Steamed mandarin rolls / flower rolls ( Hanamaki ), 花卷

Uploaded by wantanmien on 14.08.2011

Today I teach steamed mandarin twisted rolls ( Hanamaki )
250 grams sieved flour in a bowl
add 1/2 tsp baking powder
make a hole in the middle
add 1 1/2 tsp sugar
1 1/2 tsp dry yeast
add 75 ml (40° C warm water)
gently stir with chopsticks
cover with lid for 15 mins
15 mins later, dry yeast is activated
gently mix together
90 ml warm water
don't add all at once, stir together
depending on the weather
the asmount of needed water can differ
when it looks like this, add a little more water
mix together
when it sticks a little to the hand it is enough water
knead into a smooth dough
form the dough like this
sprinkle some flour, knead the dough for 5 mins
5 mins later, it has become a smooth dough
preheat oven 5 mins, 50° C, top and bottom heat
then turn off the heat
sprinkle a little flour in bowl, put the dough in
cover with a wet cloth
put in oven for 30 mins
wash, clean and drain one spring onion
cut green part into thin slices
around 4 tbsp, put it on paper to absorb the water
gently press like this
30 mins later, dough has rose to double size
some flour in hand
punch the dough to let the gas out
take out the dough, put it on table
sprinkle some flour
knead it back to smooth dough again
kneaded for 5 mins
back to smooth dough again
if wet add a little flour
roll it to a big rectangular 30 cm x 35 cm
sprinkle some flour if sticky
spread 3 tbsp oil, equally
spread 1/4 tsp salt, equally
sprinkle thin sliced green onion, equally
roll like this
some oil on table,let the dough seam face the ground
cut it as thick as a thumb
do like this
put the good looking side on top
put 2 pieces together, make it around 7 cm long
hold it like this
twist in different directions
put it on the oil paper and set on the steaming rack
make the next one
cut thumb wide, put both bottom sides together
pull it around 7 cm long, with both hands twist one time
put it on the oil paper and set on the steaming rack
once again cut the dough as thick as a thumb
put bottom sides together
press and pull until 7 cm long
twist it

slowly repeat to do it again
steam on boiling water, high heat, for 8 mins
8 mins later, they look like this
because of the pattern they are called flower rolls (Hanamaki)
Thanks for watching see you again next time