MasterChef US Season 3 Episode 9

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Previously on Masterchef.
I won a challenge?
Tanya's big win gave her an advantage
in the daunting elimination challenge.
Our favorite dessert...
While Monti turned into a hot mess.
How do you set fire to a trifle?
Stacey clawed her way to the top.
Get out of my way, Becky.
Congratulations, Stacey.
Leaving Becky at the bottom of the pile.
I don't think that's edible.
But ultimately, it was Scott
who was sent packing.
Take your apron off and leave the Masterchef kitchen.
The home cooks take to the road for the latest team challenge.
And it's Stacey who is calling the shots.
My plan unfolded exactly as I had seen it in my mind.
David's gonna freak the out.
Such a child.
When the losing team faces yet another pressure test...
I'm scared to death.
One more Masterchef hopeful
will exit the kitchen forever.
You think you're going home now?
The remaining 12 home cooks have been
dropped off in venice beach, California,
where they're about to face a tough team challenge.
Venice beach feels great, man.
You got the ocean, the sun.
I feel good going into another team challenge.
I just need a good team!
[Horn honking] Oh, boy, look.
All of a sudden,
there's three huge food trucks rolling our way,
and it's my dream to have a food truck.
Gordon's driving!
I cannot wait to hear about this challenge.
My God.
I love food trucks. I eat from them all the time.
Right, good morning.
Good morning!
Welcome to Venice Beach, California.
The fastest growing thing in food isn't a cuisine,
it's a vehicle...
The humble food truck.
Yeah! Yeah.
For the first time ever,
you'll be split into three teams,
a food truck for each team.
Yes, chef?
You had the best dish in the last Masterchef challenge.
That comes with an amazing advantage.
It's time for you to choose three teammates.
Who is your dream team?
Well, the first person I'm going to choose
understands how to combine
what I consider to be California cuisine.
My first pick is Tali, chef.
Tali, wow, wow.
I definitely wouldn't have chosen Tali as my first choice.
My reason for picking Tali,
besides him being a great team member,
is having him on my team means
if I get put into that pressure test,
I can beat Tali.
Right. Second?
My second choice is Frank.
Frank, wow.
You've got one more choice,
and you have to think strategy.
My final choice is Becky.
Becky, wow.
You have another huge advantage.
You get to choose the two teams
that you'll be competing against.
I'd like you to name the next team of four.
The first person I'm going to choose
is Monti.
She is one of my strongest competitors.
I need her put in a position
where she might go home.
The second person to join Monti...
Who would that be?
I am hoping that I am not on the same team as Monti.
I don't think her and I could work together.
David Martinez.
Thank you.
David Martinez, wow.
They do not get along,
and that'd be the downfall of their team.
The next pick is Anna.
This next pick decides both teams.
Tanya. Tanya, wow.
Felix, Christine, Mike, and Josh.
I look at my team I see cowboy Mike,
Christine, and Felix, and personally, I'm thinking,
Stacey, you [Bleep] up now.
We gonna kick your ass.
Stacey has another advantage.
She gets to choose the team's color,
which dictates the cuisine they will prepare.
Stacey. Chef.
Which color food truck do you want for your team?
Red, chef.
The theme of the red truck is...
Mexican cuisine.
I love Mexican food.
This day keeps getting better.
You've got two trucks left, two teams.
David, Monti, Anna, and Tanya,
which color food truck?
The yellow truck.
The theme of the yellow truck is
American cuisine.
I think we have an in right away.
We get American cuisine, which is amazing.
So, by default, the Blue Team...
Josh, Christine, Felix, and Mike.
The theme of the blue truck is Indian cuisine.
I love Indian food, I eat it all the time,
and I love to cook it.
Yellow team, Blue Team,
nominate your team Captain.
I definitely don't want to be.
You don't want to be? I don't care.
I'll step up and be Captain.
So, yellow team first, who's your Captain?
I am, chef.
I need this. Need an opportunity
to use my voice,
and I feel confident that I can do this.
Blue Team, who's the Captain?
We all talked about it,
and I feel like I'm gonna lead this team to a win.
I lost the last challenge as a team leader,
but now is my time to shine and step it up
and show them that I can win as a team Captain.
