Chinese new year Yau kwok, 油角

Uploaded by wantanmien on 14.01.2012

Today I teach Chinese new year yau kwok
Filling: 30 grams cooked peanuts
turn to medium heat, fry the peanuts for 5 mins
after frying take them out and leave to chill
3 tsp white sesame seeds
fry it for 3 mins til golden yellow
3 tsp fine coconut shreds, fry it for 1 min
if turn too dark, turn the heat lower
frying time may vary depending on the heat
5 tsp sugar, a pinch of salt
add hot fried sesame seeds
add fried coconut shreds quickly stir it together
put chilled peanuts in a plastic bag
you can also use a glass bottle to ground peanuts
put it into sugar mixture, stir well
sieved 150 grams all purpose flour
make some space in the center of the bowl
put 1 beaten egg in center of the bowl, stir well
put 30 grams molten butter in
add 2 1/2 tbsp water
add water slowly a little at a time
knead it into a dough
cover with plate, let it rest for 30 mins
30 mins later, take out half of the dough
roll the dough into a big thin piece
use a cup to pierce the dough
place cut out parts on a plate
cover with wet cloth
repeat the process for the rest
take out 1 wrapper
press the edges ‧thinner press around 3 times
put 2/3 tsp filling in the wrapper
close it like this
after closing
press the edges thinner again (press 3 times)
now that the edge is wider
look at my thumb
press the dough in with your thumb, pull it out a bit below
and again, use your thumb to press in
leave some space, do not do it direct at the edge
press the dough in, pull it out below
keep repeating the process
for around 8 times
press in at the top and pull out below
Fold in the end part like this
check if the shape is right
put it on plate, cover with wet cloth
saucepan filled to half with deep frying oil, 150 C, 300 F
turn to medium heat
put the sieve in hot oil
place the yau kwok in the hot sieve, deep fry it
gently move the sieve
fry for 3 to 4 mins until the color turns to golden yellow
when the yau kwok floats
put the second yau kwok in the hot oil
gently move the sieve, til the yau kwok floats
now that the second one also floats
I put the third one in, gently move the sieve
til the third yau kwok floats, don't make more than 3 at a time
occasionally flip the yau kwok around
fry it for 3 to 4 mins
fry til golden yellow, take it out
put it on a rack so excess oil can drip off
Chinese new year yau kwok are done
because of their look they symbolize a wallet
I wish you all a prosperous year
Thanks for watching see you again next time