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''The trickster''
''The trickster''
''He pulls wool over the eyes before you even know it''
''Such is his charm that it drives you crazy''
''He dances, sings and makes merry''
''The ball is always in his court''
''A look at him sends you in a tizzy''
''The trickster''
''He has never learnt or known defeat''
''It's hard to elude his eyes''
''He dances, sings and makes merry''
''The ball is always in his court''
''He makes the impossible happen''
''The trickster''
''He pulls wool over the eyes before you even know it''
''He uses his charm to drive you crazy''
''He dances, sings and makes merry''
''The ball is always in his court''
''A look at him sends you in a tizzy''
''The trickster''
For no reason, people criticise the police for acting slow
And look, we are here on time but there's no sign of anyone
Mr Vijay Khanna, the owner of V.V Airlines, is late too
Welcome, Mr Vijay Khanna
Who are these people? - It's the city's infamous gangster
Bhai-ji. He has turned terrorist. As of now, he is holding hostage. . .
your airlines' staff. - Terrorists?
Yes. They attacked Parliament House some days ago
They want to make their way out of the country using your planes
He has threatened to kill your staff one by one if you refuse
He gives two hours time
It took me an hour! Only one hour to go. What are we waiting for?
We've informed our superiors. We don't need a fight master
We are waiting for orders to act. - Look, my staff is like my family
We can't wait anymore, we must do something
Heroes in Hindi movies take the law in their own hands at will
I hope you won't try anything like that, Mr Khanna?
No sir, I'll use my brains instead
Bloody pervert! What's in that? Look over there
All of them seem to have AIDS. They look dead even before they actually are
An hour has passed but there hasn't been one buzz. . .
See? It buzzed
Hey girl, pick up the phone
Listen ! Answer only with a yes or no
If you try to overact. . .
I'll rape you
Let's see what happens later. Pick up the phone, go on
Rita, this is Vijay here. Listen carefully
Just say yes or no
How many are they? Four? - No
Five? - No
Six? - Yes
Is Gate One manned? - Yes
Gate Two? - Yes
The windows? - Yes
Is the counter unmanned? - No
Are the staff behind the counter? - No
I know their positions now. The moment I jump in breaking the window glass. . .
at Gate One, tell our staff to throw themselves on the floor. Okay?
Hey yes-and-no girl ! Who was it?
Someone called for booking. - And our flight isn't booked yet
Who is your boss? What's his name? - Vijay Khanna
Why doesn't he call? I think he'll get you all killed
Well, it hardly matters to us. We'll see what happens later
Mr Vijay, you've helped us arrest a dangerous terrorist
You have arrested the wind
Now let's see who's going to lose his marbles. Let's see what happens
Look at him. He's issuing a threat!
Come on, you ass
Constable, take him away
The accused Bhai-ji alias Sunil Chopra, son of Dharam Chopra. . .
for spreading terror, fuelling riots and killing innocent people. . .
is sentenced to death
You. . . ? - Yes Bhai-ji
Look what's become of me. I wielded such power once!
Even the mightiest wet their pants when they heard me
And now? The noose hangs around me when I shut my eyes, to wet my pants
I was a tiger. I'm no more than a dog now
Bhai-ji, you will not be hanged. We've organised everything
Really? So I won't be hanged?
I'm not dying, eh? And I was dead scared for no reasons
Bhai-ji, the job will take 50 million. We have done our homework
The jailer has agreed
Got to bribe the high to the low in rank
If you must feed ten dogs to rescue a tiger from their clutches, do it
We're losing nothing. - Where's the money going to come from?
From that bastard Vijay Khanna ! Dig into his throat!
Where's junior? - He's with us
Great plan. Hats off to you, Bhai-ji
Just tell us the plan of action. - Let's see what happens
As of now, find out Vijay Khanna's weakness
''I'm on fire all over''
''Can't hold back the desires welling up''
''The breeze is fragrant, and the moment is alluring. . . ''
''and I'm ecstatic''
''Come closer. . . ''
''come to me''
''A sweet pain overwhelms me''
''The slightest of touch is driving me crazy''
''I'm losing control''
''Passion is making my heart beat harder''
''The breeze is fragrant, and the moment is alluring. . . ''
''and I'm ecstatic''
''Come closer. . . ''
''come to me''
''It's all about passion and obsession''
''The fire is on both sides''
''Let me merge into you. . . come into my arms''
''Invade my breath. . . let me find you in my heart''
''Passion is on a high, and the weather is tempting, my love''
''So come closer. . . ''
''come to me''
''I'm on fire all over''
''Can't hold back the desires welling up''
Mummy, it's me. Vinita
Vinita, how are you, my child? - Fine, Mummy. How's my naughty Dad?
