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Tell us had you gone there or not.
Last night... i... i had gone to sleep at 7 o'clock.
Oh god this animal! He is such a lair, sir. Ask him...
didn't tell me last night that you had gone to her room?
After i woke up i did not meet anyone, really.
You did not meet me? - When?
Then. - Then, when?
Sir, i am really telling you...
...that you should drive this man from here.
Quiet! Absolutely silent. Quiet.
First you apologies to her.
No, i'll not apologies.
I am telling you apologies. - I will not apologies, sir.
All this happened because of this rascal.
Come to london. I'll see you there. - Listen...
if he behaves like this in the broad day light then what...
...will happen to us women in london?
Apologies will not do. This lust crazy man should be...
...punished for sure.
Behold! Another chaste woman has spoken.
What do you say, sir. Should i call the police. - Yes!
Stop it. Be quiet. Do not create a racket, rascals.
If the organizer hears this then what will he think of me?
Agreed that you are not honourable people.
But think of my honour.
In my 30 years' career this kind of thing has never...
...happened. But since you both have come... age has doubled. Really.
That is alright. But he should be punished, right? - Yes!
What punishment? Why punishment?
So you have forgotten. Sir, the show which we had staged... nagpur, i had called the organizer's daughter a...
...buffalo then i was given the punishment of dish washing.
When i had not even called her a buffalo.
But he has committed a crime. He at least be punish with...
...washing the laundry.
Yes. From today for the ext one month you'll wash...
...everybody's dirty laundry. Happy? - Happy.
Ok. Now everybody go to your rooms.
These are everybody's passport.
You tell everyone to take care of them like a treasure. Got it.
Sir, sir. - What is it? Don't shout.
That heroine... take this.
She is not coming to london.
Poor boss... boss...
what happened? What happened?
Someone get some water.
Someone see what happened. - What happened? - sir...
sir, sir.
Water. Sir, sir...
press his chest.
Sir, sir...
what happened?
This has happened because of you both.
Because of both of you my heroine is refusing to come.
Because of both of them no girl stays for long in our show.
I am saying that you should throw them out.
Throw us out, throw us out.
Give him water. Here, sir, water.
Sir, i am telling you that we'll do something or the other...
...once we reach there.
What will you do? Will you wear her blouse and petticoat?
What will you do?
Sir, a lot of indian people live there. - Yes.
We'll find some heroine or the other.
That's what i was saying.
We do not have any other option.
We'll think about it when we reach there.
But let us first go to london.
Excuse me! Excuse me! Welcome! Welcome!
Welcome! Welcome! - Thank you. - has everyone come?
Yes, all are here. Who are you looking for?
Your main actress has not come?
The show is on friday, right? - Yes.
So she will come after two days. Her uncle is dead. - Oh!
Her mother's brother died. She is coming after 2 days
ok. Then it's fine. All of you go in the bus...
...with along with your own luggage.
And you are the director, right?
Yes. - You come with me in the taxi.
Gullu, keep his luggage in the taxi.
Rest of you, go in the bus. - Come, come. Welcome!
Listen, do not smoke and do not spit.
This is not india, and don't make it one.
Please come. Come. Everybody get out of the bus.
Please come, welcome. Welcome.
Come on, everyone carry your own luggage and get down.
Every one proceed to the reception counter...
...and take the keys to your rooms. Welcome! Welcome!
This red bag... - hey, my bag too.
And listen! - Yes.
This entire motel has been booked for you only.
No one else will live here except you people.
I've arranged for everything. But there is no facility...
...for doing laundry.
Not to worry. We have brought a man with us to do...
...the laundry. - Is he a 'dhobi' (washer man)?
He is a dhobi or something else. I don't know.
Ah ha! There is a 'dhobi'.
Yes, there is a dhobi. Dhobi is here.
Quiet! Listen, is there any arrangement for food and all?
There is no problem of food. There is a kitchen.
Utensils are there. Everything is there. But there is no cook.
You will have to do the cooking yourselves and eat.
Because there is no one else living here, except you all.
No room service!
Hey, gullu! Come here. - I am already here.
Gullu taxi driver, will stay with you for the entire day today.
Whatever you want you can tell him to get from the market.
He will get for you whatever you want.
Gullu, take care of them. They are our people.
