TrollsNews 82: MeganSpeaksMore no more, FunnyJunk vs TheOatMeal

Uploaded by Trollsnews on 13.06.2012

TrollsNews today MeganSpeaks no more
oatmeal vs funnyjunk
Good evening and welcome to another episode of TrollsNews, show that brings you all the
important information about trolls or just a random drama on the internet.
First report of today was sent to us by soupa2 and it is about the end of drama with MeganSpeaksMore.
As the ones of you, who follow TrollsNews on facebook, knows, a picture was uploaded
on facebook where the author asked people to flag and dislike her videos, because as
he says she is a disgusting scammer and she's clogging the sidebars and getting all the
attention. Further on 7th of June psychicpebbles released a video which makes fun specifically
of MeganSpeaksMore.
Of course MeganSpeaksMore commented on the video saying that she likes the promotion
that this video is giving her, but later she commented that she talked with Oney and she
decided that she stops being a reply girl, she says that they are overrated, a little
question "overrated by whom?" we all hate them, no one rates them any good. She further
made a video where she explains that. I guess that's a victory for everyone.
jazjaz130 informed us about another drama that is going on right now, FunnyJunk is suying
theoatmeal, as many of you know, funnyjunk is a site where users post pictures or videos
and vote for them, theoatmeal is a site of an internet blogger and artist Matthew Inman.
A year ago he made a post about funnyjunk stealing his pictures and not crediting him.
And right now, funnyjunk admin is suying him just for this. FJ admit requires for him to
take down his original post and pay him 20k dollars in damages.
I guess I don't have to explain any of you how retarded this is, without an actual evidence
of funnyjunk suffering a loss from Matthew's blog post, funnyjunk doesn't have a real case.
The reason I want to talk about this is the awesome thing that Matthew has done, he decided
to raise 20k dollars and give half to National Wildlife Federation and the other half to
American Cancer Society, and to sent FJ admin a drawing of his mom seducing a Kodiak bear.
In time of making this video Matthew managed to raise over 120 000 dollars. You're awesome
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My name is Vol Jang and that is Steve, stay safe under the youtube bridge.