Each team will have three hours
to prep, cook, and serve the locals here at venice beach.
Remember, today is about knowing your customer.
Whichever team ends the day with the most money wins.
All the money earned will go to
Save the Children
and Boys and Girls Club of America.
The team that loses this challenge
will face another Masterchef pressure test
where at least one of you will be leaving this competition.
Okay, teams.
Your time starts... now.
Each team must plan and prepare
one $7 dish to serve to the crowds.
They have just 90 minutes before their food trucks
open for business.
I was thinking maybe, like,
a grilled vegetable quesadilla
and I was thinking carne asada tacos.
What do you guys think?
We should do some guacamole.
Two tacos and then a scoop of guac on the side.
That looks good.
So we're gonna have one vegetarian, one meat.
Right? Could we just do steak?
We're Southern California on a beach. Yeah.
You can't please everyone across the board with red meat.
Stacey wants to do a vegetarian and a steak taco.
That's totally bonkers.
It's gonna be a lot of extra work
to make two separate tacos for one order,
but I'm gonna have to do it.
We need to keep it simple. Hold on.
Let our team leader tell us her ideas.
Okay, slider trio with French fries.
I think it might be tough to do three.
Can we think about two?
I agree, I agree. Sure.
I think two... A duo would be better.
No fries, chips,
because chips you can do all ahead of time
and have them in a bucket basically.
Hold on. Double-fried fries you prep beforehand,
and then they're fried to order
and it only takes two minutes.
David and I are like oil and water.
We just don't get along, man.
I'm just trying not to get into a fight with anyone.
The chips are super thin,
so even if we run out, we could do them right away.
Bada-bing, bada-boom, that's it.
Love it.
We decide we're going to do
a burger duo with a side of chips.
I feel very confident and excited to win.
What do you think, Mike? You eat Indian food?
No, I don't, I've never cooked Indian food ever.
I know how to make chicken tikka masala.
Do we have time to de-bone chicken
and cut it all up? I think we could.
Me and you could start de-boning,
and y'all could start working on the sauce.
Narrowed this down. Chicken tikka masala.
I don't really know what we're cooking...
Some kind of chicken tiki taki or taki maki or tikisu?
Josh made the call.
I'm glad, 'cause I don't know
what the hell the first ingredient
to put in Indian food is, so...
I'm feeling pretty good about him being Captain.
My strongest team Captain today has got to be Josh,
because there's no one in this competition
that knows Indian food the way he does.
Today has also got to be about the quantity,
because it's the volume today
that's gonna get them winning. Joe?
I think the weakest today is the Indian,
and the strongest truck is the American truck.
I'm gonna go with Anna.
I think that she has more to prove than anybody.
We know that she knows how to cook.
She's got great control of flavor.
However, she hasn't stepped up.
If she doesn't here, I think she's done. Yeah.
All right, Red Team, Stacey.
Yes, sir? What are you doing?
We have a carne asada taco
with a pico de gallo salsa, and then we're gonna have also
a vegetarian option with a side of guacamole.
That's twice as much work.
You can just serve one.
If I can't make a vegetarian happy,
then that's gonna screw us...
Becky, is it just me or am I missing the plot here?
I really think that we should just do the steak.
I'm okay with just doing the steak as well.
Chef Ramsey's yelling at our ears, and I'm like,
we should do what he says.
That way we can use all of our heat
to be grilling steak, like, constantly.
All right, let's just do that then.
Okay, agreed.
Duh! Why would you not listen to me at the beginning?
Josh, what are you serving?
We have chicken tikka masala on a grilled naan bread
with a cabbage salad.
Cabbage? Yes.
That's kind of a little bit out there.
What else is in the salad?
Yogurt and lemon-based salad dressing.
I look forward to trying it.
Good luck. Thank you.
With 20 minutes until the food trucks open for service,
the red and blue teams are already grilling,
but the yellow team is still struggling
to prepare all the components of their burger duo.
What are you making?
A burger duo with chips. Two burgers?
Two burgers... great Texas barbecue sauce going,
and then we're doing a calypso cider-style...
Crazy. Why two of something when it's a single portion?
I promise, it's gonna be delicious.
Gordon is baffled why we're doing
two different style burgers.
Why not just do one stunning burger?
