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An exclusive clip of the The Iron Lady,
has been released on-line.
A biopic on the English Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher directed by Phyllida Lloyd,
also director of the musical comedy Mamma Mia!
The video presents some movie scenes,
some moments behind the scenes and interviews to members of the cast,
like to the protagonist of the movie Meryl Streep
who interprets the historical “Iron Lady” and
who has recently won at the New York Film Critics Awards 2011.
Also casting Jim Broadbent, in Sir Denis Thatcher's role and Olivia Colman.
The movie should be out for the end of the year.
Young Adult is the fourth movie directed by Jason Reitman,
who is newly working with screenwriter of Juno Diablo Cody.
The movie will be out soon in American theatres when instead in Italy
will arrive only after Oscar presentations.
The protagonist of the movie is the splendid Charlize Theron,
who interprets a book writer for “young adults” in creative crisis,
and who decides to go back to her home town to deal with her past.
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