Google I/O Sandbox Case Study: Apps4Android

Uploaded by GoogleDevelopers on 22.06.2011

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Steve Jacobs: IDEAL Group is the umbrella, or parent company,
to five subsidiary companies.
One is Apps4Android,
a developer of Android accessibility applications.
Paul Speese: So at the show here,
we're demonstrating an application that runs on an Android phone
or tablet, or television.
And the application consists of a number of Bluetooth vital sign devices
that we've integrated and they communicate to the phone.
So, the phone acts as a concentrator and it collects all the data
and we convert that to medically specific data formats,
encrypt it, send it up over the cloud, and put it into an electronic medical record.
Steve Jacobs: Oh, when you say "Android, I have a good feeling in my heart.
The reason I do is the Google, the Android culture of Open Source.
It's built into the DNA.
People share code.
And it makes it so much easier if I develop something
and somebody else can improve upon it and I give them the code.
It gives them the leverage
to make the product better without adding a lot of cost.
Paul Speese: The reason we're here today in the Google Accessibility pod,
is with Apps4Android,
we've been able to take their expertise
in making applications accessible for the blind
and low-cost, mobile health solutions
that help monitor people and alert medical professionals to conditions that change
will really help to bring down cost and provide a higher level of care.
Steve Jacobs: You talk to the community you're developing applications for.
They won't hesitate to tell you what they like,
what they don't like, what they can and can't do.
And then if you hear the same thing from enough people,
you know there's a market out there,
especially for Open Source applications.