I think we want to show that
we can pull out more than the expected.
But is it the same Patty?
It's the same meat. So it's just the garnish.
Are you doubling up all that work
just for a different garnish? David.
This is a contest on volume.
Yes, sir.
And you've shot yourself in the foot,
'cause you're doing two burgers for one dish.
- The calypso burger. - The calypso burger.
We decided to eighty-six the calypso burger.
I think that's a great idea.
I was worried about getting done in time.
We're just gonna knock out a great Texas burger.
Word of the Masterchef food trucks
has spread on venice beach.
Now with just ten minutes left until they open,
the teams must have enough food prepared
to feed the growing crowd.
How many burgers are on?
Are the burgers on?
Get the burgers on, David.
Monti, how many burgers are on?
We have zero burgers on.
David... Yeah, I got it.
Come on. Team Captain. Yes.
We're two minutes away,
I've got hundreds of people walking down the boulevard,
and there's not one burger on.
For God's sake, can someone start cooking burgers?
Monti, how many burgers are on?
We have zero burgers on.
In this challenge, three teams are competing
to create and sell one $7 dish
from food trucks on venice beach.
All right, guys, it's time.
Here they come, here they come. All right.
But as hungry customers flock to the trucks,
the yellow team has no food ready to serve.
How long for the first burgers?
Just give me a time so I can tell them.
How long for the first burgers?
Two minutes. Two minutes.
Dude, what the is going on?
There's about a five-minute wait.
We don't have one burger ready.
We're gonna cause a riot out here.
David? I got it.
He's like, "I got it, I got it."
No, David, you don't have it.
How long for the first burgers?
Here's enough for 20 sliders.
We've got no burgers, 20 burgers...
Yes, I'm getting my team together.
There's no assembly line.
Monti, you bun and meat,
hand me, and I will sauce and coleslaw.
Now we're getting going,
but we have lost I don't know how many customers.
Thank you so much for your patience, Sherry.
And this challenge is about how many people you can serve.
As the yellow team rushes to get food out...
We got steak tacos, steak tacos!
The red and blue teams are moving food out quickly.
Enjoy. You're gonna love it, trust me.
Thank you. What can I get for you guys?
Four tacos? You've got it.
Here you go.
All three trucks have a huge line of people waiting,
but we're ready.
One order, two order...
Plates are going out really fast,
so I'm happy with that.
There you go. Please enjoy.
Thank you so much.
I'm a little nervous, because if your line
gets backed up for too long,
customers are gonna leave.
So the time crunch is definitely on.
Thank you. You're gonna love it.
While the Blue Team is pushing out their Indian dish...
One order?
That'll be 7 bucks please.
The yellow team, having just gained momentum...
How are you?
Has a new issue with their Texas style burgers.
Anna, this is serious. It's raw.
No, stop. Okay.
My God, Gordon comes in
and finds a raw burger.
We are gonna get into absolute pandemonium.
That is raw.
And there's children of three,
four, five years of age out there.
I'm gonna flip my lid.
[Bleep], get the team together, and get [Bleep] organized.
Okay, thank you. Now.
Am I so off in thinking
that I can trust David to cook a hamburger?
Just cook it.
David, we are not serving raw burgers.
Yes, sir.
Yeah, I had a couple of raw burgers,
but I'm cooking burgers faster than they can serve them.
Give me a freaking break.
Do I look like superman to anybody?
As the blue and red teams continue to crank out orders...
Thank you, enjoy. The judges move into the crowd
to collect customer feedback.
Guys. Hi.
What do you have?
We split everything. Really?
Which did you like better? The chicken.
The Mexican family liked the Indian food better.
So what... What'd you think?
I liked it.
It's very good, yeah. Okay, good.
So you had the Indian chicken tikka masala.
Was it good? It was good.
The coleslaw, I didn't really care for.
The burger itself is actually really good... it's a good deal.
Order up for Tracey.
Thank you. Make sure you get some extra barbecue sauce.
Finally, the burgers are coming out.
We have momentum.
Please may I have a burger? Yes.
Midway through service,
the teams are raking in the money.
Thank you. Thank you.
But the judges have their own ideas
about who's driving the best deal.
7 bucks.
Halfway through the challenge,
and we're certainly not short of customers.
