Hayley Holmes Interview - The Guild Behind-The-Scenes S5 Ep 1

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VORK: Polo shirt clad woman, we're here for the
HAYLEY HOLMES: I loved that polo shirt.
As a matter of fact, I got to keep the polo shirt.
And I wear it sometimes, even on other auditions.
My inspiration for this character was from Forgetting
Sarah Marshall, the character of Jonah Hill.
He works at the hotel, and he's kind of that eager guy
who just never seems to go away the entire movie.
And I thought that Rachel is kind of a more high end
version of him where she's just so excited to have a job.
It's kind of her first job out of high school.
And she's such a gamer herself,
so she's very excited.
And then she knows all about these people.
RACHEL: Oh my God.
HAYLEY HOLMES: Unfortunately, everything
goes wrong for them.
It's a bit tragic.
She's not the best at her job, but she tries
so gosh darn hard.
RACHEL: Did I just insult you?
FEMALE SPEAKER: Hey, hey, hey, hey, no!
Calm down, it's OK!
HAYLEY HOLMES: Going into the audition, it was very
intimidating seeing Felicia Day sitting there.
Because usually, you go into the first audition, it's just
the casting director.
And so I saw her there, and it was-- oh my gosh, well, you
don't know who I am!
I didn't say that.
It was said in my head.
What she heard was, like, hi!
It was the typical hi to an auditon.
But In my head, it was like, oh my God, it's Felicia Day!
RACHEL: Oh, welcome to the Megagame-o-ramacon.
HAYLEY HOLMES: Shooting the scene outside the Long Beach
Convention Center was so cool, because we were outside, and
it was on this really cool pier.
The run, when I read it in the script, I thought, oh my gosh,
that's hilarious.
But I didn't put two and two together that I would actually
be running off with this van that is following me that, to
say the least, it doesn't look as if it's going to probably
make it past the year.
I was impressed that it actually drove or could move.
And so I was worried, then, that it was driving, that
stopping would be hard for it.
So when I took off to run, it was really
running for my life.

HAYLEY HOLMES: And I did get a good work out that day, so I'm
glad I ride that elliptical machine every morning.
Keep going.
FEMALE SPEAKER: Oh my God, she's still running.
No, seriously.
FEMALE SPEAKER: She's still running.
HAYLEY HOLMES: I had such a great time working with the
cast and crew.
It was great to have them so welcoming and so supportive.
And everyone just really enjoyed being there.
And it didn't matter to them it was a web series.
It was just as important as it being a
serious, regular TV show.