La dinastía Dracula (completa) with English subtitles

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Bury him in the place of the damned.
Record and verify the execution...
and burial of the condemned Antonio de Orloff...
Duke of Talavera and Lord of Montovanes.
I don't like this place. - Let's go.
"The Devil!"
My God!
300 years will have to pass.
On a full moon night, we shall return.
And together in the shadows, we shall reign again.
May your combined forces help the resurrection of this immortal spirit.
No, my evil one!
Madame Kostoff?
Do you speak Spanish?
I trust that you have arranged matters as per our correspondence.
Everything is arranged, madame.
Except your luggage must be inspected by the port authority.
I would prefer to avoid that, if possible.
I'll see what I can do, madame.
"After the Holy Inquisition,"
land ownership reverted to the Remedios Montovanes,
who married Don Carlos Solorzano,
who put aside tales and mysterious legends,
and dedicated himself enthusiacally to working the land.
What do the tales and legends say?
Well, they say the hacienda's cellar was once the place of the damned.
There they buried heretics who, according to the Inquisitors,
"had pacts with Satan."
Very interesting.
Time passed, and the hacienda passed from generation to generation...
and it now belongs to the family with whom you have your appointment today.
Did you hear that?
Nothing, madame, nothing.
Your presence here will undoubtedly influence their decision, madame.
My work as intermediary is not the same as personal contact.
When they find out you've made such a long trip...
We also have veal stew if you like, ma'am.
No, thank you.
You should rest here tonight. The journey ahead is long.
I want to go outside, mama.
Where are you going? -I'll be right back.
In any case, madame, the property has been rented to you for three months.
If you convince them to sell, that should give us time to arrange things.
Where is the house?
On the outskirts of town, madame, as you requested.
Its owners returned to Spain, leaving it in the hands of...
I'll be right back. I'm going to get the boy.
I'm sure you won't regret choosing to live in this country.
What I don't understand is your interest in "The Sycamores" hacienda.
Madame Kostoff is the new tenant of "The Bluffs."
At your service, madame.
Show me the house, sir.
And you all touch nothing until I give the order.
Madame, this way, please.
The house is truly impressive, madame, with beautiful bedrooms...
and magnificent furniture.
She's a very strange woman.
She let all the servants and field workers go.
The only one remaining is the old coachman.
She must be strange. That place needs at 10 people to run it.
But you told her we did not want to sell the property.
I told her everything, madame.
That The Sycamores has passed from generation to generation,
its exterior hasn't changed in 3 centuries,
and its interior has changed very little.
But she insists.
I don't understand it.
Why so much interest?
I don't know.
Well, I've done my job.
We appreciate your attention.
We'll be in touch. - Of course.
How I'd love to stay here for a few days.
Why not? - I have business in the capital, madame.
You are always welcome.
Thank you!
With your permission, madame.
Why is she so interested in buying the hacienda?
I'm just as curious about it as you.
How strange, no?
That someone from Europe should want to buy The Sycamores.
Well, it must be because of your mother's blue blood.
Don't make fun of my mother.
Did she not tell us her ancestors are blue bloods?
Counts and marquises, and how ever many other things.
Even though you doubt it, the Lord of Montovanes...
Come on, I'm just joking.
What are you thinking about?
And how much I love you.
They can see us.
But, we're going to get married.
Until then, Doctor. - "Beatriz, my daughter. We're waiting"
Let's have dinner, okay? - Okay.
We're of the Roman Catholic faith.
I understand.
The hacienda spans from San Esteban's Hermitage to... Bear Canyon.
And everything belonged to the Holy Inquisition.
We in Europe also suffered through it.
You are truly genteel in showing me the property.
I will inform Baron von Helsing of it. He'll be here in a few days.
It will be a great honor to receive him,
even though our resolve to retain The Sycamores is irrevocable.
It's true she's a strange woman.
