Welcoming. Inviting. Inclusive.

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I think that as soon as you step onto campus,
you have this sense of community, but I don't think
that you would get that if the Marianists weren't here.
Well, I think any student at UD would definitely
identify with the notion of community
and how much we celebrate that here. And I believe that stems directly from
the Marianist presence on campus.
You feel their spirit of hospitality, the spirit of community that they have.
They really work to bring Christ into the world
through interaction and through presence.
inviting, friendly, inclusive,
I've never met a Marianist that I didn't feel like I was
comfortable around or that didn't have a genuine interest in
who I was and what my story was.
So, their presence
is what causes
us to be such a great community here.
In 2011,
the Marianists are celebrating the 250th anniversary of the
birth of Blessed William Joseph Chaminade,
the founder of the Society of Mary.
Father Chaminade faced religious persecution during the French Revolution.
In an effort to rebuild the church,
he formed communities of lay people
dedicated to helping each other live out their faith.
Today, we continue Father Chaminade's work of helping people grow in their faith.
The priests and brothers of the Society of Mary
and the sisters of the Daughters of Mary Immaculate,
along with Marianist educational associates,
and Marianist lay communities
are Missionaries of Mary,
bringing Christ to the world.
Father Chaminade's vision
continues to guide our ministry.
We look to Mary
as a model of discipleship.
We live in a community of equals,
and we engage others in community.
It is through community that we minister to one another
and challenge each other to live the Gospel in our lives.
The Marianist spirit of hospitality and inclusiveness permeates the
University of Dayton campus.
As a Marianist and catholic university
UD focuses is on educating the whole person developing critical minds and
compassionate hearts.
We do this in and through a community that supports and challenges
all who become part of it.
Being at UD has really shaped who I am
as a person. I sometimes have trouble remembering a life without UD
I feel like I've really found myself here; a true sense of identity
since I came to UD I think
I'm developing myself intellectually
I'm developing myself
socially and physically
as well as spiritually.
It's prepared me to be
an informed
citizen and to be just a caring individual, and that is because of the people that
have really been mentors and inspirations to me.
We use our knowledge
that we have gained from this school
to bring something good to the people in need.
Although there are fewer vowed Marianists on campus today,
the Marianist tradition
continues to guide this community.
A Marianist education challenges students to be servant leaders
who integrate scholarship and learning with leadership and service.
At the University of Dayton,
students are called to use their education and faith
to transform the world.