Family Business Entrepreneur Finalists - 2011 Spirit Awards

Uploaded by spiritentre on 17.11.2011

Running a family-owned
business is a unique challenge
since it requires the owners
to balance both business
and family demands.
At the age of 20,
Sandra Ayala started running the
second location
of the firm started
by her parents,
Los Portales Mexican Grill
and Seafood.
The business was the realization
of the American dream
for the family
that had emigrated
to the US in 1985.
Despite the challenges faced
in opening and running the
restaurant at such a young age,
Sandra has built it
into a successful operation
that is now doubling in size
to meet demand.
With excellent food,
personal service
and family hospitality,
Sandra sees great things
in the future
for Los Portales including the
addition of new locations
that will further expand the
family's well run operation.
Aurelio Barreto fulfilled a
lifelong dream in the mid 1990's
when he took home $20 million
from the sale of his company.
But retirement -
even as a multimillionaire -
left him depressed.
After a series of events
and praying for guidance,
Barreto founded C28,
a chain of Christian clothing
stores featuring merchandise
catering to hip teens
with a Christian bent.
Barreto and his family have
grown the business include
locations throughout California
and Virginia
and a robust online business.
In addition,
C28 created the popular Not
of This World line of clothing
that is sold online and in more
than 3,000 retail
locations nationally.
While running his cell phone
reseller business,
William Land III had
to find a way to dispose
of the excess accessories
that were offered as free items
to customers.
When the accessories sold well
on eBay, Land saw
on opportunity.
In a short period
of time accessory sales were
outstripping the cell phone
business and Accessory Export
LLC was born.
Operated by Land, his wife Laura
and 13 family members,
the firm has its own line
of personal electronics
accessories and sells
through numerous retail channels
including Amazon,,, and their own branded
website and retail location
in Riverside.
In recognition of its success,
the company landed
on the 2011 Inc.
5000 list of America's fastest
growing companies.
This year's finalists
that despite the challenges,
you can blend family
and business
and achieve success!