They should not get out of our hand. Understood? - Yes.
Now be comfortable. Think this as your own motel.
Now i'll take your leave. Now i will meet you all on the...
...the day of the show.
This is height of decency.
Come, gullu. Come. - But, money...
has everybody had their tea, breakfast and have all bathed?
I have not finished. - What's your problem?
The room is being set.
That is ok. But our biggest problem is that we do...
...not have a heroine.
That problem has been taken care of.
How did you manage that?
Listen, the story will be the same but the hero and...
...the heroine are changed.
Who is the heroine? - I am
what?! - I am the hero and this vaijanthi is the heroine. - Yes.
Then one thing is clear. This is our last show and after this...
...we go straight back to india.
You shut up. It is because of you the heroine ran away.
Whatever it is... least the public won't tear our clothes!
I was thinking that if sir becomes the hero and she...
...becomes the heroine then what would be it's title.
Signal... signal of old age...
stupid! Idiot! Keep quiet.
Sir, these voices can not be muffled, understand?
Sir, sir, there is a threat from my side.
If she becomes the heroine of this play then i'll play...
...the part of the villain.
Why will you become the villain. Why you.
I always play the part of the villain so this time also...
...i will become the villain.
Why, you wanted to become the hero.
Now that you've got a chance then why don't you do it?
Brother, i want to become a hero and not somebody's son.
And i also do not want to become somebody's grandson!
Shut up! Shut up!
Quiet! Quiet! Now there is only one option open.
And everybody will have to go with it.
Whoever finds a heroine and brings her here will play...
...the part of the 'hero'. Otherwise, i'll do the show...
...with her and i'll not pay even a single rupee to anyone.
Then you can do whatever you want.
12, 13, 14...
oh, you are minting sterling pound!
The taxi is on hire. So i have to give the account everyday.
But why are you carrying that bag and walking?
You know they are cleaning the place. - Oh!
What a strange weather?
I tell you, you can not trust london's weather and...'s girls. Anytime they keep changing colours.
Why? Are the girls not nice?
No, it is just a saying. The girls are very good.
But how is their nature. Do they make friends or not?
Whoever comes here asks the same thing one way...
no! No! It is nothing of that sort.
I was just asking... - oh! Just like that...
move, move. - What happened?
What happened? - Sit inside.
What? - What type of girl do you want?
Mexican, chinese, japanese, english... - shall i tell you the truth? - yes.
I want an indian girl.
What? You are in a foreign country and you want... indian girl? - What to do, the game is such.
Oh... i have understood now. Everyone has their own style...
...of playing this game. Lot of people come and ask me.
What? Who else has asked you?
Now, nobody has asked me. I said it just like that. - Oh!
When do you want it? - Today.
Today?! - Right now.
Right now?! - Yes.
Oh! You can not hold. What to do the want is such.
No, no, it is not such a want. - It is ok. Ok!
Listen! Listen! - Yes?
For one month. - For one month?!
The same one? Same taste? You also...
no, it is not that...
it is ok. You are still not married, that is why.
I have understood. I've understood everything.
And listen! - Yes?
She should be able to speak hindi.
She should know hindi also? - Yes. She should know hindi.
I see, there should be no communication problem.
He wants for one month, and...
...she should speak dialogues in hindi too.
He wants for one month, and she should speak dialogues in hindi too.
Dialogues are important.
I liked it. The way you said it, liked it.
Listen, listen! - Yes?
The girl should look like a heroine.
She should be a dancer also!
Oh! You seem to be a man of varied tastes.
Now you don't worry. She will do whatever you tell her to do.
If you tell her to dance she will dance.
If you spent money then there is nothing that can't be done.
By the way how much money will she take?
You forget about it. The amount she will tell you.
Why are you getting worried about it?
You do what i tell you to do.
Go to your right from the signal.
Then from the 4th signal turn left.
Then you will come across a very big park. There you'll...
...find a lot of indians standing. But do not ask any white.
The moment the indians see you they will understand.
They will try to befriend you.
Then you ask them whatever you want.
But beware of the police. Remember that.
Listen, the talk which we had between you and me... not tell anyone about it.
Lot of people will ask you. - You need not worry about that.
They will ask. - Now you go and do your job. All the best!