Mexican food truck is doing okay.
Although the spicing's okay, it's tough and dry.
A lot of the people are asking me
"why is there no fish?"
They wanted fish tacos.
They're on the ocean.
The Indian food truck's doing great.
- Delicious chicken tikka masala. - Mmit's yummy.
The American food truck...
Anna's personality shows in the dish.
It's quite a delicious meal.
I got a lot of good feedback.
We had an issue.
Raw burger.
So in the lead right now...
I think the Indian is in the lead,
certainly with flavor.
But we're halfway through the serving,
and we could have been twice as many customers by this point.
You didn't have to wait and it's hot.
Thank you.
I need you to finish this taco, and we gotta go recruit,
'cause I don't like this no line thing.
I look at the other trucks, and the yellow team has people.
You enjoy.
And I'm going, uh-uh, we need more customers.
Get ready for a mad rush. I'm gonna bring it right now.
So I bolt out of that truck,
and I start to run over to the skate park.
Are you guys hungry?
Let's go get some tacos!
And I start telling people
to get their asses over here.
We are the Red Team.
We're gonna serve you some really hot,
delicious food, okay?
Come over to my food truck! Come get some tacos, you guys.
That middle truck right there. Red Team, Red Team all the way.
Thank you, ladies. Thank you.
Right on.
It'll be $14.
With less than five minutes left,
and all three teams still moving food out,
the judges don't see a clear winner.
Yellow could have a strong finish.
It's a bit of a bargain. You've got two sliders for $7.
I think the Indian's
still hard to beat. It's delicious, it's hot,
it's probably the most sensible, authentic,
ethnic cuisine here.
It could be the most delicious,
but when it comes to sales,
tacos are hard to beat.
With less than a minute to go,
all three teams make their final push
to win the challenge.
Thank you, guys, so much.
Delicious tacos over here, guys!
Come up and get 'em!
Beth, order up. Beth.
Just one order? You got it.
There you go, my dear. Ten, nine, eight,
seven, six, five,
four, three, two, one,
and stop. Yes!
Time is up, and our line
was definitely long,
but I don't know how much money is in our till,
so I'm nervous.
After serving the crowds of Venice Beach,
the food truck challenge is over.
The cash has been counted, and teams are about to find out
who made the most money
and which team will have to face a pressure test.
Everyone, let's go! Come on out.
Yeah! Let's go.
Time is up.
I have nothing to go off of.
I couldn't watch the other trucks the entire time.
So I'm very uncertain.
We've been counting up
what your trucks have taken
in cash individually,
and the results are staggering.
Here's the good news.
Combined, you'll all be donating over $2,000
to charity.
Amazing. That's awesome.
The team that took
the most money...
Which was $798, to be precise...
You did 114 covers.
Red Team!
Yes, I knew it!
We won, by that last push,
by my personality grabbing those last few people.
Stacey, you had a huge advantage.
You used it to your best ability.
More importantly, it paid off.
Red Team, you will not be facing the pressure test.
Thank God. Well done.
Thank you. Thank you, thank you, chef.
I'm just pissed. If we lose today,
we're going into a pressure test.
I could potentially be going home.
Blue Team, yellow team...
Did the locals in venice go for
the chicken tikka masala?
Did they go for the sliders?
With a difference of $154...
The losing team today...
The yellow team.
Yeah! We lost?
How did we lose?
I'm really bummed.
I'm also just... In disbelief
we didn't even come in in second place.
Yellow team, you did 86 covers.
Obviously, I'm super upset.
I mean, I made so many burgers,
so I don't know how we lost.
And I don't think this loss is my fault.
Yellow team, I hope you get a good night's sleep,
because one of you will be leaving this competition.
And quite frankly, based on that performance in there,
the lack of direction,
you've only got yourself to blame.
Yellow team's going to pressure test.
Monti's on the chopping block.
My plan unfolded exactly as I had seen it in my mind.
Back in your trucks.
Clean up. We'll see you tomorrow.
Red Team, congratulations.
Thanks, chef.
Blue Team, well done. Thank you.
Good job.
Like, I want to know why you're upset.
Should I answer that
or is David gonna freak the out?
You're such a child.
I kept saying
let's get this started. Yeah.
