.
Went to the pawnshop and cashed that motherfucker.
Bought Fat Burger nigger.