2 Minute Review - Samsung Galaxy S III

Uploaded by TechTubeCentral on 25.09.2012

Hey guys what's up. Today I have a review of the Samsung Galaxy S3
This smartphone has been super popular amongst consumers for the past few months and there's
a good for that in the box you get
getting started service guide the terms of service guide
a merchandise return card a pair of earbuds and eartips
a USB cable a powercube
and the Galaxy S III itself taking a look at the top of the device, you
have the 3.55mm headphone hack at the bottom you have the proprietary charging
port on the left hand side you have the volume
rocker taking a look at the back you have a 1080p
video camera and led flash
and on the right hand side you have the lock/power button
taking a look at the front of the device you have
a front facing camera and a microphone at the bottom you have the options key
home button and back button
one of the things that makes this phone popular is the 4.8 inch display
That and the dual core 1.5GHZ processor allow for very smooth multitasking and playing games
speaking of the screen, one of the popular complaints is the screen is 'too big"
While, I do have large hands, I found it not a problem at at and I actually prefer the
larger screen size. In fact doing things like sending a text message
it is a lot easier using swype and a large 4.8 inch screen
You are going to want to have a good screen and good battery life.
You can use this phone with normal usage throughout the day and watch a few hours of YouTube videos
no problem In order to get the battery life that you
would expect, you are going to want to turn on power saver mode however.
This phone is wicked fast with 2GB of ram. This is a phone, not a computer!
One of the key things that people like about the S3 is S Voice
S Voice is slower than Siri and doesn't work too well.
Kinda gimmicky and not necessary f you ask me.
While it doesn't have Siri or a beautiful outside design you get with the iPhone 5,
it's the inside that counts. So if you're looking for a nice smartphone
with s big display, NFC capabilities, with plenty of speed. This is going to be a device
for you. Thanks for watching my galaxy s3 review. IF
you want to learn more about the annotation on screen to be taken to my unboxing video.
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