(NEW) Easiest Minecraft 1.4.3 Bukkit Server - How To Make Tutorial

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hello everyone and welcome to the only Minecraft bucket server tutorial you're going to
need for minecraft 1.3.1 and it should apply to most
versions after that also
but i am very excited because i have solved your batch file problems by
an archive with four different batch files
that you're just going to run each one until your server runs correctly and
then you can delete the other ones
this should take care of any problems of not knowing your path
and that also at the end of the video i have a really cool easy way with a
to get your friends onto your server so that you can play together
all rights let's get started open up your web browser and go to bucket.org
click on a recommended build right there and this is for version 1.3.1
and release 1.0
so make sure that that's when you're getting and if you doing this in the
future and its a different version this will all still
work process is the same so download that
the next step
if you don't have a java or even if you do
do this for me to make it easier go to java.com
go to downloads
click on see all java downloads
and download the windows offline 32bit version doesn't matter if you're on
Windows 64bit or 32bit
this will work for you and it'll just make are
batch file
issues a little bit better
so download and install java
then go to minecraft.net click on download and download the minecraft
server Exe
also make sure you run your minecraft game client
and update that so that it's also running 1.3.1
okay so now that we have download craft bucket and minecraft server
you're also going to use the link in the description to download this jonofallgames
batch files rar archive
so first just open that with whatever program you have installed to open it
I use winrar
drag those over to your server folder
that you've created and named lori dot you'll have run 1-4
Put your craft bucket in there but first
Rename it and remove the dash one point three point one dash are one
point 0
The reason I did that is if you're watching this in the future and the
version of minecraft is changed
the batch files will still be the same because you've just named this craft
bucket only. ok so put that in their but your minecraft server Exe in there
and then click
one of the run batch files and see which one works works for here is one that doesn't
work for me and see the system cannot find the path specified
that's because i know that one's using java six and I don't have that installed
now run a different one and you can see that it is running
starting minecraft server version one point three point one it will prepare spawn area for
the world you can see some errors in here that's because it's creating
all these files here
so let it run
prepare a few spawn areas.. when its done
type stop
wait for it
says saving chunk saving chunks, might take a minute
press any key continue then close that window out
then you can
run your server again that'll be good but first delete the other batch files
that didn't work for you
so you now you just have the one you need
you can name that whatever you want need or just leave it like that
so run that again
and now your servers up and running normal
So that is excellent
okay now for the second didn't usually difficult part for people is how to get
your friends onto your server
so for that we have a very handy solution for you go to evolvehq.com

it is and application that you install but it does the tunnel through the
internet so that your LAN can join your friends can join your LAN
It makes a virtual LAN through the internet
but he also does a lot of other stuff you can do VOIP which is voice
over IP like skype
uh... it
does screenshots and it does screen recording the template that much but i
guess it works pretty well
it wrecks death it just does a lot of things it's really cool so you should go
registered on love that
and then so you say your server running here
you get evolve installed on the open that up
first thing you want to
you get a running good final preferences
good features and some of these won't be checked yet the check them to install a
middle bala something install it
one lets you do the boys one allows you to our record video screen shots known
as the party system need those installed
just just install
so then what you do is year there is a friend browser here
you can add now get your friend's name adam
and then the other server running member okay
cohost game uh... you could do it or you want me to private if you want
and that just means that then you need to invite affront
so he resigned leader
if i hit exxon this it will close it then your friends i don't believe will
be all access
your server but you still shows it seeing clothes that mostly german them
both that subject
csl shows a here's an active partisan right-clicking clothes that party out
but if you like that
you can use a lot
just leave it there you double click it and and hang it
seen now it's connected ok so you need to have that opens your friends can
should be on so
say you're gonna quit playing in your friends again ah...
getting keep playing you know he lived here on server up you need to leave this
window opens basically learn getting at
and your friends will take this number this under your name right there it's
like a special number that evolve created it's not even your
your when high p_e_ that is you know the the network that the world
there the ideas at the world sees it's like a different one free fall
if they just take that
and we will open up my craft here
let's see that is uh... uh... we'll just type it in here so i can
ten that two one six that two three one that too
they'll just take that
here it's login
multi claire
and we will do answer very canon that whatever you want they'll put that right
in there
and uh... and they'll be able to see it now show that they're connected
as for you being the host you can't do that to so they can just join it
or you can type local host
that just means that it's hosted on the same computer you're running my craft on
that's all it means
and there is you you world and then if you if there's water all around you
think your whole world water
it's not
it's just responded in water which is unfortunate
and we'd want to do is stop your server
get all these out of the way
if that happens
what you'd want to do is just you could just delete everything basically or
think you should just be obsolete these three world files
delete those and then next time you run it it'll recreate a new world
seats preparing it psych making clean new world so that'll solve that
okay it's so thanks so much for watching i hope this helps you out
eight hinmen
and i hope you just are so happy you found my video
happy enough to get lighting at the favorites and because that really helps
a great well in search results and i will be forever grateful
i'm also put some hand tuitions here at the end to some other popular tutorials
of mind
by kahane find diane squared and maybe just a few other
server tight sac answering i'm not sure i'll put the put a few things up here
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uh... thanks a lot for watching
it really is cool
to hear from you guys so you should comment and let me know how it worked
and sorry if this doesn't sound trip id because it's not and i'm making it up as
i go
thank you for watching