He's fine. He misses you a lot
Won't you give him the phone? - I will. Hold on
Vijay, it's Vini
You are the apple of my eye, you are in my heart. How are you?
I'm fine, Papa. My vacations have started and you haven't come to take me
When are you coming? - I was leaving, but your mummy. . .
she wouldn't let me leave without breakfast
What happened? Why are you laughing? - On your madness
You had a cordless in your hand and yet you ran here to take the call
Actually, I was half-crazy in your love. . .
now I'm completely crazy in my daughter's love
Have the breakfast. . . ? - Later. Vinita first
Vinita, my darling
Let's go. - Yes, hurry up
You are the apple of my eye, you are a part of me. . .
Dad, you are in my heart. - And where am I?
You are the oxygen that runs our hearts. Right, Vini?
Right Dad, the chemistry between us is quite strong
Then let's halt here, as usual
Sheetal, do you know why we come here?
I know. How can I forget this place?
This is where we first met
Yes. And at first sight, I decided that you are the right choice
Her waist is thirty-six. - No, thirty-four
I'd rather go and ask her. But I think it should be thirty-five
Let me ask
I'm Mohan Pyare
So what? - If you don't mind. . .
would you stand up for a moment? - Why? Want me to slap you?
Oh no. I have laid a bet with my friends
One of them says that you got a 36 inches waist
Other one says it's 35 and the third one says it's 34
But I can guarantee that the size of your waist. . .
is 32
I've got a tape to measure
Let me measure it
Bloody tailor
Before you measure waists better measure your bones. . .
that are going to break now. Don't use a tape. Get it?
''She wears dark glasses, she holds a cold drink in her hand. . . ''
''and she walks with a sway''
''The lassie walks in style''
Tossing her veil in the air, the lassie walks in style''
''Goodness! With her enticing grace, she makes me pine''
''She makes my heart race harder''
''Her gait is tempting, her body is a bough full of blossoms''
''I'm in love with her, but she cares a damn''
''Wearing high heels she walks through the bazaar. . . ''
''in style''
''The lassie lives in style''
''Tossing her veil in the air, the lassie walks in style''
''Look at her coming, raising her frock''
''Her long, oh so sexy''
''My, my''
''My house is empty since long. . . I want to make her my beloved''
''I like girls who put on airs''
''The fair lassie is from Gujarat''
''How are you? - The fair lassie is from Gujarat''
''She's a golden beauty''
''The lassie lives in style''
''Tossing her veil up in the air, the lassie walks in style''
''The guy from Bengal is madly after me''
''Look! The guy from Bengal is madly after me''
''He's been casting glances at me! I'm afraid. . . ''
''I fear, a lightning might strike my heart''
''Oh, his touch and his glances! ''
''I fear, a lightning might strike my heart''
''The lassie lives in style''
''Tossing her veil up in the air, the lassie walks in style''
''A lightning strikes my heart''
How time flies
From two we became three. - And I had to share my love
Never. The apple of my eye, you are a part of me. . .
Dad, eating hotel food has upset my stomach
All right then, eat home food and upset your stomach more
What do you mean? Am I such a bad cook?
No way. Your recipes are amazing ! But wonder what they do to the stomach
You cheat! You dare criticise my cooking?
What, she's the apple of his eye? She's a part of him?
So his daughter is his weakness, eh?
And he can do anything for her?
She's one bearer cheque of 50 million !
Go and tear that cheque leaf from that bastard's cheque book!
Now. . .
I'm going to. . .
encash my life that's hung in a noose, in a snap
It's going to be fun playing this game now
Vinita, I play basketball so well, you know
Okay, my hero. What happened later?
In 1 988 I became the State's number one player
Really? And then?