And that is supposed to be the entrance to the dungeons,
where they buried those condemned by the Inquisition.
One can still see the chains put up there by the authorities.
Out of respect, my parents have never allowed anyone to enter there.
And you've never felt curious?
No. And according to legend, one of our ancestors is buried there.
How interesting!
The story tells of satanic pacts and vampires.
And do you believe that?
No. For me, the Holy Inquisition...
was nothing more than a bunch of crazy fanatics.
How many injustices were committed in its name?
But, my fiance is truly passionate about all things supernatural.
Your fiance? - Yes.
Doctor Ramiro Fuentes.
We'll be married soon.
Are you coming?
No. I'll wait for you here.
It frightens me.
The prophesied time of your resurrection is drawing near.
My beloved,
soon we will be able to be together again.
Together forever.
And we ask you Lord to receive in your bosom...
the soul of your servant Joaquin,
so that he may enjoy eternal mercy in your kingdom.
In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.
I'm surprised to see you here.
If it wasn't for something that's troubling me Father, I wouldn't be here.
I want to speak to you about something...
regarding the man they're burying.
I don't understand.
When I examined the cadaver,
Not only did I not find poison, but I also found no blood.
Not one drop of blood.
But you signed a death certificate stating death by snake bite.
And what else could I say since his family saw the marks on his neck?
And why did you hide it?
Because it would alarm the people.
Alarm them?
Snakes do not suck blood.
Calm down, son.
Sleep, my darling, calm down.
Mama, mama.
Mamacita, don't go!
Come this way, doctor. I'll show you.
It's a wild animal. I've organized a group to hunt it down.
What happened?
What animal could do that, father?
All of them without a drop of blood.
There isn't a wild animal or bird capable of such power.
Then what?
I know of one thing, Father.
What could it be?
We need to know so that people can take precautions.
That would unleash a panic.
I'm speaking of vampires.
How can you believe such a thing?
And why not?
You're a scientist.
And you, a man of religion.
And in both cases, there are phenomena that escape our grasp.
It's true what Beatriz says, you let your imagination run wild.
Give me an explanation, Father. But give it to me soon.
Before it's too late.
I can't find a logical answer.
But I can't believe in your supposition, either.
Father Juan!
Does God exist?
But the Devil does, too.
What are you looking for?
You know perfectly well you should not be near the house.
Yes ma'am, it's just that... - Limit your work to the stable.
You are well paid to care for the animals and drive the coach, only.
For your own good, do not commit another such mistake.
You may go.
My loyal and noble companion.
She's very docile. Like a timid puppy.
Thank you. Madame, I am your servant.
Our daughter Beatriz.
I congratulate you for being the parents of such a beautiful creature.
Please make yourself at home here.
Thank you.
The Icelandic pioneers brought with them the warlike spirit of Thor and Odin.
And they exhibited such fury that the inhabitants of Europe...
believed they were suffering an actual invasion of wolves.
The blood of a valiant race flows through our veins.
They knew how to keep the enemy from our borders.
You describe it so well, it gives me the impression you were there.
And what do you know about Mexico, baron?
What I know about your country I can sum up in one phrase:
"While we in Europe were still barbarians,"
an entire civilization flourished here.
What a beautiful conception.
In part,
This, in part, fuels my desire to reside in this beautiful, noble region.
I would like to stress that we never intend to sell our property.
This land has passed into our hands from generation to generation.
I understand and respect that sentiment.
But, I want it to be clear that I'm ready to pay whatever sum you set,
and without negotiation on my part.
I can assure you we feel bad.
I beg you, don't feel obliged.
I made the trip, but I'm not sorry.
I'll enjoy this place, and if you don't change your mind,
I'll go back to my country knowing I've made new friends.
Madam, it's been a fine evening.
What a strange man. - Extravagant, I would say.
A total gentleman.
He's a man with an amazing presence.
I missed out!
Me, jealous? Of that guy? Bah!