And when I came back, nothing was done.
Everything was, "I got this, I got this, I got this."
I don't know what Monti wants from me.
We should've just gotten those burgers out
as fast as I was cooking them.
That's the bottom line.
So basically you did nothing wrong today?
What did I do wrong today?
I'm asking.
Did we ever run out of burgers?
Well, we didn't have them at the beginning.
Those 15 minutes were our 20 tickets that we lost.
It was my responsibility as the leader
to get you going sooner.
Bottom line, I'm responsible. I'm the team Captain.
I did the best I could, but it wasn't enough.
I think my biggest error
was trusting David's false sense of competence.
From the time the first person
got in line and gave you the money,
how long did it take us to get out a burger?
Ten minutes.
Ten minutes? Not because of the burger.
It took us more than ten minutes.
Not because of the burger.
And then the first one came back and it was raw.
Not because of the burgers.
I will not take the blame for that line
not going as fast as it did.
That's not my fault.
They need to get their fingers working.
The meat was done, ready to go...
It wasn't ready!
I'm pretty upset with David right now.
We lost the group challenge,
and it's David's fault.
After losing the food truck challenge,
the yellow team awaits their pressure test,
but they still have some serious unresolved issues.
There were things we could have done at the beginning
to prepare ourselves for a smoother service.
Did I not have piles of meat?
You did eventually. Not eventually, Tanya.
Not eventually. You did eventually.
I think it's your guys' refusal to say
"we just didn't pump food out fast enough."
It's unfair for anyone to say
that I was the one that dropped the ball on this.
I don't like fingers being pointed at me at all.
The first things that you sent out were raw.
Not all of them.
I went through a whole batch. One is too many.
I'm totally pissed off I'm in a pressure test.
We could have won that challenge
if David had listened to all of us, period.
Gordon Ramsey came back with a raw burger.
You guys are absolutely insane.
Well, we're in a pressure test now,
and I'm gonna do my best to kick it in the.
Best of luck.
I want food to be my life.
I'm here to find my place in that culinary scene.
I want to have a catering company.
I can't go home.
If I get sent home right now,
I'm going back into school,
I'm going back into that horrible routine
that was just killing me.
Winning would give me that push and that courage
to just go get what I want in life,
and that's, of course, to be a chef.
I feel kind of going into that pressure test,
'cause of that argument,
'cause of my other teammates' opinions.
I'm totally ready to fight for my spot here.
Yesterday, you ran three amazing food trucks.
The team that took the least amount of money
clearly was the yellow team,
led by Anna.
You four are in for the fight of your culinary lives,
because it's time for all of you
to compete in today's pressure test.
I believe in myself.
I'm hoping that my attitude and my style
may actually save me.
Your pressure test today
is all about...
It takes intuition and finesse
to make the perfect tortellini.
I will show you how.
It's basically constructing a ravioli
and then taking it one step further.
The filling has to be flavorful.
Not too watery,
because if the water boils, it will explode.
You will have the combination
of various meats and ricotta,
parmesan cheese, parsley,
at your station to create a balanced filling.
You want a pasta that has a nice Sheen to it,
you want it to rest so it's ready to be worked.
The filling is about 1/2 teaspoon of your mixture.
To bind the pastas together, use an egg wash
to make sure that the top level of pasta
sticks to the bottom level.
Feel around the filling
to be sure that there's no air inside.
Fold the bottom piece up, over the top,
pull each side around. This is where
having small fingers is a big advantage.
Pinch it in the back,
and then pull the top piece down and around.
I feel like I'm not equipped to do this at all.
Is it clear?
Yes, chef.
Yes, chef.
I of you, head back to your stations.
This challenge makes me nervous,
because I don't have small fingers.
I just don't.
You will have 60 minutes
to prepare ten perfect tortellini
with a meat and cheese filling
served in a simple broth.
This challenge is designed with one thing in mind,
and that is technique.
At least one of you will be leaving the kitchen forever.
Your 60 minutes starts from...
Each competitor has access to exactly the same ingredients
and equipment in the kitchen.
I've only made pasta dough twice.
There is so much to execute with this pressure test.
I think this is a highly pressurized,
difficult 60 minutes.
First thing they should do is what? Make their pasta.