In 1 98 9 I became Kolkata's number one player
Then I bagged two trophies. Your mummy. . .
and you
Vinita, play with uncle. I'll be right back
You left your favourite sport and came here? What for?
Favourite sport, it was. Now you are my favourite. I'd rather be with you
Don't try to be romantic. I know who is your favourite of late
All right tell me, who is it? - Your darling daughter Vinita
Shut the back door!
Where did she go?
Where could she have gone?
Did Vinita come back here? - No. She went with you, didn't she?
Go on
Wonder where she went. - Don't worry, Sheetal
Wherever she might be, we'll trace her
But where could our little girl go?
Our 50 million bearer cheque that we are waiting to encash, right?
Right. You will be her custodian
I'll take care of her like people hide their money that's unaccounted for
Don't worry, she is in my clutches now. Okay?
Hey girl, you are our magic lamp
If you slip away, Bhai-ji will lose his life
Come here. You will be under optimum level of security, in jail. You dig?
We'll alert all the police stations and send your daughter's picture right away
Go home and rest assured. We'll inform you as soon as we get news of her
Inspector Haider, a prominent personality's daughter is kidnapped
But I think she went missing. - Well. . . yes sir
How could she go missing? And why? - Sir, director Manmohan Desai. . .
started the series in his movies. Baby goes missing in the first reel
And in the film's climax, the parents find him
''Ma, I longed for your love''
This kid is only seven, which means she went missing in the seventh reel
Her parents will certainly find her in the climax
You are raving ! - Sorry sir. I forgot.,. .
you don't watch movies. Still, I'll try to find the child
I'll carry on the investigation
Jailer, for the first time I hear good news since I've been rotting here
Junior has kidnapped Vijay Khanna's daughter
Which means, he's got a cheque worth 50 million. . .
that I can encash anytime and get my neck off the noose
That's wonderful news, really. - It's wonderful indeed
Had I been out of jail I'd have thrown a party at some five-star hotel
I'd have called bar girls and made them dance all night
There'd have been fun, excitement and much more
But in here. . . switch off the lights, and scratch before you sleep
Oh no, Bhai-ji. 50 million is really hot
What never happened here before will happen tonight
Party as well as women
''The policeman ! ''
''He has been quite oppressive''
''Oppressive, eh? Really?''
''Some madcaps started teasing me one day''
''And then?''
''It was afternoon. . . I went straight to the police station''
''Some madcaps started teasing me one day''
''It was afternoon. . . I went straight to the police station''
''I didn't find the inspector''
''But the constable made me wait''
''What. . . ? Why did he?''
''He started asking me vague questions''
''He started asking me vague questions''
''It really embarrassed me''
''His baton ! ''
''When I saw his baton, it really scared me''
''The cruel one made me wait there all night''
''I left for home the next day''
''His baton ! ''
''His baton really scared me''
''The constable first made me sit near him''
''And then he began sliding his pen. . . on the paper''
''Don't tell me''
''He first made me sit near him''
''And then he slid his pen all over the paper''
''Oh, I came to say something, and I ended up saying something else''
''And there! I stayed at the police station all night''
''All night! Very unfair''
''I couldn't help it. He scared me''
''He kept showing me his baton''
''Huge that his baton was. . . ''
''I ended up doing something else''
''His baton !
''When I saw his baton, it really scared me''
''My, my! When I saw his baton, I sweat all over''
''I see''
''I remember, it was the month of December''
''When I saw his baton, I sweat all over''
''I remember, it was the month of December''
''It was not my fault alone though''
''The cop from Bihar was a real fast one''
''The Biharis are real fast''
''Oh, what I had signed in for! ''
''And I signed out damning myself''
''I had gone there to lodge a complaint''
''But finally, I was the one who was dragged in''
''His baton ! ''
''When I saw his baton, it really scared me''
''The policeman ! ''
''He was quite unfair''
One minute, sir
What happened? Any news of Vinita? - No
I'll call up the commissioner
Commissioner sahib, did you get any news of my daughter?
My Vinita is here! - Papa, save me
Let me go. I want to go to Papa. . . let me go
Papa, save me
Save me, Papa
Mr Vijay, I guess you've taken a look at the apple of your eye?
