Portland State Diversity: Jen Armbruster

Uploaded by PortlandStateU on 21.12.2011

>>Jen Armbruster: My position here, I'm a coordinator of inclusive rec here at Portland
State. I just say that the diversity that we see coming through the doors, disability,
not disability, different religions, different race, different genders, everything is so
inclusive here I think as a whole on campus. All of our offerings, whether it's outdoor
rec, if it's intramurals, is all-inclusive and wants everybody to join regardless of
what your abilities are, what your disabilities may be if you're experienced or not experienced
with a sport of recreational activity. It's a learning experience to come out. Coming
out here, I was just about to start my new family. We had a son on the way, and the fact
that Portland State recognizes domestic partnerships and really recognizes that family unit was
huge for me. As well as really, with having a disability and being totally blind, not
being able to drive, again Portland was another area that was great from a transportation
standpoint. Access to Portland State is unbelievable whether you're on a train, the buses, the
streetcar, you can just get here, no matter what. Portland State just offers you, again,
a niche to fit in, be as unique and diverse as you want but also find another group of
people that have similarities, whether that's sustainability, if it's disability, if it's
a minority group if it's a religious group, you just have a place you can fit in here.
My name's Jen Armbruster and I belong at PSU.