Public Opinion Says Floyd Mayweather Jr. is Afraid of Manny Pacquiao

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Floyd don't wanna fight Manny
He don't want no part of Manny Pacquiao
So you not gonna tell me
that these n*ggas talk all this sh*t and they a'int scared. Floyd's scared, flat out
He knows he can get knocked the f*ck out
He knows Manny a'int no f*ckin joke
I don't even think Manny will win in a fight
Personally, unless he gets inside Floyd's defense
Cause Floyd's got the best defensive fight. Period. But...
This man's scared, man
He don't want no parts of Manny.
Floyd doubts himself - Why do you think that?
Why won't he fight Manny?
Why won't he fight Manny? - What do you think the reason is, in your opinion?
He's scared man. He don't wanna fight that. Floyd don't wanna fight that. He don't wanna see Manny in the ring
What do you think of... it seems Mayweather's been the one...
coming up with the reasons to avoid the fight. - Hey, hey, he doesn't want to fight the guy, it's obvious
He told the to take the-- and I don't know if he's scared of him or not, but he just obviously doesn't wanna fight the guy
Okay, that's just my opinion - Right, why do you think that is?
I have no idea. When I'm champion, I wanna... I just wanna know if I'm the best in the world.
I wanna fight them all.
You know, I'm not i'm not ashamed not being the best in the world, but I know I gave it my best
to prove that I was to try and attempt.
You know.....
But ultimately it's up to Mayweather, you know. He's his own boss and this and that and so he calls the shots, so...
But he's lokito man, because he was supposed to be here
and he cancelled because we asked him about Pacquiao and he went off. He was cussing he said that
I'm not gonna do that. Why you asking me about this
threw the phone.
I'm just telling you this, because I know you promote him. You might, you know...
Right, now look-- - You might have to get Roger Mayweather in there
But the clips would remind me of when Ali would fight a guy who was 6'6" or 6'7" like (Ernie)
Cause Margarito was just that much bigger? - He was just that much bigger, and he
would just punch up and just punch his face off. Pacquaio would kill Floyd Mayweather
which is why Mayweather is too scared to fight him and that's what he did to Margarito
What do you think of Mayweather ducking Pacquiao? What do you think as a fan of fight games?
I yeild to you. I yield to you on that one
We were supposed to find out tomorrow whether the Mayweather Pacquiao fight is finally going to happen
but apparently now...
you can't count on it
Pacquiao has agreed to the steroid testing that allegedly skulled a March matchup
but Mayweather still won't sign off!
Veteran boxing writer (Bert Sugar)
tells that Mayweather is not afraid of Pacquiao per se
but maybe scared of losing
since his marketability is tied to being unbeaten. Bob,
can this make any sense to you?
Total sense! There is no other reason
that I could think of why he wouldn't want to go through with this fight. It'd be lucrative. I think it's simply this,
he's 33, he's undefeated
He wants to remain undefeated
That's that
and he does obviously feel this guy's a threat. I can't come up with any other conclusion!
Bob, I can't either and you know what? That means you're a coward
When you are a professional prize fighter, you take all comers
You think Michael Spinks wasn't scared to get in that ring with Mike Tyson? He probably was
but he took the shot and he got in there
If this guy won't fight
the best guy of his era. C'mon, can you imagine the fighters when you and I
and we've covered so much boxing in our lives,
these guys
are fearless. They are just courage it takes to step in the ring that I can't
even imagine
but that's what the job calls for. And if you don't want to fight Pacquiao, and I've been saying
for months,
that Floyd Mayweather is scared
of getting into the ring with this guy. If you're scared to lose,
that's a cowardly thing, and...
that is so shameful in boxing I can't even imagine. I don't wanna believe it
Consider that at 5 of his last 6 bouts, they went up in decisions, not knockouts. He might sense he's losing something
Yea, he's losing it and he's also a coward if this is for real
What Mayweather is
afraid of more than anything else
is an 'L'
a loss
He has
marketed himself as this unbeaten and unbeatable fighter
and to a lot of new fans or unsophisticated fans
they think that's a
big big deal
which it never has been
because if you find enough good young fighters in their prime. - They'll lose to somebody!
Somebody's gonna beat ya!
Manny says that
Floyd has agreed
with him to take...
55% of the fight. 55%... that that is news. Newsflash
Manny says,
that he will agree to a blood test, day of the fight, and right after the fight
Wow, stop the presses
No more stumbling block there. Right Floyd? So,
what in the name of Muhammed Ali
could be holding up this fight?
i don't know. It leads to my final question that i just asked Manny
I can only arrive at one conclusion Stephen A. Smith,
that your man Floyd Mayweather, May or May(not)weather
is scared!
bock bock bock! Cause I think that's what we're seeing here again. Once again,
I've been saying it for about a year Stephen A
and i think now we have proof
from the mouth or the man who wants to fight him. We all wanna see this man, Manny Pacquiao
fight your man Floyd Mayweather. What is stopping it?
Guts! No guts, no glory for your man Floyd. Isn't that right Floyd? Now we have
offered Floyd the opportunity to come sit in one of these chairs and defend
himself against my onslaught as late as yesterday. No word from
Floyd because I think Floyd has no words left. Am I right Stephen A.?
Floyd Mayweather, Manny Pacquiao is saying...
that you are scared of him
He is saying that he will take a 45 - 55 split. He will take the
He is saying that he has capitulated to any and all
drug-testing mandates that you have incorporated
He has called
you out!
But i will say the you that i have weeded off my position
i still believe mayweather will win
but when people out there talking about he's scared
I'm not gonna disrespect Money Mayweater like that. What I will
say however is I can no longer fight with you or anybody else who says he's scared
You believe that Floyd
would beat him, but will he fight him? That's the question. - I'm saying to you that
right now because of Manny Pacquiao, and remember, it's not just the show. I was with him for half not just to show i was with the perhaps
the day yesterday
I'm saying that because of the Manny Pacquiao I saw yesterday,
I have to believe,
that Floyd is ducking, because-- - Oooh, Stephen A. says ducking! Wow!
I - I have to only from this standpoint
He's saying
whatever it takes, please get in the ring with me
I'm like this right here,
If I was my son, I would have my reasons why I
would not fight that man
I would have my reasons for not fighting that little bitty man. I got my reasons... why
My... my concern is for my son's protection
My concern is for my son's life
That's why
My son is fighting that little man, I'm concerned for my son's life