Look, my daughter must not be harmed. I'm willing to pay the price you name
How much do you want?
Mr Vijay, we're not in a hurry. Haste is waste, you see
Of course, we got to deal with you, but we'll deal wisely
I'll call again to inform you
You must be patient. But remember, don't involve the police
What's the matter? Tell me
Sheetal, our daughter has been kidnapped
What! - Don't worry
I can do anything to save my daughter. Just anything
Vijay, bring me back my daughter
Don't cry, Sheetal. I'll bring my daughter back at any cost
Mr Vijay, you hung up on me. I suspected, that's why I came over
Tell me, what's the matter?
Nothing, commissioner. - You are trying to keep something
No. . . - Why aren't you telling them. . .
that our daughter has been kidnapped?
Sir, I had already guessed it. That's what happens in Hindi movies
Mr Vijay, we'd like to help you. I think the kidnapper. . .
must have warned you against taking our help
We assure you that we won't take any step that'll cause you problems
We'll solve your case just like Vinod Khanna did in the film ''Inkar''
I know sir, whatever you will do will be in the best of my interests
But the kidnappers haven't asked for a ransom yet
And I can pay any amount of ransom to have my daughter back
For me, my daughter's life is dearer than money
That's why I don't want to take any risk in this dealing. . .
that would put my daughter in danger
And I hope that you will also consider that
Of course. I'm handing this case to our department's smartest. . .
and capable officer Nirmal Chopra
Nirmal Chopra is such a strong-arm of the law. . .
that, no matter how hard a criminal schemes to elude the law. . .
he has to fall into Nirmal Chopra's trap
Let me go
No! Let me go!
Who are you? What do you want?
V.V Airlines' owner Vijay Khanna's daughter has been kidnapped
You are put in charge of the case. Meet Vijay Khanna at once
Commissioner sahib, why must you always give me cases. . .
that turn out to be a challenge to the force?
Don't worry. I'll meet Vijay Khanna tomorrow itself
Mr Khanna, the tape confirms that your daughter is being held to ransom
Of late, it has become a fashion to kidnap children from wealthy family
The motive is clear. Money
But they haven't asked for ransom yet. - No?
They will. But you don't need to worry
As long as I'm on this case, I won't let them take a penny from you
But I'm willing to give all my wealth to save my daughter
Let's see that when they demand. You said that. . .
your daughter Vinita was kidnapped from near the basketball pitch
How many people were there when she was playing?
Few. I'm not sure how many
Yes, I remember. I was filming her then
Is it? Where's the video camera?
Could be inside my car
Where did I keep it?
Lord !
Strange, Mr Khanna. Vinita was playing with strangers. . .
yet you didn't suspect them?
Actually, I was rather casual
Vinita is my weakness. When I'm with her I forget everything
That's why when I was playing with Vinita, I didn't care much
Here's the camera
Mr Khanna, you must've surely heard about the long arm of the law
They are long enough to reach the right place at the right time
I'll use this tape to reach the kidnappers
One minute. . .
What are you doing? Junior, they are our men
Why are you hitting them? - You want me to worship the bastards?
They live off me, and they ruin my works
What's the matter? - We were almost destroyed
Thank God this tape came into my hands. Had some other cop found it. . .
we'd have been finished. And my brother would've hung for sure
What's in the tape anyway? - These four bastards. . .
playing basketball with her. They had no idea they were being filmed
For their lax, they would get killed and take my brother along too
Junior darling, as long as we have a smart and intelligent hero like you. . .
we have nothing to worry
All right?
It delights me to see that even he pines for his daughter day and night
He's in bad shape. Watching him eased my pain
But Junior. . .
look what he has done to me. I'm like a street dog trapped by the corporation
My little brother is a famous police officer in town
And I am rotting inside this coop
Do something soon. It gets to my nerves when the jailer mentions the gallows
Bhai-ji, as long as the girl is with us we can have 50 million anytime
And once we get it, you will be out. No tensions
Eat, scratch and sleep. Forget about the future
Junior, you really turned the tables. You are amazing
The one who got me arrested will himself give us the money. . .
and get me released too
There's more, Bhai-ji. The girl I kidnapped. . .
they have put me on her case, to save her
Lose or win, the game is ours
Yes, Bhai-ji. Sometimes fake coins too work. . .
as long as I'm alive I shall wreak havoc
Vijay Khanna here
Your voice indicates your pinings
If you want to rid the problem. . .
