New Battlefield 3 Footage & Minecraft 1.8 Details - IGN Daily Fix 09.09.11

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Destin here with your fix for Friday September 9th. Naomi's out for the day being awesome
so I’m hosting... deal with it.
After 4 years of hearing PC owners brag about how their rigs can run the original Crysis,
console owners are going to be let in on the action. Next month aka October 2011, Crysis
will be made available as a downloadable title for the 360 and PS3 for only 20 bucks. So
we can all enjoy throwing someone through a wall. Now console gamers, when PC gamers
are bragging about Crysis, you can pop the game in your favorite platform… and in a
few months they’ll show you their PC version of Battlefield 3 that’ll melt your brain.
Speaking of Battlefield 3 and brain melting a new trailer was released today and it is
freaking intense. A mortar goes off, things are blowing up, a man gets stabbed and I’m
just going to stop talking about it. Go watch it right now on
Minecraft fans I hope you’re not too attached to your game saves. In order to see the 1.8
update to the game you’ll have to create an entirely new world. But you’ll also get
a ton of new stuff like a new enemy type, a revamped combat system, and a new creative
mode. For full details check the article on the site, but in the meantime get ready to
say goodbye to the giant breast mansion you spent a week constructing.
Oh and don't worry, just because I’m new here doesn't mean I'm going to forget about
the giveaway. This week we have three X-Men prize packs provided by Twentieth Century
Fox.. Each pack contains all four X-Men movies on blu-ray including the new X-Men: First
Class, and one of three movie props from First Class that I’ve been trying to steal since
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announcing winners because people haven’t been responding back to us. Guess you don’t
want free stuff…
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