My God!
There are things that worry me more.
I didn't think you cared so little.
Are you bothered because I'm not jealous?
Then, I'm jealous.
What's worrying me is that your mother may wish to sell this property.
Not even in your dreams!
Hey, what's wrong?
You seem strange.
Also, you said you were worried a little while ago.
I said that? - Yes.
You also said you needed to talk to Father Juan.
Is teaching you religion?
we'll going to be married in the Church, right?
I wish that your presence in the House of God would be for another reason.
Me too, Father.
Follow me.
Here one can find all records and chronicles.
Valuable documents going back to the 16th century.
I don't know how I let myself be carried away by your imagination!
"You are under my command!"
"I order you to go out."
"Get up and go out."
"Go to the columned garden."
"Soon you will be one of the favored daughters of darkness"
The time of reunification has come.
Soon, you too will be a member of the dynasty.
And you will have to pay ??? to your lord and master.
...of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.
Our Father, who art in Heaven...
Save her soul, Lord.
Keep her with you.
Go to your room, and sleep peacefully.
And Ramiro?
He had to go after giving you the sedative.
Take it easy.
Resign yourself to it.
Your mother will always be alive to us.
Of course!
I saw her!
I swear, I saw her!
The phenomenon can be attributed to various things:
commotion, fatigue, nerves.
I repeat that I saw her, Ramiro!
It wasn't my imagination!
I saw her!
You think I'm crazy, is that it?
I believe you, my love.
But sometimes our nerves play tricks on us.
I want you to rest.
To sleep.
What was the cause of my mother's death?
That caused the ???
And her blood?
Why was she in the garden?
You should rest.
How's my daughter?
A little ???, but that's all.
Nothing to worry about.
The Baron regrets not being here personally,
but he sent me to give you his sincere condolensces.
I beg you to thank the Baron in my name for his kind gesture,
and I'll take the opportunity to invite him to talk with me tonight if he sees fit.
I'm sure the Baron will accept your invitation with great pleasure.
Doctor Ramiro Fuentes,
our family doctor, and my daughter's fiance.
It's a pleasure.
The pleasure is mine.
Until tonight. Does 8:00 sound good? - Yes.
It's a good time.
Wouldn't you like to come in?
They're interested in buying the property. - That's what I heard.
I'd like it if you would be with us tonight.
They're cultured and interesting people.
Thank you very much for inviting me.
I wouldn't miss it for the world. - Have a drink with me?
I can't right now, Don Carlos.
Some other time.
Until tonight, then. - Until tonight.
I lament that this encounter has been tarnished by such an irreparable loss.
That's the reason I've invited you.
Without my wife, this hacienda has no value to us.
I respect your decision very much.
My offer still stands.
I don't agree, father.
But, it's for the best. We'll go to the capital and...
I'll never let you sell the land that meant so much to my mother!
I beg you to excuse me.
She's very distraught.
It's only natural.
Doctor Fuentes, sir.
Show him in.
He's my daughter's fiance.
She's harmless. I beg your pardon.
Quiet down!
If you'll permit me, I'll go see after Beatriz.
Did something happen? - No. Nothing of concern.
Excuse me.
Shall we sit down?
What a beautiful specimen!
She's my great companion.
And what of Madam Kostoff?
She's unfortunately indisposed.
[in German] Walpurgisnacht.
What did you say?
I see that you believe in the superstitions.
I understand their origin is Nordic.
It's not important. They've been talked about from country to country for years,
until they've become nothing but a beautiful ghost story.
Now, perhaps. But in the old days it was supposed...
that on Walpurgis Night,
the dead rose from their graves to celebrate Bacchanals...
in reverance to Satan.
"Isn't it something like that?" - More or less.
I'm a lover of the supernatural,
and since you're from the birthplace of these legends...
It seems to me you are beating around the bush.
I have little opportunity to speak with someone from a land...
so far away and interesting.
