The Longest Yard (7/9) Movie CLIP - He Just Sh** Himself (2005) HD

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And he is a load, at 6'2", 260.
Dunham, breaking tackles.
He refuses to go down.
But he finally does after a 15-yard gain.
That's how a white man runs a football.
If I was on d, I'd crack you
Square in that egg-ass head of yours.
Yeah, but you ain't on d. Are ya, bitch?
Come here.
Do you know
What he said to me in the library?
( growls )
D, d, defense
D, d, defense
Berman: The cons don't seem to have an answer for dunham,
Who's averaging close to 12 yards a carry this half.
( growling )
Green 67.
Green 67. Hut!
Berman: Oh, what a hit on dunham by switowski.
( sniffing )
I think I made him shit himself.
Ooh, shit! I think he just shit himself.
All: I think he just shit himself.
Good lord. This guy shit himself bigtime.
Ha, ha. See?
I told you I made him shit himself!
Megget: Yo!
I'll make sure I send them books to the hospital, pimp.
And some diapers.
Nineteen seconds.