Not much, you will have to give us only 50 million
I'm willing to pay up. Where and when do I bring it?
I'll surely tell you
But check the bundles of notes. They must not be in series
But. . . - Just listen
I give you an hour. After an hour, you will drive out with the money
And yes, remember, no police, no tension
Ass, stop wiggling and listen. I have called Vijay Khanna to the Club House
You will go and get the money
What about the girl?
We failed to trace the call
The call wasn't made from a postpaid SIM card
They have used a use-and-throw card
The idea is taken out of a Hindi film. - He means a prepaid SIM card. . .
that's easily available. Correct? - You are right
But we have taped the kidnapper's voice
Hear it, it will help you. After all you have the case in hand
I heard it. - Like Amitabh Bachchan. . .
changing his voice in the film ''Agneepath''
Mr Khanna, I won't stop you from giving the money
But if you encounter any problems on the way, I can help you
Inspector Nirmal is right.
Sir, I want to give another good news
I have bugged the case
It will work as the informer. There's the electronic board
Wherever Vijay Khanna goes, we'll be able to watch it on the board
Sir, I was influenced by the James Bond movie ''Golden Eye''
How's my trick, sir?
The chances of your promotion looks bright
I follow you, sir. Follow the hero and you are sure to find the villain
In the film ''Shaan'', Kulbushan Kharbanda kept an eye. . .
on everyone sitting in one place. Likewise, we're tracking Mr Vijay
Yes, Subramaniam?
No good
Mr Vijay, I guess you are driving at the moment
As long as your daughter is with us. . .
Now drive towards Hotel Palm Grove at Juhu
Then you will head towards the swimming pool
You will keep the case aside and dive into the pool
Don't worry about your clothes
You will find a key in the swimming pool
After finding the key, go to the changing room. Find locker 1 1 10
A bunch of loonies everywhere
So you've got there?
Your drenched clothes might ruin your image
There are clothes in the locker. You can change
Stuff it with the money in your bag
And yes, you're carrying a transmitter in your bag
Let it remain in the bag
In the locker is a car-key
When you come out, leave your car there. . .
and move further in our car
I must relay this information to Inspector Nirmal Chopra
Well. . . ?
Sir, good news for you
Our transmitter tells us that Vijay's in the Juhu area for a long time
The kidnappers will surely come to collect the ransom money
Catch him, the case will be over
I'm caught in traffic right now. And looks Vijay's gone far ahead
Don't worry, I'll be there
I'll get a promotion with you and we'll get to play emperor
Will take you a hell of a long time to figure out my moves
What's the matter, darling? You look very happy today
I had a childhood dream
If I could get my hands on millions, I'd become the boss too
And that's about to happen. - What does that mean?
I mean, let's vamoose with the 50 million we've got in our possession
How about it?
How about Bhai-ji? - Bhai-ji? Bhai-ji who?
To hell with him. For how long are we going to lick their boots?
As soon as the programme is set, I'll give you a call
Till then, I'll go and make the move on 50 million bucks
We'll go away to London
Mr Vijay, you've now got to go towards the club-house
You'll meet a man of ours there
He'll tell you what's to be done
Darling, we were right
Mahavir has evil on his mind
He wants to run away with the 50 million
The beggar! He mustn't even have seen a photo-frame of London. . .
and he thinks of going away there. The bastard !
Give me the money. - Where's my child?
The money first. Child later. - That's not happening
Give it to me. - where's the child?
In there. Come on
Let go!
You're dying ! At least now tell me where my child is!
Where is she?
Why did you kill him?
You could have shot him in the leg or the arm!
Why did you shoot at him without any thought?
If he were alive, he could've told us where my child is!
What happens now? - Mr Vijay, he was cheating you
He only came to collect the money. The child wasn't with him
If I had not shot him, he'd have run away with the money
Man can't have what he wants even if he pays money for it
I'm glad your husband isn't a millionaire
Else, he'd have made a film in 7 0 mm. . .
and probably he'd have given me a couple of millions too
Where's Vinita?