In order for it to relax, so you can roll it nicely.
It's about balance.
It's about finesse and it's about timing,
which may be a challenge.
We got four different methods going.
It's gonna be intense right here.
You see David... Someone who makes pasta
on the stainless steel surface
without putting a wood board underneath
understands nothing about pasta.
Pasta needs to be in a warm and gentle environment.
I don't think his fat fingers are a big advantage today.
I'm amazed that Anna,
the one that's closely connected to pasta
more than anyone
is making her pasta in the machine.
Right, not by hand.
It does everything to the pasta dough
that's not supposed to be done to it.
How is pasta gonna relax
being spun at 1,000 miles an hour?
I have no idea.
This is terrible.
Just getting the delicacy of the dough
is the most important part,
and I may have already screwed that up
from the beginning.
I have never made tortellini before,
but I cook pasta at home for my kiddo all the time,
so I'm not going home today,
not today.
I think David's gonna go home.
He's got fat fingers to match his attitude.
I wish them all the best, you know?
But I hope I do better than at least one of them.
30 minutes left.
Oh, my God.
We only want ten,
so you want to make sure that filling
and the thickness of the pasta on the outside
is absolutely perfect.
David Martinez. Sir?
How are we doing? Pretty nervous.
Have you made tortellini before?
No, I haven't. Who's leaving?
I think a person like me with sausage fingers
has a little bit of a disadvantage.
You're not using those sausage fingers.
I'm using the case of this thing
to make it a little bit more smoother.
Good luck. Thank you.
18 minutes to go. Come on.
I need to breathe.
My pulse is, like, out of control.
Guys, make sure that your water and your broth are boiling.
If you were smart,
you would have done two batches with two fillings,
and at this point, you're finishing up your tortellini,
you're trying the first one, you're trying the second one.
You decide which one you want to present to the judges,
and then go with that one.
Seven minutes to go, guys. Seven minutes.
For one of you, your last seven minutes in this kitchen.
Not my last seven minutes.
I'm absolutely ready to fight back
and make these tortellini as perfect as possible
and show the judges and my other competitors
that my hands can make something beautiful.
This is absolutely at the wire.
I don't know if I'm gonna do it.
Tanya, how we doing?
I'm scared, chef. Yeah, you should be.
Show me one of your tortellinis.
So you haven't rolled these before?
You haven't made these before? Never.
Did you press the ricotta to get some of that water out?
No, chef.
Have you tried one of these? Did you try the filling
and poach it off to make sure it's not too salty?
No, chef.
Have you tried one of these to see how long it takes?
I'm saying no to every question
Graham is asking me.
I'm ready to throw the towel in,
I'm ready to give up.
Why are you upset now?
I'm just disappointed in myself.
I realize that I could be leaving,
and it makes me realize how bad I want to be here.
You think you're going home now?
Why are you upset now?
I'm just disappointed in myself.
You think you're going home now?
Believe in yourself.
That's what this is about.
You know what you have more than anyone?
You've got more heart.
No matter how bad things get,
you're cooking with love,
and that's so much more than other people
that just have skill.
Look me in the eyes. Tell me you can do it.
I can do it. Thank you, chef.
Biggest six minutes of your life, literally.
Okay? Thank you.
Let's go.
You've got it, okay?
He reminds me why I'm here,
and he reminds me why it means so much to me,
and that... Defeat is not an option.
Five minutes left.
What's she doing, sticking a knife in there?
She's just pierced it.
The worst thing you could ever do to tortellini. Yeah.
It's like a boat at sea,
and now it's got hole in it.
It's gonna be leaking in water.
Last three minutes, guys.
My flame is off!
A, I...
Anna, two minutes to go.
Damn it.
At this point, if your tortellini
are not boiling, you're out of the game.
60 seconds to go.
My God, this is stressing me out.
Start plating your dishes.
Ten, nine, eight,
serve six, five,
four, three, two,
When I look at David's tortellini,
I am in shock.
David has perfect tortellinis.
They are gorgeous.
Tanya's tortellini looks like
it's going to get her sent home.
And she knows it, too.
Okay, we're about to begin tasting,
and at least one of you will be going home.
I'm the first up, which I'm relieved by,
because I'd rather just get this over with.
