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Wan Wan Young Whan Yoo
Grilled Chicken Dance Three Four go!!
Grilled Chicken??
Grilled Chicken.. Stick in left butt Stick
in right butt Oh, it’s so hot hot hot.
Stop! Stop!
Over Cheerful.
Freshy must be shy and little act.
But you are over the top.
No, I can’t dance.
- Today.. - Ok.
- What?? - I would like to welcome everybody, ok?
- That’s ok. - Welcome Singto, Baifern and Focus ka.
Sawasdee Krab / Sawasdee Ka
- Today.. - Newly Freshy.
The heat is up.
- Why?? - Act liked I was in Chula, the shouter in cheer room.
Why shout, I want to know?
To make the freshy scared. Want to tease the freshy, that’s it.
Ahh, all three passed the exam already.
- Oh, all passed. - Where?
- Thammasat University. - Thammasat.
- Thammasat U. doesn’t have the shouter. It’s… - Why?
They are all dead.
Up to each university.
- Yes. - It’s different tradition.
Have only new friends welcome, not the cheer room system.
Oh, It’s softer then.
- And you? - Baifern
Srinakarinwirot University ka.
What faculty?
Faculty of Arts ka.
Arts.. and you?
Engineering... And you?
Srinakarinwirot University ka.
No, still thinking why have to dance?
Still enjoy dancing.
Oh! think, think where is my university?
In shock time!
- Out of my mind. - What is your university?
Srinakarinwirot U., yeah.
Same U. and same faculty?
No. I’m in social communication innovation.
That’s new faculty.
What? About social study.
- About making movies ka. - Oh, movie making study.
Ok, let’s see the freshy life in the campus.
Let’s see.
Back to the exam result announcing day.
I screamed.
These girls made a vow to the holy spirit about the exam.
Who did?
Vow to do what?
Focus, what?
To eat only vegetables for two months.
Oh, only veggie.
- Don’t eat meat. - Yes.
- Have you done that? - Yes, Done.
- Two months. - Yes.
Baifern, vow to do what?
I prayed in my mind, just like that.
- Oh, you are serious. - Yes.
- I made a vow in my parent’s name, too. - Ohh!
- I said.. - Wait, was your dad in the exam, too?
- No. - I thought your dad was.
I made a vow that if I pass the exam, my dad, my mom and me will climb Phukradueng Mountain.
Climbing the mountain, do you think about your parent’s age?
My parent yelled at me already.
So, did they go?
Have to. My mom complained this all the way and told my little brother not to make a vow like this again.
Singto, what about you?
- He didn’t do it for himself. - What!!
A woman did this for him.
A woman did this for him.
That’s it.
Who did?
Woman at my house.
- That’s it. - Woman at your house.
Who is this?
My grandmom.
That’s it.
My grandmom at Khonkaen Province.
Vow to do what?
To project two screens of outdoor movies.
Did she made a vow in northeastern language?
Speak for sample.
I wanted my grandson to pass exam derrrrr, the holy spirit.
- What holy? - Where?
The local holy spirit at Khonkaen.
- Ahh. - Yes.
To project the outdoor movies derrrrr.
- Just like that. - Yes.
- Ok. - Yes.
Did she pay off for a vow?
Baifern, for direct admission exam, you have to test by acting.
Faculty of Arts?
- Yes. - So, you have to act.
Yes, I have to act.
- Just like the interview part, right? - Yes, exactly.
What major do you choose?
Major in Acting and Directing.
And you acted what?
I must choose the character and scene randomly.
What character did you play?
Wanida at the toilet.
- What? - What was that?
It was..
Show it.
Oh, that’s terrible.
Come on.
I sat down… like this.
Like this!!
Nobody saw, it was the toilet.
Wanida is gentle outside but just like this when she’s alone.
- Help me. - Wise girl.
Ok, toilet.
- Yes, sit and feel awkward with the smell. - Sit in what way?
Sit low toilet.
- Feel awkward with the smell and flushing. - Feel awkward with the smell?
Yes, she’s gentle person.
Flush where?
At this.
Why do you flush in the other room?
It’s my room.
I will do this.
Use water, guessing.
- I can’t reach. - What?
I can’t reach, ah.
Can’t reach, Aom!!!
In that position, you must do like this.
- Use bowl. - Shiny flushing button.
I can’t reach. I’m fat.
It’s narrow.
The question is if there’s no toilet paper or flush water, what am I going to do?
- And you.. - Oh! That’s tough.
I use the edge of my skirt.
The situation is her boyfriend’s waiting outside, the skirt is dirty. So, I have to solve the problem.
So, I rub my skirt like this and walk away.
Let’s see Focus.
You have to act?
- No. I’m in movie making study. - And you made the short film, right?
- Really? - Yes.
Yes, after the interview.
I have to make the movie of my class.
- It was.. - Oh, the working group.
