Man vs Wild - Bear Grylls Controversy

Uploaded by Legoego14 on 10.01.2010

i'd seen you a TV eighteen of a biting their heads off snakes
%uh it's just giving a a deer been calling inside to to sleep and protect
yourself and and and then the and then we heard the somebody complaining that
they said no no he's he's down the road at the motel six he's
he's not really out there surviving know what worries well what was the deal but
what happened exactly
I was at the trades come unless exciting than the headline in the way the way we
filmed these things is that a
of six days and I'm aware of filming the live not some thoughts about whether
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word misleading people that will go where was that the point you deliver the
word misleading the word
not that I think you know so that's the that's always been the way the we filmed
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the very storm
thank you very much light
I don't care about God never but really
it's like a mountain lion thank you very much
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this poll the famine
romer and faith commemorative
of people who want to know what a
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Dominican people
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we go and action
thank you to you
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