I@M$@M 15 (eng sub/full)

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Mr. Jang.
Let's go.
Mr. Jang.
Over there.
Eun Byul.
This way.
Mr. Jang?
What happened?
What is this about?
What do you mean?
What happened to make Mr. Kim do this?
You know how my dad can unnerve people.
But what are you doing here?
You're wearing a suit.
Oh, I had something important to attend.
You look like someone about to go on a blind date.
They're not over here, sir.
Search carefully. They didn't go far.
I don't know what the deal is, but your dad's probaby worried.
How about solving family problems through communication?
My dad cut off communication first.
What did he say?
I almost had an engagement forced on me.
You were going to get engaged anyway.
But I still didn't want it to be like this.
Let's go somewhere for the time being.
Jang Yi San.
Mr. Kim.
Am I ever glad to see you.
Where's Eun Byul?
Where is she?
I'm looking for her myself.
She seems to be really fast.
I saw you two together. How can you be alone now?
I don't think your eyes are very good.
She's probably at home by now.
Check nearby. She probably didn't get far.
Yes, boss.
Jang Yi San.
Why do you keep getting in the way?
Getting in the way?
Didn't she say she didn't want to do this?
Eun Byul isn't an object that you can do whatever you want with.
We couldn't find her, sir.
And you...
Who is it?
You really walked all that way?
This tastes good.
What was I supposed to do? I didn't have my phone or wallet.
I think your dad is really going to kill you this time.
Think so?
You're only starting to worry now?
Not about myself.
Then who?
This doesn't have anything to do with Mr. Jang, does it?
It kind of just ended up like that.
What are you going to do? Your dad's a...
I mean he's scary.
He might tie rocks to Mr. Jang's feet and throw him in the river.
No way. He wouldn't do that.
He'd probaby bury him up in some mountain.
- What are you doing? - I'm calling Moo Shin.
I'm going to ask him if there's anywhere we can hide Mr. Jang.
Hide him?
Forget it.
I'll just go home.
If I go home and apologize to my dad, Mr. Jang will be fine.
Why don't you two go somewhere far away, where nobody knows you?
What are you saying?
Don't play coy. I know what's going on.
I don't think he's that kind of person.
Oh, right.
I think I saw Ms. Shin at the hotel.
Did something happen?
I came because I thought it'd be better to talk face-to-face.
But you don't look so good.
The situation with Eun Byul's family must be complicated.
They roughed you up a bit.
I heard everything from her father.
Everything that has happened so far.
All the lies.
It's my fault.
I don't know how to face your parents.
You know you were in the wrong.
But do you know what the worst thing you did was?
You didn't give me a chance to really get angry at you.
If I had the chance to yell and scream,
I might not hate you so much.
I'm a horrible person.
I hope you will recover soon.
Oh, Sakang...
Eun Byul?
Are you alright?
What do you mean?
Back then...
What about back then?
Didn't you have a date with Miss Shin?
I'm sorry. It's all my fault.
It's okay. Are you alright?
Of course.
I'll stay here tonight, then go find my dad tomorrow.
Really? You did the right thing.
Don't worry about me. I'll be back home soon.
You don't have that much time left with your dad. You don't have to come back here.
What? You don't want to see me anymore?
We'll talk in more detail tomorrow.
I'll meet with your dad tomorrow. There's something we need to talk about.
My dad? Why?
Nothing. Just that there's a few things that need to be taken care of.
I'll see you tomorrow.
Yes, see you tomorrow.
Sakang said that you stayed at her place last night.
Chairman, I've already confirmed it.
Being able to do anything that you want, are you happy?
Are you happy now?
- Step aside! - Please don't.
Haven't I done everything that you asked?
I let you go back to school until you go abroad.
I also let you stay in that damn house.
I did everything that you asked for, and you're still not satisfied?
Why don't you say something?
Chairman, please calm down.
I was wrong.
Please forgive me this time.
It's no use for you to say you're sorry now.
From now on, you must do as I say.
Just listen to me, got it?
Get out.
Do you know why she came back here?
Seems like she knows that she was wrong.
Bring that teacher to me.
Let me handle that for you.
Threats won't do any good now.
Go. Bring him here.
Actually I was about to come here to have a talk with father too.
Next time, don't address me as father anymore.
It sounds strange.
Just address me as...
Yes, chairman.
I know, I know.
It's been hard on you lately, right?
What is this?
The remaining amount that I promised you.
5 million.
What's my dad doing?
He's meeting with someone.
Who is it?
They have important matters to discuss right now. You can't go in there.
What is it about?
I'm here to give this back to you.
You don't like it in check form?
I can give you cash if you want.
No. I shouldn't have taken your money from the beginning.
Teacher, I'm very straight forward when it comes to money.
Just take it.
You can be stubborn now, but you'll change your mind eventually.
I'm not going to change my mind.
Don't do things that you will regret later on.
Bye then.
What now?
You don't take the money.
Does that mean you can do anything that you want?
Enough talking.
Just accept the money.
- And then disappear for me. - No I can't take this.
Just take it.
- No, chairman. - No need to say anymore.
Eun Byul.
So you made a deal with my dad, did you?
Actually, Eun Byul... it's because...
Everything that you've done was because of money?
I didn't want you to know about this, but...
It's been hard on you lately.
Doing the things that you didn't want to do.
How much am I worth?
Eun Byul, what are you saying?
Mr. Jang.
How much did it cost for a student like me?
10 million.
10 million.
You're right.
It's all because of money.
If it's not for the money, what should I get into so much trouble for?
Did you really think...
that I like you
that's why I stay in the same house with you?
Didn't you know that?
It's really difficult to please a spoiled girl like you.
I have every right to accept this money.
Teacher, why are you talking like this in front of her?
Didn't you come and asked for my help in the beginning?
What are you saying?
Eun Byul.
is the end result that you want, right?
Everything he did was for your own good, so that you'll be able to go study abroad.
You know that, right?
Mr. Jang was able to have a large amount of money,
it's a good thing for him.
You didn't see his eyes back there, that's why you said that.
He didn't take any money from this.
He said those heartless words so that I can leave this place in peace.
His eyes told me so.
I don't know why everything happened so quick?
The fragrance of today's tea smell so good.
I'm sending it to you. Can you smell it?
Hyung, add this to the tab.
Pay first before you go. You can't leave without paying.
I'm paying right now. I was about to pay before leaving.
What are you doing here?
What are you doing?
Mr. Jang.
Did you run away from home?
Already sleeping this early in the morning,
it must be nice.
What did you do last night?
Young teachers these days are really hopeless.
One is sleeping like a sick chicken.
The other one didn't show up to teach.
Who didn't show up this morning?
Can't you see the empty seat over there?
Miss Shin?
Is she not feeling well?
Who knows? She called in sick early this morning.
God knows if she's really sick or not.
No one around here sets a good example for the students.
Wait a minute.
Oh my, did you sleep well last night?
Yes, thanks to you I slept very well.
Don't be too polite.
Still, thank you for coming.
I thought that kid would never date again.
No, our relationship is not like what you think.
This is very fragrant, is it?
Look how happy he is right now.
Seems like he's living well too.
Actually, he's so different from before.
After that incident...
Didn't he tell you?
What happened?
He had to quit being a singer after that accident.
But it wasn't an accident at all.
Not an accident?
He fell down during a performance.
No one knew who delibrately caused the accident.
Who did it?
Seems like he knew who the culprit was,
but he didn't say anything, so I don't know.
Any one who goes through that and lives...
it's a miracle.
No wonder my ears are itching.
You're talking about me, right?
Did you sleep well?
Oh right, can I borrow your car? I want to take her back to Seoul.
Did you finish your work yet?
It's all done already.
I'm here doing hard labor for you, when will I get paid?
The wine you drank costs more than that.
Do you know what he did the last time he got drunk?
He held my hands and repeated the same things...
What did he say?
Things like there's no hope in the future.
If I'm not able to trust in another person...
how will I be able to live, senior?
Are you going to lend me your car or not?
Fill up the gas for me.
I can't believe you're this stingy.
Mr. Jang.
Don't fall asleep again.
What did you do last night?
Review your lessons.
We finished already.
Get out. If you're done, then get out.
At his age and still stayed up late in the internet lounge, no wonder...
What are you saying?
Sang Tae said Mr. Jang stayed up in the internet lounge last night.
You didn't know either?
Is he having financial problems?
The money he lent me, did he borrow it from the loan sharks?
Moo Shin.
Hand the phone over to Sakang. There's something I want to talk to her about.
Eun Byul.
Since you're going out, let's just have a good time.
Anything that you want to buy, just buy it.
Why are you not going with Miss Hong?
I want to watch a movie with Sakang.
Call me as soon as the movie ends. Go on.
Go quickly.
Just in case.
Go on.
Eun Byul.
You must have waited long.
Don't pay attention to them.
Where's the ticket? Did you buy it?
Of course.
