Minecraft Prison - [A Minecraft State Update]

Uploaded by CliffJumpingProd on 25.08.2012

Hey youtube, what's up?
I'm standing in the capital city of Minecraft State
And eh...
as you may see in there are some changes. Mainly this building -
- is -
- a little higher.
It was about this big before.
Now it is this big!
When I... was building -
- this city I had a release date to worry about so..
There were a lot of buildings I wasn't completely happy with and stuff...
But eh...
I had to -
Keep moving and building new buildings, I couldn't tear it down and -
- do it all over again cuss...
...I didn't have time basically.
But uh..
I had some time -
- and stuff so...
I've destroyed -
- most of the ugly buildings, and made some new one.
Most important area is right here of course.
Around Central Park.
Tried to build some new buildings here.
Apartment buildings.
Some really nice apartments, right here.
This is pretty nice!
On the top floor.
With a great view.
Pretty nice....
A pretty huge -
- new thing -
- in the capital city -
- is.....
The yellow building over here. You remember that?
That was a complete dumpster fire!
As Peter Griffin would say.
It was ugly as crap!
But it was pretty big so...
Tearing it down and -
- building it all over again would take some time so...
I had to wait after the release to -
- to make a better building here.
I have done it now.
There is a much better building here!
Just gonna wait for it to load...
I wanna blow your mind!
The empire state building!
Hell yeah! It's pretty nice...
...I think.
I had to look at -
- a lot of videos on youtube to get this -
- as good as I could.
I'm not good enough to build this all by myself
That came out wrong...
I did build it myself but -
- I had to look at many designs on youtube and stuff so...
A lot better -
- than the ugly yellow building -
- that was here before.
The night club -
- that was here -
-before, in the yellow building, is still here because -
- that's underground so...
That didn't change.
Except the entrance right here.
Looks a little different but uh...
Down here it's all -
- the same.
Nothing's changed down here.
Sooo... yeh.
uh... I forgot to tell you -
- I'm getting to the prison, real soon -
- it's not a fake youtube title, I just had to show you -
- the new things in -
- the biggest city.
That's basicly it.
That building is now the tallest building.
This is no longer the tallest.
But yeh, let's get to the prison.
I watched a video on youtube and eh -
- I saw that great prison.
uh... but they didnt show anything -
- you just eh... If that red building is the prison they just like...
...went "and there's the prison"
And then they moved on so...
And then I searched for -
"Minecraft prison" on youtube.
And uh...
They only showed -
some jail cells and some stuff.
Nothing really completely -
-mind-blowing. So...
I tried, making a good prison.
Basically -

- took the basic design of that prison -
- that I saw from that guy.
But of course he didn't show much of that prison so.
It's not completely the same and -
- it's a lot bigger too so.
Here it is.

What he showed in his video, I can't remember what it was called.....
It was a pretty good video!
He basically showed his city and not his prison
It was a completely insane city!
I can't remember what it was called...
It was a pretty long time ago!
But what he showed of his prison was like this. He came in from this angle -
- and then he showed -
- inside there and then he left.
So I took... I liked the design of -
- mixing these two blocks, and then having -
- this type of fence or wall.
So that's basically the design that I -
- stole from him.
But I'm not taking credit so -
- I hope I'm not a douchbag!
Yeh this is were you get in.
And this is were you get your jump-suit.
Waiting room -
- in case of ?????????
You get down here...
Damn it.
And he didn't show -
- anything inside so -
- the interiour is -
- all mine.
This is 'cell block A'.
Some prison cells.
All the cells look -
- alike.
Two beds, a chair and a desk.
it's basically it.
it's the same in -
- every single cell.

So yeh that's the -
- cell block.
Here we have a watch tower.
This is the mess hall.
Where you eat.
And uh...
This area is for the -
- prison guards.
You have to get in here, in the tower. to get to... Damn it!

Right in here.
You have a good view of the prisoners.
You can just lay down hell fire!

If they're giving you a hard time.
It's just a watch tower up there.

In here is -

- hospital
As good as -
- I was able to do it -
- in minecraft. Making a hospital...
Prison court.
And the yard.
Basically just chairs and a tennis court.

This is pretty funny! A big epic fail right here!

This is the watch tower -
- over the yard.
We can go up and take a look.
And when we get up -
- we have absolutely no view -
- of the yard :)
So that's a pretty damn epic fail!

But eh -
- it looks pretty good from the outside so...
It's not such a big deal.
Over here is the wardens office. And -
- the guards.
When they get to work they can just go in there.
They don't have to go through the process.
So yeh, that's the new prison.
And that's a cow "Mooo"
So yeah, that's about it.
I can find uh...
I can find... I can try to find the video -
- that I saw this prison on.
And put a link in description or -
- maybe -
- an -
- annotation -
- in the video.
Because it didn't look exactly like this.
Well that was the prison.
it's not much more to show you.

Nothing more new I think.
Ehm, no.. Well then -
Thanks for watching!!
Have a nice day! :)