Boston Market

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Boston Market food is amazing I love it.
We have sweet potatoes.
Mac & Cheese
You cannot beat the mashed potatoes.
Freshly tossed salads made to order.
The food is what Boston Market lives for.
We truly have the best chicken in America.
And you couple that with our great sides and you just can’t go wrong.
Boston Market is focused on taking care of individuals and families who want to put a good meal on the table.
We added real plates and real silverware and we’ve had a huge focus
on taking care of the guests from the second they walk through the door.
We welcome them into our store with bright smiles and invite them over to our hot-case,
which is a beautiful frame for our excellent food and ask them, “What would you like to try?”
And bring it to the dining room so they can enjoy it.
The guest ambassador’s role is checking on a table to see how the visit was,
is there anything else I can get for you.
Our main goal is to make sure that customer is one-hundred percent satisfied and
the guest leaves with intent to return.
How was lunch today?
They come to my restaurant and I know their names, I know their kid’s names.
I take pride in the fact my restaurant is their home away from home.
It’s amazing there are just so many great things about Boston Market, the schedule is very flexible.
The people you work with are always very happy, the guests are great.
You have a great day.
You have impact on guest service whether it’s the carver, the back up who brings the food upfront.
We want everyone to let the guest know that we’re incredibly happy that you are here today.
Boston Market is a very well established company and it’s all about the people.
It’s the people that actually make the company and actually coaching and
developing winners that will take the company to the next level.
I started out as an assistant manager; I was promoted within three years as a general manager.
Every single one of my shift managers were at some point in time one of my crew members.
We have a great program for assistant managers.
We also have another program that will assist you in moving through the ladder
it will help you become a general manager for this company and beyond.
I started out with Boston Market when I was 20 years old as an assistant manager…
I was fortunate enough to be surrounded by great people who helped develop me
and coach me along the way.
It doesn’t matter what level you are at with this company you can become the best employee you can be.
It’s amazing to me when I think back at who I was when I started personally and professionally.
And to realize what I’ve gained from working from Boston Market and
be able to exceed in this world in running my restaurant.
Boston Market stands out from other restaurant chains,
just a warm and friendly atmosphere, warm and friendly people, great food.
I feel very passionate about the food and the service that we offer to our guest.
We’re a big family, everyone has worked for me for almost a year or longer and we are just one big happy family.
I get to make people happy as soon as they walk in the door and
greet them and help kids smile and it’s just a great atmosphere I love working at Boston Market.
I can’t explain how fulfilling it is someone comes in hungry and
I have them leave me full and happy, that’s something to be proud of.