I have an interesting book collection.
I'd like it if you come sometime and read them with me.
I thank you very much.
Truly delectable stories...
that awaken the imagination and feed one's curiosity.
I'll show you something in return for your kindness.
And I'm sure you'll like it.
Shall I expect you tomorrow?
At 12 noon.
Does that sound alright?
I'm afraid I can't at that time. But, does 8:00 in evening...
sound alright to you?
I'll be there.
Sir, forgive my lateness.
I hope Miss Solarzano is well.
She's calmed down.
Please, I beg you... - Don't worry, I understand.
Besides, I had a very interesting conversation with Dr. Fuentes.
Thank you.
I'm sure I can convince her.
Perhaps I should have discussed it with her before.
I'm a patient man.
Don't forget our appointment.
I'll be there without fail.
Here it is!
"This tribunal finds that Duke Antonio de Orloff has practiced demonic acts."
Over time, the handwriting has been nearly erased, but...
We swear that the duke contorted his body...
and foamed at the mouth,
and his lips parted to reveal the fangs of a beast.
And bound hand and foot in front of the Inquisitors...
We find you guilty of satisfying you thirst with human blood,
casting evil spells and sacrificing damsels.
We find you guilty of having relations with the Evil One,
whom you have been heard to invoke.
We find you guilty of blasphemy, heresy and witchcraft,
as there are those who swear before God...
they have seen you turn into a dog,
and smoke!
Damn you!
"Damn you all!"
"I curse your damned race!"
I will return, because my protector lord Satan has more power than all of you!
May the flames of the stake purify your tortured soul!
May the Lord on high have pity upon your soul,
as he has on all of us.
"The consigned testify that...
the condemned has been transported to the convent at the Sycamores,
where he was executed."
"January 1595,
The Holy Tribunal."
Now what do you say, Father?
The Convent of the Sycamores.
On the Solorzano family property.
There's an evil spirit there!
No! God, no!
The Duke of Orloff and Montovanes.
It's been 300 years, Father...
"Now is the time, according to the legend,
he will emerge from the darkness to claim new victims.
But this spirit cannot escape his prison.
Yes he can, Father,
with help from beings of his own species.
It cannot be!
Do you think I would lie to you, Father?
In any case, I'm only asking that you go with me.
Do you know what it means to violate that grave?
Lady Remedios Montovanes de Solorzano.
Montovanes is the name of the one executed by the Holy Inquisition.
We read it together, Father!
They are his descendents.
And Beatrice, as well.
This is sacrilege!
It's justified, Father.
"A little more."
They've stolen the cadaver!
No, Father.
There must be an explanation!
There are mysteries the human mind can only begin to understand,
"even centuries later, we still cannot understand them."
You can believe when I tell you,
we are in the presence of one of them.
Help me, Father.
Do you believe me now, Father?
What can we do, Doctor?
Something that requires all of your integrity and bravery.
For the first time...
I feel my faith is shaken.
You always been on the side of light, Father.
This is just a little part of the dark side.
I'll do as you say.
So that we may return that soul to the Lord.
Prepare for the worst, Father.
Calm down, everyone!
There have been seven crimes in less than a week,
and you ask us to be calm?
What security do we have?
The laborers don't want to work anymore!
What explanation can you give us, commander?
I don't know. I really don't know.
All have died of savage bites to the neck.
Are you just going to do nothing?
Of course not. But right now there is nothing to go on.
We've looked everywhere and haven't found a thing.
Panic is spreading quickly through the region.
This can't be the work of a criminal.
It must be a beast,
or something supernatural.
Your answer won't calm anyone.
Believe me!
And what do you think you'll do?
I don't know.
Dammit, I don't know.
I don't know if I can do it.
The garlic, Father.
The garlic!
Forgive us.
I've been expecting you, Doctor.
I like to test my friends' nerve.
And their comfort?
I can see your sense of austerity goes beyond comfort.
Everything in me, my dear Doctor, goes a little beyond.
I'm waiting anxiously to see those books.
My dear friend,
I've reserved something more fitting for you.
I'm willing to show you...
that sometimes reality is superior to fantasy.
If you're going to tell me you're a vampire,
I'll warn you I didn't come prepared.
Isn't that a bit daring on your part?
Perhaps I'm not telling you the truth.
You're a very unique individual, Doctor.
I like you.
You didn't bring garlic?
Holy water?
A cross?
A silver bullet?
River water?
A branch of wolfsbane?
what do you know about vampires?
What the legends describe.
That they've manifested themselves throughout the ages.
In Ancient Greece,
in Ancient Rome,
Germany, France, and India.
Including the Quersoneso Peninsula.
And in China proper.
They followed the hordes that came from Ireland.
They followed the Huns, the Slavs, the Saxons, and the Magyars.
They consume blood, which rejuvenates and revitalizes them.
They have the strength of 20 men.
They are capable of transforming in to wolves,
They don't project shadows, nor images.
For this reason they avoid mirrors.
They can make themselves thin enough to pass through a narrow fissure.
They're vulnerable.
Their power, like that of all evil forces, stops at the first light of day.
Although they can seemingly do as they please,
they must respect the limits imposed by nature.
And they must confine themselves to their domains,
their own caskets,
their own hell,
in unconsecrated ground.
For instance,...
a suicide victim's grave.
Where did you read all of that, Doctor?
As you will see, my facts come from trustworthy sources.
The Office of the Holy Tribunal!
The same who judged and condemned the Duke of Orloff and Montovanes,
the one you have come to resusticate on Walpurgisnacht.
The 300 year cycle in which reincarnation occurs.
That is, the night after tomorrow night.
You're a very perceptive man.
This is a small town -- it's easy to know its secrets.
It was your interest in buying "The Sycamores,"
and above all, the crimes that began when you arrived.
Any other errors?
The name Van Helsing, my dear Baron of Orloff and Montovanes.
And what will you do now, doctor?
Stop you!
You're going to stop a descendant of Count Dracula?
will stop me, who is allied with the forces of Evil?
I who have crossed since time immemorial...
...the threshold between life and death?
Here is the Body of our Lord,
Almighty God,
Lord of Heaven and Earth.
You'll need more than that to destroy me.
"I await you in the Garden of the Columns."
You'll be mine for all erternity!
You, the last descendant of Orloff and Montovanes,
will reign at my side.
Father Juan, Se–orita Beatriz has disappeared.
What did you say?
They're looking for her, but she can't be found.
And Doctor Fuentes?
No one's seen him.
My God!
Lord Jesus Christ, in this moment of sorrow,
from the bottom of my heart, I ask for your help to find her.
The Lord of Darkness wishes that from here you will rise,
on this Walpurgisnacht, Duke Antonio of Orloff,
to drench to ground with the blood of your enemies!
My Father, drive the evil spirits from this place.
I ask you from the bottom of my heart.
With your help, peace shall return,
to this place.
Lord of Darkness,
Lord of Evil,
do Your will,
and return him to life!
In the name of the Father,
the Son,
and the Holy Spirit.
My God!
The the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.
"Our Lord Satan has provided,
"...and I return to life for a time to live for you,
"the most beautiful of all women."
"Yes, my love.
"Now we'll leave and be together forever, in the most beautiful darkness."
This holy water will destroy you,
and all of your evil race forever!
Damn you!
The Lord is with me!
I want you faith! Show me your faith!
What will you gain by that?
The liberation of souls.
"Then throw down your cross and your hyssop,"
and nakedly confront me,
"with faith as your only weapon!
help me!
My God!
Here I am, Satan.
Come, appear before me,
as God is with me.
"My God!
May Your image help me destroy this evil spirit!
Help me, Lord!
Jesus Christ, help me!