Meghan Camarena Extended Interview from Gloom - TableTop ep 7

Uploaded by geekandsundry on Jun 29, 2012


My name is Meghan Camarena, also known as Strawburry17 on
YouTube, and I make really fun, creative music videos.

I started making YouTube videos in 2008.
I had a lot of free time on my hands and really didn't have a
lot of friends.
So I thought, this a good way to use my time.
And little by little, it started becoming more and more
successful up until a point where it became my full-time
job, and I've been doing it ever since.
And it makes me so happy and I'm having so
much fun doing it.
I would love to try my hand at acting.
I kind of direct and write all of my stuff in my music
videos, but I would really like to work
on acting more so.
I would love to start doing web-series stuff.
I feel like that that's the next step from YouTube videos,
and then maybe TV or movies, hopefully.
That's in the future some day, fingers crossed.
Felicia was the one who invited me on the show.
And when I got the email, I was making
dinner in the kitchen.
I just started screaming, and my roommate
came into the kitchen.
She was like, oh, my gosh!
Are you OK?
I'm like, Felicia Day, me, I'm going to be on a show!
And, like, Felicia is my hero.
So this is the coolest opportunity.
I feel like dreams are coming true.
I want to go to Disneyland.
It doesn't get much better.
Dude, I love gaming.
I am the only girl out of four boys, and that's all we did.
We grew up on gaming.
I would have to get my older brothers toast.
I would feed them in between their breaks of like being
bosses on Super Mario.
That was kind of my job until they moved out and I got to
play video games.
I've been gaming since I was like--
since I came out of the womb.
TableTop games, you kind of have to have some time set
aside to play it, where with video games, it just happens
just whenever.
It seems just more chill.
But whenever I played a TableTop game, it was usually
we had a set night that we were going to do it, and
that's kind of how it started or evolved, I guess.
Gaming is a way of life.
It's been great being here, and I hope you guys check out
some of my videos.