Manny, do you think Mayweather is afraid of you?
I think it's...
kind of that. - I think it's kind of that too! I think we got to the bottom line here!
Floyd is afraid! That's the bottom line - Oh my lord, you just accused Floyd Money Mayweather of being afraid of you on national television?
He did! Because it's the truth!
Are you that convinced that Manny Pacquiao is juiced,
that you will never fight him? - **** I'm going up in weight, but I a'int just walking through no damn fighters. I a'int just--
This motherf*cker's 106, now he just decides he's just walking through Cotto? C'mon man!
And Cotto... And Cotto, everybody else Cotto hit he get (gibberish)
Cotto can't knock down Mosley, but he can?
C'mon man!

Just make this make sense, man
No, no, Floyd is scared, no, Floyd care about his family. Floyd is smart
At the end of the day, Floyd is smart
Y'all know what I'm saying? My health is important. My health is more important than money
They can take all the money.
My health is more important. If they say, Floyd, you know what? You can live a healthy life like you
is right now, or
you gotta walk with a limp, or you gotta walk bent over
for the rest of your life, but you got a lot of money, I'll say take it all back
We don't care!
We don't give a f*ck about your health. We don't give a f*ck about your family. All we care about is our own family
Well f*ck no. Uh-uh, hmm hmm
I care about my family. I love my family. Cause they gonna be there when nobody else is there. Cause when my career is over, y'all moving onto the next
and y'all be writing a story about the next one