My filling has equal parts mortadella and prosciutto,
a little bit of ricotta, parmigiano, minced parsley,
and a hint of nutmeg.
I can hear, as he's chewing,
that my pasta isn't al dente,
that it is raw.
This isn't good.
That is raw.
Hearing from Gordon that "this is raw"
is my death sentence.
I'm in trouble.
Pressure is definitely on.
Someone's going home.
You never made this before?
No, sir.
It's a little under-seasoned
on the filling, but it's pretty good.
It's not the prettiest tortellini
I've ever seen, but...
I think I'm gonna be safe.
Great tortellini.
Thank you.
How did those fat fingers make such pretty tortellini?
They're beautiful. Perfect.
Thank you, Joe.
I think my tortellini look good.
I am not going home today.
I was running out of time,
and I wanted to make sure I got them cooked.
My technique was really poor in shaping them.
You struggled out there, didn't you?
Yes, chef.
I struggled a lot.
It's a very weird-looking tortellini.
How'd you get the shape?
Sit on them?
I'm not laughing. I'm quite serious.
I think it turned that shape
because the dough dried out and...
So it's the dough's fault.
No, it's my fault for drying out the dough,
overworking it.
[Bleep], how much parsley did you put in there?
At this point,
it comes down to Tanya and I.
One of us is gonna be going home.
What a mess.
After tasting all four dishes
in a tortellini pressure test...
What a mess.
The judges must now decide
who will be leaving the Masterchef kitchen.
From top to bottom, there's a huge range.
All four of you, come round please.
60 minutes to make a stunning tortellini
served in a simple broth.
For at least one of you,
it's the last time you'll cook in the Masterchef kitchen.
I personally don't feel like
a lot of my peers here want me around still.
But I'm not going down.
I plan to be here for a long time.
David Martinez,
you showed a nice technique with the tortellini.
It was the best shape.
David... take your apron.
Upstairs to the balcony. Good job on the tortellini.
Thank you, sir. Thank you, guys.
That little.
Good job.
Nine lives, man. Unbelievable.
Monti, those tortellini were incredible,
balanced, refined, in every sense.
That's so awesome.
Thank you so much.
Good job. Well done.
Go upstairs. You're safe.
Anna and I are in the bottom two
out of this pressure test, and it's not fair.
We performed the best yesterday,
and now we are at the bottom.
Anna, tonight was the first time I had seen you
almost out of your depth.
I've never seen you struggle
as much as you just did.
You made some mistakes,
starting by creating the dough
in a food processor,
to stabbing the tortellini
to remove the air.
They were raw.
There was a lot of issues.
I expected more. Yes, sir.
Tanya... Yes, chef.
I've never seen you panic,
struggle, and look so uncomfortable
with a challenge.
I know that you were struggling.
From the moment that we presented
what this challenge was gonna be,
you seemed shocked.
I think that's your worst dish
so far in this competition.
I agree, chef.
The person leaving Masterchef...
The person going home is
Your time is done in Masterchef.
Anna, you've been amazing.
You came with spirit, creativity, flair.
You beat your husband in this competition.
You made the top 12.
I'll tell you something,
when I visit Boston, I want to see you
in a restaurant, your deli,
whatever it may be. Do not give up that dream.
Anna, you're a sweetheart.
Please put your apron on your station.
This whole experience has just really been
a tremendous gift.
I just feel so fortunate
to have had this opportunity,
so I'm just crying, I think,
because I've just had so much joy being here.
It's just been amazing.
Every single minute that I've been on Masterchef
I have learned and grown.
It really has been education.
I am really proud of myself.
This is just the beginning
of Anna in the culinary world.
I'm just sad that this part is ending.
1, 2, 3, 4, 5,
6, 7, 8, 9, 10,
This competition, right now, is wide open.
My big question to you all is,
who's going to win Masterchef?
- You're looking at him. - I am, chef.
Okay. Good night.
Adios. Good night.
Thank you. Thank you, chef.
That's badass, man.
A surprise guest cooks alongside the home cooks
in the mystery box challenge.
No way, dude, that's awesome.
And as the competition intensifies...
Look at the mess.
The judges hold nothing back.
And after one elimination...
There's more shocking news.
They're gonna cut two people?
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