【MMD Drama NC-17】KAITO's Newlywed Life (New Wife Teto Final 2/2)(English annotations & captions)

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Pamu: The Final Round.
The KAITO's choice.
Gako Megane: Oh, what's wrong?
Ruru Kyarone: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 Gako: As soon as the bell rung, not only challenger Condom but also all male viewers get knocked out!
6, 7, 8, 9
Tomo Kane: What! 10 count!
Karasu Akabane: Please don't play the sound effect.
I should ring the final bell.
Hey, which do you choose, me or Ritsu?
If you don't choose me ...
You must know!
If you don't choose me ...
I might mash up you.
Either way, I'll get murdered.
Tei Sukone: What are you doing!
Why are you here, Tei?
The UTAU Office told me to bring back you.
Geez, although I'm busy to chase Len.
I became KAITO's wife.
So, I'll never get back.
You who 6 years old can't marry.
Let's get back right now.
How heavy you are!
Leave it to me.
I'll let Ritsu get back even by force If necessary.
Please wait!
Let's persuade Ritsu peacefully.
Ritsu can't listen to us.
No problem. I called professional negotiator now.
Professional negotiator?
The Big-O. It's showtime!
Roger Smith: I'm sorry to have kept you waiting.
My name is Roger Smith.
Will you bring back me by force?
No, I won't.
It's a last option as negotiator to use violent force.
He said that his last option is using force...
Is it OK to leave it to him?
He is professional negotiator.
He can surely persuade Ritsu well.
I and KAITO love each other.
So, leave me alone.
Is it a your assumption?
Eh! An assumption?!
A woman who overreact is only inconvenient to partner, Ritsu.
How could you say that, Tei?
You shouldn't be there.
What! Hey, old man!
You're so annoying for quite a while.
You'll persist to act like a baby,
little lady!
Let go!
You're so heavy.
What's professional negotiator?
He broke our sweet home into fragments!
But, KAITO...
At last I'm alone with you.
Ouch... I just come back from hell.
Hey, everybody! Are you OK?
Miko isn't found.
Oto... Do you forget me?
Miko! Where are you? Please respond!
My master.
Look, look.
You're so cute.
What are your appearance, Miko?
You said that you wanted to marry me.
So, I'll be your wife.
Help me!
Wait! You're cheater!
I recorded funny video...
Big sister might praise me a lot.
Where is he?
KAITO: I succeeded in escaping somehow. ??: I succeeded in escaping somehow.
My dear friends, I'm glad you get together.
Now! Let's capture KAITO.
Yoshida: But, my president.
We are only three...
Why don't the other UTAU member come?
Probably president doesn't have personal magnetism.
What's wrong, Ruko?
I have gone my honey, too.
We did married working 10 times per day.
That's the reason from any angle, Ruko.
It's good that you're energetic.
But, if it is me, I'll keep doing married working to 7 times per day.
If man goes with you, he'll die.
Let's capture Sora, too, Ruko.
In order to do it, we require human hand.
Can you do anything about it, Yoshida?
Please leave it to me.
Get together, fighters.
They are La-Zimakies, fighters.
La-Zimakie: I got knocked down.
I endured grueling training with Red and came back.
No matter how many fighters I am attacked by, you are just a joke to me.
They're seemingly weak.
But, this is enough number to trust them.
We captured them, my president.
What?! So soon?!
Well done!
I won't marry such a creature.
We captured them, my president.
At least, bring something in the shape of human.
My partner was so energetic in every night.
So, I gave up.
You had a tough life, Sora.
I found them.
Hey, let's capture them.
We captured blue and yellow one, my president.
Did you bring normal things?
My husband doesn't have such a long face!
Listen to me, my husband is like this.
Yeah, my honey is such a wonderful guy, too.
That went well, KAITO.
OK, let's escape, Sora.
What the heck! Where are true KAITO and Sora?
My master.
At last I found you.
I-I'm not who you think I am.
Your smell is my master's certainly.
Oh... The game is over.
Ha! Don't let anyone interfere our love.
What happened?!
What are you doing?!
Chase them right now!
They seem to escape into this harbor.
Blockade this harbor entrance.
And stop all ship from leaveing port.
We finished stoping all ship and blockading entrance.
They're not going anywhere.
My dear friends,
capture them by all means.
I don't mind dead or alive!
It's all over.
We are finished.
Don't give up, my master.
??: What's troubling you?
Oliver: How can I help you?
I want the ship to left from the harbor now.
My president places all ship under an embargo.
I hope you can do something to help me out.
No, no.
You're suspicious.
We'll check your luggage.
??: Just a moment.
Please forgive us for my people's rude behavior.
Listen to me.
He is a vocaloid who was made by foreign UTAU user.
It's kind of like he is a Prince who was born from UTAU.
I'm in a hurry. So, can the ship left from the harbor?
Of course.
Hey, help him to left from the harbor.
Darn it! Don't they catch them yet?
my president.
How about we drop the missile to smoke them out of hiding.
It sounds good.
No way!
We are involved, too.
If the missile blasts, it'll be danger.
So, take it away soon.
No problem.
As long as I don't say "self-destruction", the missile won't blast.
This is the end of your crime.
Teki, a friend of justice is here!
O-Ouch, It hurts! It hurts!
What is he?
It shows that you're president of evil.
You put me into a corner.
You are not bad.
You only did "self-destruction."
Teto Kasane, 31 years old.
I have gone my husband.
A few years later...
How many years passed after we succeeded in escaping from Teto?
These all are fond memories in the now.
Meal's ready, KAITO.
The meal is curry.
Yeah, I'm coming.
KAITO: We live in happiness now. Sora: We live in happiness now.