Reloj artesanal eléctrico de madera - Homemade electrical wooden clock - SUBTITLED

Uploaded by balsamen on 11.07.2009

Homemade pendulum clock built by an amateur
Made of wood: beech plywood
Its original mechanism runs with electricity
It has an excellent level of precision
Let's see inside
There are two key mechanisms inside
An electromagnet and a switch
The clock is plugged into a power socket
and the pendulum regularly triggers the switch
when it loses momentum and its oscillations get shorter
Slow motion
When the switch is closed
the electromagnet gets electricity and provides impulse to the pendulum
The pendulum transmits energy to the mechanism through its axis
The upper pieces move the whole mechanism
Gears are loose and they could spin backwards
These stops prevent that
The arm on the left pulls the minutes gear
And this stop on the right prevents the gear from spinning backwards
As opposed to a regular pendulum
in this clock the pendulum pulls the mechanism, not otherwise
Built in León, Spain, 2009
Music: Nannou by Aphex Twin