- Yes. - Let’s see Focus’s short film.
Hey!! More rice.
Have you heard this?
Ok, finish.
- Rub it gently, ok? - I do.
Everybody has moles.
So boring.
Hurry!! Hurry!!
Get it!! Eat!!
- Ready!! - Ready!!
Three Four
- Ready!! - Ready!!
Three Four Hey!
Tub Tub Tub Tub
Your tub tub.
- It’s not in your film, right? - Yes.
They are in the background and nothing to do.
So I told them to dance for fun.
She’s the team leader.
Dancing for fun, like this.
Tub Tub
Before passing the exam.
You must prepare, right?
Yes, reading books.
Is it hard? Focus..
- Huh, Huh - No??
How do you prepare?
I have short memory, so I don’t read the books all day.
I read them a few months up to my feeling, ok, that’s enough, just like that.
Oh, short memory.
Read it one or two days before the exam, that’s good for me.
Ok, it’s your reading style.
- Baifern, how about you? - Before the exam, I was in the middle of my TV Series.
Ah, and you do what?
I brought many books to the production set because I am bored often.
So I can change the subject to read.
I used the colour pen to underline the important words and memorized them in colour form, the picture memory.
- Oh, strange technic. - That’s mind map.
Yes, mind map.
- And you? - Singto
I did just liked Baifern, read at the set or in the car.
When I came home, I read from 11 p.m. to midnight everyday, just like this.
He said that he studied well for his mom.
How about this?
Yes, my family was the important part that made me focus at my study.
- Ok. - Yes.
I saw my mom, she was poor.
It was such a hard time for her.
You said your mom did everything for you.
- Very much. - Such as..
What did she do?
She went to other province to work and I stayed with my older sister.
- You stayed at Khonkaen but your mom was in other province. - Yes, she worked at Suratthani Province.
You said you helped your mom by working, too?
- At grade 6 - Since I was a kid.
- Yes. - You did what?
I was tour guide.
A guide?
Yes, little guide at Khonkaen Local Museum.
What is the museum’s name?
Hongmoonmung MuangKhonkaen
Hong is room.
Moon is treasure.
Mung is city.
I got about 60 Baht per time.
Walking guide and see around?
- Guiding and explain. - Explain?
Yes, must know all details.
He was good since that day.
Talk about Singto’s mom.
Please welcome Mrs.Nualdaeng, Singto’s mom.
- My mom. - Welcome.
Oh, you are so beautiful, today.
- Sawasdee Krab / Sawasdee Ka - Welcome
- You wear green today. - Sawasdee Ka
Since he was a baby, was he difficult to raise?
- Easy then. - Yes.
He didn’t cry often, it was..
- Sit still, right? - Yes, like that.
What did he help you?
- I carried things from the house to the shop. - Yes.
Was it fun?
It was fun, very little compared to my mom did everything for me.
He was good.
You loved her very much.
Now, you live well, right?
- Good. - Good.
Liked in the dream.
Mom, are you awake?
Let the son pinch.
Looks angry.
You are proud of him, right? How much?
Very much since he was a kid.
I don’t expect too much like this.
It’s liked a dream, it’s over the top.
- Did you buy the house? - The house.
At Khonkaen for my grandmom… two houses and at Bangkok, too.
Two houses?? For your grandmom only?
- For my aunt, too. - For many family members.
- And for your mom? - At Bangkok.
- I stay with him. - I want that.
Let’s listen to Baifern’s mom and Focus’s mom.
Baifern made me proud of her in everyday’s life.
I don’t expect her to achieve big success and then..
I will be proud about that, No, I don’t expect that.
She’s a good girl and she has a responsibility in her everyday’s life, in her study.
Her teacher said to me "You raised your daughter very good, she had responsibility in many roles of her life."
Just the little simple word like this, it made me proud of Baifern. She did it very good.
I worried about her mental health.
I always tell her that in the show business, it has good side, bad side, gossips, something like that.
You must be strong, do not have any bad feelings towards anyone.
You know what’s the truth in your heart, do good today and it will always be good in the future.
Since she was a kid..
She loved the family and wanted to share everything.
She made me proud.. she was a kid but had many responsibilities.
Now, in the university, I worry about her act like a child, talk, play, like that.
I want her to pay attention to the study because she’s grown up now.
Ok. that’s mother’s proud expression about her daughter.
Start with Focus.
I’m proud to be the university student, like the connection of my life.
I passed the exam to be a student by myself.. so cool.
- You made your mother proud. - I am happy to do good for my mom.
- That’s right. - Yes.
And Baifern.
I am so proud of my mom’s work, she is a social worker.
She helps everyone, listen to all problems..
HIV positive people, pregnant woman, child rape victim.
My mom uses psychology to help everyone.
She is happy so much with this job and I’m so proud of her, she’s so lovely and has a beautiful heart.
