Crackovia - Pique, un contra un [ENGLISH SUBS]

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The worst thing of being famous is...
Being recognized while you walk on the streets,
people asking you for photos or autographs when you are having lunch or dinner in a restaurant...
No, no more photos...
It's very annoying.
Not now, they're interviewing me.
What's the worst thing the people have called you in a football pitch?
Which is what I heard a pair of matches ago.
I won't say where it was, because you can imagine it, but we're treated better in some pitches than in others.
Yes. And I remember being called "you ugly guy!" That affected me so much.
Cut, cut!
What were your thoughts when you scored the sixth goal in Bernabéu?
Eh...I don't remember. I scored and after, thanks to the videos and TV's I saw the replay, but I don't actually remember it.
The wave of joy and happiness was that big that I lost my memories of that moment.
Take that!! I scored the sixth! **ck you, madridistas! You deserve it! **ck off!!
Yes, it's true...I don't remember anything.
Who is the joker of the team?
Dani Alves, Pinto, Zlatan...there are many players who are such a jokers
but each of them have their own style. It's not the same Pinto telling a joke than
Zlatan slapping you in the back
Those are different types of jokes and each one takes them in a different way.
Very funny, Zlatan.
He is, indeed, a joker. Swede humour...
Which book would you recommend?
My book. Viatge d'anada i tornada.
You handed it to me on a plate, as it's said.
I just wrote it because my parents liked it, with no intention to publish it but things went in that way,
so I hope you'll enjoy reading it as much as I did writing it.
Yes. And I like this Crackòvia book too.
The best thing is that, if you don't want to read it, it transforms in the game "snakes and ladders".
Are you superstitious?
Not at all. My only "mania" is to always step in the field with my right foot, but I don't believe in these things.
Crap!! Last Saturday I stepped in with my left foot! I'm such an idiot!
What is more difficult for you, writing or playing football?
Writing. Much more difficult.
Playing football is an innate thing, at least for me, and I do it since I was a kid,
so I feel very comfortable in a football pitch
Writing, though...I sweated blood to write each line.
I needed an eternity to write a single chapter. It took me many many hours of work and effort (to write a chapter)
Which is even more difficult is to write while playing football. I tried and this is the result: