Better Living - Ep:52

Uploaded by LizzieBennet on 04.10.2012

Lizzie: Hey everyone!
Still here at Collins and Collins, and having a great time with Charlotte.
I seriously had no idea how much I needed a break from home until I got here.
Not that I don't love my family, but
well, you've seen the videos.
You know.
And it’s such a breath of fresh air to get out of that room.
But I can't stay here.
I have classes!
And sisters. And a life.
Well, I have a video blog.
My name is Lizzie Bennet and I can't believe I'm considering a proposal from Ricky Collins.
I mean it's tempting…
But who am I kidding. Classes start in less than week.
I only have one semester to go. I’m definitely not dropping out.
Charlotte: You know, I bet Dr. Gardiner would let you take a semester for independent study.
Lizzie: I'm already using the diaries for my thesis project.
Charlotte: So don't use the diaries.
You could spend every month shadowing at a company,
write up a report and analysis on each,
and at the end of the semester not only will you have enough credits to graduate,
you’ll have a ton of industry contacts.
Lizzie: I don't know, I had my last semester all planned out.
Charlotte: What's keeping you from saying yes?
Are you that excited about another senior seminar fourth-generation media theory?
Lizzie: Yes, Dr. Gardiner, I absolutely am.
Charlotte: Or is there something else keeping you back at home?
Or some one?
Lizzie: Someone?
You mean George?
Charlotte: I saw the abs video. That was interesting.
Lizzie: Yeah, but then did you see the we were never that serious and he’s hanging out with other girls one?
Charlotte: Yeah, well, it's all for the best. He's definitely not the right guy for you.
Lizzie. Can’t believe how stupid he made me look.
Charlotte: Charm and abs tend to do that.
Lizzie: Well anyway, according to Lydia he’s got like a serious girlfriend now.
Charlotte: How does Lydia know these things? Does she have spies?
Lizzie: You know, I find I’m happier if I don’t ask.
Charlotte: So. Are you going to be my illegal extra tenant?
Lizzie: Oh come on. Mom will freak out.
The only reason she’s coping with Jane being away is ‘cause
she’s sure she’ll snag a husband.
Charlotte: Why don't you ask, instead of assuming she'll say no?
Lizzie: Because I know how that conversation’s going to go.
Charlotte: You brought those with you?
Lizzie: Always be prepared!
Charlotte as Lizzie: Hey, Mom, it's Lizzie.
Lizzie as Mrs. Bennet: Oh, Elizabeth! How are you doing on your own?
Are you coming home yet?
Charlotte as Lizzie: Actually Mom, I was going to stay up here with Charlotte.
Lizzie as Mrs. Bennet: Has Mr. Collins left his fiancée?
Charlotte as Lizzie: Um, no...
Lizzie as Mrs. Bennet: Are you engaged?
Charlotte as Lizzie: No.
Lizzie as Mrs. Bennet: Is Jane engaged?
Charlotte as Lizzie: Not that I know of...
Lizzie as Mrs. Bennet: Then why are you calling me?
Charlotte: Um.
What was all that?
Lizzie: Mom’s not going to freak out any less if I'm home, is she?
Charlotte: Maybe not.
Lizzie. Excuse me. I have to go make some phone calls.
Lizzie: Wow! So, half a dozen phone calls, three faxes, and two Zanax later,
the Zanax were for Mom, not me,
it's done.
I've put together four independent studies plus my thesis project
and that's my last semester at grad school.
Now I need to do is
all the work.
Four independent studies
plus my thesis project
all on my own.
Why did that sound like a good idea again?
Charlotte, do we have any
Just kidding.
Lizzie (lips): No I’m not.