We have been cheated
Their man did arrive there, but Vinita wasn't with him
That man was about to run away with the money. . .
when Inspector Nirmal Chopra arrived there. . .
and shot him to save my life
Had he been alive, he could have told us where our child is
So what happens now?
The bastard !
Give these bastards a place in your lap, and they'll pee in your face
That's a nice thing you did by giving that bastard a dog's death
Let's see what happens
When bastards like him die, scoundrels like us are born
He tried to snatch our morsel and I bumped him off
But not to worry. Vijay Khanna's still under our spell
We can have the 50 million any time we wish to
Bhai-ji, let's forget about the past and look forward to the future
That's all right. Get me out of this dark-cell first
We'll deal with the rest
Let me see my parents at least once!
You are their flesh and blood. You will see them. . .
only when your father give us 50 million
If you wish to live, here you are. Drink it up
''You are my peace. . . ''
''you mean the world to me''
''you are my hope, you are my identity''
''I speak the truth, I swear''
''you are not just my wife, you mean the life to me''
''After God, you are the one I love''
''I love you so dearly. . . ''
''but you do not love me as much''
''Love is not for display. . . ''
''it belongs in the heart''
''How will I ever tell you how much I love you''
''I love so dearly''
''You are my love, you are my faith. . . ''
''you are my pride, you are my aspiration''
''I speak the truth, I swear it on you. . . ''
''you are not just my wife, you mean the life to me''
''You and I share a symbol of love. . . ''
''it's our darling daughter''
''I'm my parents' darling daughter. . . ''
''that's what Grandma says''
''Keep silent, let me speak. . . ''
''there's so much I wish to say today''
''What fight between you. . . ?''
''when we've got to live together''
''For my sake, Mummy''
''You are my love, you are my sweetheart. . . ''
''you are my desire, you are my God''
''I speak the truth, I swear it on you''
''you are not just my husband, you mean the life to me''
Sheetal, I can understand your feelings
Give me a little more time
Bring my daughter back to me. I want my daughter
Bring her back to me
Despite bringing the money, my daughter wasn't returned to me
Why have you guys deceived me?
I want my daughter back
You will have your daughter back
The dealings between us will be conducted with all honesty now
All right, but before we have a deal, I need proof. . .
that my daughter is safe with you
C'mon, move it
I knew you'd ask me this question
Papa, take me away from here!
Well? Do you now believe how safely we have kept your darling daughter?
You will set out in your car with the bag full of money
You will be told what you are supposed to do, on your mobile phone
You, sir? - Yes, it's me
Have you seen what a twist there is in the plot of the film ''Hamraaz?''
This is my twist. - And Mr Vijay Khanna?
I didn't get his dates. So the shoot was called off
There he is. . .
He has gone away
Hasn't he stopped there?
If we could get an interview with Mr Vijay Khanna today. . .
we'd become heroes for our tv channel
Get your camera out
He's coming towards us
He's getting a bat out
Something's wrong ! He's coming towards us
I'm the mother of this child. I had brought it up. . .
they kidnapped my daughter and asked me for a thousand rupees
I couldn't pay up
So they. . .
Why is there a crowd here? - Someone has killed a child
What am I going to do? I'm all alone
Where could a woman like me find a thousand rupees?
Had she been the child of a rich man. . .
they'd have paid millions to have her saved
But I'm so poor, I couldn't pay a thousand rupees to save my child
I couldn't!
Will you interview that woman? You won't
Because she's poor! - Your child's kidnapping. . .
is the hottest news today, sir. - I know
My child's kidnapping is the hot news today
Because she's no ordinary child. . .
she's the daughter of the owner of V.V. Airlines
You want an interview, don't you? In just an hour. . .
I'll come to your studio and give you a live interview
How far have you got with the money? - As far as I should
What does that mean? - I get the meaning now
Which path I must take. - Get to the point
Where are you with the money? - I'm taking the money now
Where it belongs
Are you out of your mind? What nonsense are you talking?
I'm speaking the truth. Listen carefully. . .
I'm not giving you a penny. - Looks like you've gone nuts!
You know what's going to happen to your daughter?
Do not scare me with consequences
God is the one who takes lives. And He will save it too
In just an hour, watch my live interview on television
Do you get that?
