Hire a Celebrity for Your Event : What Happens After You Hire a Celebrity?

Uploaded by eHow on 05.11.2008

Hi, I'm Rita Tateel, from the Celebrity Source. We're talking about recruiting celebrities
for public relations campaigns, and special events, and you know what? Something they
have to realize, is getting them to say yes, is only half the work. The other half, is
after they've said yes. What do you do after they've said yes? Well, what you have to keep
in mind, is everything that the celebrity might want to know about the event, about
the project, you have to be very clear about all of those details. You have to anticipate
what might go wrong. In our company, at the Celebrity Source, once a celebrity says yes,
and we're drafting all the confirmation information. We put ourselves in the mindset of the celebrity,
and we say to ourselves, ok, from the moment I leave home, until the moment I return, what's
going to happen? What am I going to need to know? What am I going to want? And we list
out all of that information, and make sure the celebrity's representative knows, that
we have taken care of everything for their celebrity, because when they know, that we've
taken good care of their celebrity, or will take good care of their celebrity. They're
going to be a lot easier to work with, and less demanding, because they'll feel secure.
We talked about that earlier in a previous segment, so keep in mind, that after a celebrity
says yes, you don't want to just like, stop communicating. That's the time, that you want
to make sure that you take care of business, and do everything that is in your power, to
communicate all the details, of what the celebrity might want to know.