- She’s a kind-hearted woman. - Your mom helps people that made you proud.
Your turn, mom’s here.
I’m proud to be your son.
It is the best gift of my life.
He loves his mom very much, that’s cute.
Thank you, Singto’s mom, to be with us today, very impressive.
Thank you. / Thank you.
- Mom, don’t forget to make papaya pokpok for me, Ok? - Sure.
Next break, let’s see their High School Days, don’t miss it.
Let’s back to High School time.
- Singto had a chance to work with one of the two girls before. - Is that true?
- Met in the past? - I have a picture.
- Sweet old time? - Sweet old time.
- Yeah? - Let’s see.
- That’s it. - Yes.
- Singto’s music video. - Music video?
It was my first mv, and Baifern played a leading role.
I was very excited.
- Were you shy? - Very, very much.
It was your first mv, so you were excited.
- Yes, I never played mv, before. - You were not excited to play mv, with Baifern.
- Oh.. - Liked you looked down at her.
- What!! - Sure what? Explain.
I mean...
Explain clearly.
I was.. very shy to play mv with Baifern surely.
I was a shy person.
- He was so shy, then mv, director complained him about this. - Don’t you have a girlfriend?
- Right? - Right?
The director complained you, right?
Yes, he said.. "Hey! So shy.. a girl was not so shy like you."
- Baifern, were you shy? - Were you shy?
I was shy but I didn’t show my feeling.
I didn’t want anyone to make fun of me.
How many takes did you play in the mv?
So many.
Whose fault?
- It was.. - Singto or Baifern.
Mostly my fault.
- In the cinema scene, recorded from.. - The ghost came.
Recorded for many hours in that scene. The director wanted the feeling.
- What feeling? - Frightening, like that.
- And to protect the girl. - Yes.
Ok, Do it again. Ghost! Lean on him..
You are so shy.
- Baifern are so shy this time - Five Four Three..
Come closer.
Ghost!!... then
Hey! Ask the director??
You are so shy, why?
- Who? - This..
It’s not right. Your eyes… not protect the girl enough?
Not enough?
You must act like this.. throw away popcorn and..
- Wait, wait.. Oh, Focus. - Yes.
- That’s an harassing act. - Oh.
So shy.
So shy, pretty. Baifern is the first girl of Singto’s mv.
Let’s talk about High School Graduation, start with Focus.
I have graduated from Benjamarachalai School ka.
Benjamarachalai School
From Nawaminthrachinuthit Triamudomsuksanomklao School ka.
Very long name, and Singto?
From Srinakarinwirot University Prasanmit Demonstration School krab.
Did you have a nickname? What did your friend call you? I was..
Mr.Handsome, Mr.Popular.
- Was that right, Focus? - Mr.Good Looking
I thought Mr.Big.
Strong, you can protect others.
- Giant. - My friends called me in English name..
What is tuer?
- Tuer? - What??
- Just tuer - I’ll beat your head.
Teur.. it’s.. pig.
Yeah, you beautiful bird.
Cute bird.
Miss Over Lips.
- Enoughhhh. - Ok.
In Junior High, I cut skinhead style.
Skinhead or just short hair style?
Can you do that?
It’s not correct by school rules but I like Bank of Clash band very much.
So I cut skinhead. After that, my friends called me Mr.Meatball Head.
That’s not Bank of Clash band. Poor boy.
- I have a picture. - What?
Very round head.
I want to see.
He was the little lion in that time.
Very round head.
This is student short hair style.
Look at Focus’s eyes.
Ah, Focus.
Focus, please save Singto’s face.
I want to eat meatball.
He was fat.
At grade 7.
Everybody has an ugly ID. Photo like this.
Ok, next. Her nickname was Miss Skinny.
- Oh!! Wait. - Skinny.
You talked about who? Say it clearly.
I was called Skinny when I was a kid, too.
- Who? - This.
- You? - Me.
- You were very thin, right? - Yes.
Because my friends in the group, they were all chubby.
So, they called you Miss Skinny.
- Yes. - And other nickname?
Miss Bending.
Bending leg.
Don’t you remember? That time, you made fun of her leg.
She walks Ok.
And full straight stand, too.
Ok, Focus liked to shoot the clips.
- Is that true? - The clip.
- Secret clip? - What cilp?
- May I see it? - What?
What? I don’t know.
Funny clip.. just for fun.
- Let’s see. - See.
(Clip of Focus and friends.)
Ahh!! No.
That’s very fat.
- Very much. - Whose idea?
I.. told them to dance.
- Right? - Told them to shoot the clip.
You danced so much, look at your friends, they followed after you then.
Ok, dance.
I’m shy.
Ok, that’s their stories.
Age 18, 19 but everyone has the sweet old time.
Thank you all.
Thank you ka / Thank you krab
- So much fun. - Yep.