The bastard ! He says he won't pay up! And why won't he?
Looks like he can't understand politeness
Till we have his weak point with us. . .
he had better pay up!
This is Vijay Khanna. You must've heard of the story
My daughter Vinita has been kidnapped
To save my daughter from those kidnappers. . .
I ran around with this money you can all see. . .
and kept dancing to their tunes. But I have now changed my mind
Forget 50 million, I'm not paying them a penny now
Because I'm going to give this money to those. . .
who will tell me the whereabouts of my daughter. . .
or those who bring my daughter back safely to me
You would like to know why I have changed my mind
Why I have taken such a huge risk
It isn't because of my love for the money
In fact, when I was taking this money to the kidnappers. . .
I saw a poor woman crying over her child's body on the streets
The kidnappers had killed the child for just a thousand rupees
I gave it a great deal of thought. . .
and wondered how long we can allow such a thing to go on
Someone has to step forward and put an end to all this
And if someone has to do that, why mustn't I be the one?
I can understand my wife's sorrow
But I can't face the child's mother
Vijay, this isn't Sheetal. It's Vinita's mother speaking
I'm proud of you. I accept the decision you have taken
So jailer? What news? When am I being released?
Bad news for you, Bhai-ji
I used to be bad news for the worst of criminals when I was out of jail
And in my bad times, you bring me two pieces of bad news?
What's the news?
Vijay Khanna has refused to pay the 50 million rupees
Refused? What for? My brother still holds his daughter hostage
So how could this be? What's the other news?
The court has decided the day of your hanging
In a few days from now, you will be hanged
Now let's see what happens. - He uses my line on me!
In bad times, even dogs turn lions
But that's not happening to me. Junior has promised to save me
He surely will. He'll save me!
Now let's see what happens. But nothing's happening. . .
Are you exorcised of the ghost of decency?
This is my last phone call. I'm not calling your place again
In fact. . .
I'll send your daughter's body. . . in pieces
I told you. I'm not paying you
Is that your decision?
Yes, it is
So listen to your daughter's screams
They've killed my daughter!
Save me!
Your daughter's still alive. You can still save her. . .
but remember, if you try to act smart. . .
the slug will be dug into your daughter's heart
As a police officer I shouldn't be saying this, Mr Vijay
But I can't bear to see your plight. I would advise you. . .
to pay the kidnappers and leave the rest to the police department
Yes, Vijay. They could really kill our daughter
Give them the money
Come out, Mr Vijay
We'll help you
I have changed my mind
I'll pay not 50 million, I'll pay 100 million
To the kidnappers? - No
To the one who tells me where my daughter is
Or to the one who brings my daughter back to me
Whoever he is, I'll give the money to him
I want my daughter back. Alive
''The booze has gone to your head''
''It sure has gone to my head''
''It has crossed all limits''
''Against our wishes, lust shows in our eyes''
''My heart is beyond my control, hold me in your arms''
''I pine for you, do not torment me anymore''
''In the high, my youthfulness seeks to be sated''
Whore! It has to do with 100 million rupees!
And you're shaking your butt to sate your lust?
Darling, does Mr Vijay Khanna know who the kidnappers are?
He doesn't, does he? So you can play Inspector Nirmal Chopra. . .
and return his daughter to him. You'll get 100 million instead of 50
Your picture will be published in the newspapers. . .
and you'll have another star on your uniform
''What are we waiting for, love? Come into my arms''
''Lend my breath the fragrance of your body''
''For you, what's my heart, I'd even give my life''
''The booze has gone to your head''
''It sure has gone to my head''
''It has crossed all limits''
''Against our wishes, lust shows in our eyes''
Junior. . . ?
Hurry up!
Junior. . . ?
I arrest you on charges of kidnapping the child
Do you know? Chess is a game for the brains
Two players normally play the game. But I'm the only one playing this one
I'm the one who makes the moves and checkmates you too
You are only fall guys
Hurry up!
I had told you not to trust these dogs, Junior
I don't trust you either, darling. - But what mistake have I made?
You made a very big mistake by using your brains
And as I said, I'm in the habit of playing this game all alone
Another manipulator apart from me. . . ?
