Hire a Celebrity for Your Event : Understanding the Celebrity Mind: Time

Uploaded by eHow on 05.11.2008

In this segment we're specifically talking about the mind set of a celebrity, understanding
the mind set. What I lovingly call celebrity psych, 101. And here, I want you to understand
that time is their most valuable commodity. I'm actually going to repeat that because
it is so important to understand. Time is their most valuable commodity. When you think
about it, the more popular a celebrity the more there are so many people tugging at him
or her to do so many different things. I'll give you an example. If you were Patrick Dempsey,
alright star of Grey's Anatomy and so many motion pictures lately, you have an agent
who wants a piece of your time. And you may not just have a talent agent, you may have
a commercial agent. You have a manager. You may not just have a personal manager but you
may have a business manager. You have a publicist,and not just one publicist but several publicists.
Because you have a publicist for the show Grey's Anatomy, you have a personal publicist
that handles everything for you personally and then because you have done several movies,
for Disney and other films, you have a publicist from those films who want a piece of your
time. And guess what, because you're Patrick Dempsey and you're into race car driving,
there is a publicist that's involved with the race car team that you're also involved
with. Get my drift? You also have friends and family and guess what, you've also just
had twins this past year and also a little girl. They all want a piece of your time.
So when it comes to time someone like a Patrick Dempsey or another popular celebrity is going
to have so little of it to give away to do other things. So the last thing you want to
do is waste their time or ask for too much of it. For example if you want a celebrity
to attend your event and you know that the main reason you want that celebrity there
is to attract media attention, and the media is going to be there for the beginning part
of your event but not stay for the entire five hour chicken dinner, then ask the celebrity
for a minimum amount of time to be there just at the beginning to talk to the media, to
help get exposure for your cause or your event. Of course you want to invite them to stay
for the whole thing but if they can only be there for an hour, great. At least you get
what you need from the celebrity and the celebrity is more likely to say yes if you ask for less
time. So keep in mind, the bigger the celebrity the less time they're going to have to give.
Don't ever waste a celebrity's time and ask for the least and hope you get the most. See
you next time.