The Fuplers: Mom on Facebook (Ep. 9)

Uploaded by MattKoval on 24.06.2010

[crunchy eating]
[more crunchy eating]
Dad has a penis.
Boys have penises.
Girls have vaginas.
And oatmeal cookies have raisins.
Who wants oatmeal cookies for dessert?
INTRO: "The Fuplers... The Fuplers...
The internet's favorite fam-i-ly!"
Can I just get up?
What? And where do you need to be?
We're gonna have a study group tonight.
Ohhh, study group.
And by study group do you mean Missy's party?
How'd you know about that?
Oh, I don't know, a little mother's intuition?
Mm. Very powerful.
You've been spying on me on Facebook!
Not spying. Supervising.
Well supervising stinks! I can't even tell any jokes anymore.
Can't cuss, can't post any Shane Dawson videos.
Can't even...
Can't even be myself!
Are you crying?
It's okay, Kevin. I know you're having a hard night.
Ever since you lost your eye-shadow.
How do you know that? I just updated my status right before dinner!
Carol! Jiminy Christmas!
Well, Facebook is addicting!
I knew I shouldn't have friended you.
Sorry Charlie. It's too late for that.
No its not.
[Western showdown music]
[Western showdown music]
[Western showdown music]
[Western showdown music]
A boy.
Does not.
His mother!
Why not? Its my account.
I can do whatever I want.
[Lindsay sings]
I just know that you guys will probably take my phone if I do. So...
"My son is such a good boy. LOL"