Go ahead, Inspector Nirmal Chopra
Good news for you, sir. I've solved another case
I have rescued Vijay Khanna's daughter from those kidnappers, sir
They fired rounds at me
But I've killed them all, sir
Please rush to bungalow 16 at Madh Island
I'm waiting for you, sir
Really? That's very nice. I'm coming over
How does it feel after solving the case, Mr Chopra?
How many people did you kill? - Four
How does it feel to rescue a little child?
Which terrorist outfit did they belong to?
Where did you get information on them?
How does it feel Mr Chopra?
Mr Chopra, you've become a hero by saving Mr Khanna's daughter
You have been very brave, Inspector
Do you think you deserve a medal?
My child !
My child !
You were very courageous in solving the case
You will get the reward they had announced for the girl
Please step aside
Mr Nirmal Chopra is indeed a very intelligent officer
He has risked his own life to save your daughter
Sir, I've saved not just your daughter. I've also saved your 100 million
No, I will keep my promise. You will surely get the money
But do please telephone me before you come
A true businessman never forgets the promises he makes
Know what, Vinita? I'm very good at basketball
In 1 980, our team was the all-India champ
Go away now
That case is already solved. What are you listening to?
Kishore-bhai? I sent two guys to his place
No, not my domestic servants. Two constables
They brought him up and locked him
Do come this evening and. . .
One moment. I'll call you later
That's a familiar voice
Like Prem Chopra in ''Benaam'' And. . .
Inspector Nirmal Chopra
The first time you speak, you speak sense
Our little doll will now have her milk. . .
and we'll go out then
Vini, how about going to Khandala?
We'll eat, drink, make merry
Sir, Mr Nirmal Chopra is here to meet you
Nirmal Chopra? I had asked him to telephone before coming
What are you doing? - You are like God to us
You have saved our little girl's life. - That was only duty
Her life was a precious to me as it is to you
You have shed your blood for my daughter
For a good cause, man must even lay down his life
But I hate bloodshed, Mr Khanna
You were supposed to telephone me before you came
Yes, but this episode has shaken me up
This is the first time I have killed four people
I wish to go away somewhere to relax mentally. And so. . .
That's okay. Had you phoned, I'd have had the money withdrawn from the bank
Will a cheque do? - No problem. It'll do
May I ask you something, sir?
Why did you refuse to pay the kidnappers
Humanity stopped me from paying them
By saving my daughter, you have proved. . .
that there are brave men like you in the police department
Gayatri, bring Vinita here. - No, let her be
She's not in the right state of mind
How much sugar? - Three spoons
I have a sweet tooth. I love sweets
I'll take it
This is Inspector Haider Ali
We've got to know who the real kidnapper of your daughter is
He's not dead, he's still alive
It's none other than Inspector Nirmal Chopra
I'm sorry. I'll sign another cheque for you
Mr Vijay Khanna, you think you're very smart?
Now that you know who I am, I won't let you waste my time
I've done a lot for that money. I'm not letting go of it
To have that money is the mission of my life
Get up. . . move it!
Come on
I'm not letting him go! - Skip the drama ! Move it!
Move it. . .
What happened?
Inspector, when you called. . .
Inspector Nirmal Chopra was here to collect the money
He has taken my husband to the bank at gunpoint
Do not worry. We're going right there
In any case, this film is getting to be too lengthy
We'll have the climax of the movie there
Let's go
Mr Nirmal Chopra alias Junior
You have done a good job with your role of dual personalities
The police are now here to play their role
In your interests, I advise you to surrender
Inspector Haider Ali. . .
a true manipulator is one who wins a lost battle
Hit him back, Papa
Papa, hit him!
Hit back, Papa !
Get up, Papa !
Get up!
Get up, Vijay!
Get up, Papa !
Get up, Papa !
Get up!
Hit him! Hit back! Get up!
Hit him! Clobber him!
Hit him!
Hit him!
Hit him, Papa !
Hit him, Papa !
Hit him, Papa !
Mr Vijay Khanna, do not take the law in your hand
Shall I cart the villain away, sir? - Shut up
''You are my love, you are my faith. . . ''
''you are my pride, you are my aspiration''
''I speak the truth, I swear it on you. . . ''
''you are not just my wife, you mean the life to me''