How much longer are they going to follow us?
They might even follow us to the restroom.
He's not picking up?
Where could he be at this time?
- Internet lounge? - That's right.
I'll call Sang Tae, and you go buy the tickets.
Oh, pick the longest movie.
so we'll have more time.
Thank you, Sakang.
Keep it.
Will you be okay by yourself?
Of course, don't worry.
What will you do when you find him?
There are questions to ask, and things to say.
Eun Byul.
Eun Byul.
Eun Byul.
We're home.
You really didn't have to take me home.
Oh really? Let's go back then.
I'm just kidding.
I also need to come back here for a few errands.
You don't need to feel bad.
I've always thought...
even if the whole world lies to me...
he would never lie to me.
It'd be better if he told me from the beginning...
that I'm not the one that he likes.
but it's someone else.
I don't think he did that on purpose.
But I really don't understand,
I think you're the best woman in this world.
Do you always say that?
I mean...
you probaby would say that line to a heart broken woman,
and then take the opportunity to chase her.
You already knew?
Then do you know what I'm going to say next?
So Yi, will you invite me in for a cup of tea?
I'll be going first.
So Yi.
A handsome man like me, falling in love with you...
you have to be the best.
If there's truly no more hope in the future,
or your not able to trust another human being...
how can you continue to live?
Are you feeling much better now?
I'm alright.
Is it a good movie?
It's too sad.
Since you're watching a movie, why didn't you choose a comedy?
Well, I thought it'll be a good movie, but it's so sad.
This kid...
So, they didn't get to meet?
They should meet at least once before she leaves.
Why don't we think of a way to help them?
Chairman Yoo, you came such a long way.
You've worked hard.
It was nothing.
Eun Byul, was school okay for you?
The atmosphere here was really nice.
Eun Byul being able to graduate like this is all thanks to you.
I'm relieved.
It's just so refreshing...
You didn't have to bring anything.
I can't accept...
This is my daughter's stuff.
Eun Byul, let's go get your diploma.
Early graduate of Homeroom 8, Yoo Eun Byul.
This person has hereby fulfilled her duties at this school.
October 1st, 2007, MyungMoon High School, Heo Deokbae.
Study hard and do your country proud.
Surviving Homeroom 8 means you can make it anywhere. Good luck.
Thank you, Mr. Jang.
When do you leave?
Hey, early graduate!
Hey, Mo Se.
You haven't called in days.
How's Da Bin and everyone doing?
Let's go. Everyone's waiting.
Today, your classmate Yoo Eun Byul has graduated early.
She is leaving school just a little ahead of the rest of you.
From now on, wherever she goes, whether as a student or adult,
let's be hopeful and encourage each other so that we all smile when we meet again.
Don't be too bored without me here.
Something great is going to happen soon for all of us.
Who knows? Another transfer student might come.
If that happens, you'll have to do the exact thing you did to me.
Show them what survival of the fittest is all about.
Then she can grow strong like me.
Looking back, there were a lot of tough times.
What I want to say is that the memories I have of you all
are things that I would never trade for anything.
At this moment, you all being with me and being my friends
is something I will never forget, and will always cherish.
I had fun with you all. Thank you so much.
Hey, we said we wouldn't cry.
It's cramping our style.
Don't forget us.
If you ignore us down the road, you're dead.
If any American kids bother you, call us.
Good luck, Eun Byul.
I love you!
Stay healthy.
Let's go.
Eun Byul!
Eun Byul!
Bye, Eun Byul!
I love you guys.
We love you, too!
Mr. Jang, I love you.
So this is where you were.
You haven't gone home yet?
I've been thinking a lot because of you.
What it is that I really want?
What is most important for me?
Have you figured out what it is?
I realized that I've been so busy loving others that I haven't been loving myself.
I was always nervous and on edge because of those I love,
and I would get happy or sad depending on what they say to me.
I don't know what I've been doing or where I've been.
I hope you find what you want as well.
I hope you find what is most important for you.
Essay for August 14th. Homeroom 8, Yoo Eun Byul.
Summer started with a small death.
I grabbed onto his clothing
and he left a little room open for me.
He works hard for an unripe, sour piece of fruit like me.
He sang for me and walked long distances.
He shaded me from a sun whose rays were as sharp as knives.
Summer endes with the coming of the typhoons and rain.
If you cry like the rain, your youth goes with the season.
The stories of summer are hidden beneath the longer sleeves you wear.
As the cries of the cicadas dim, I hope you'll remember.
Mr. Jang!
You shouldn't be here.
I have to see Eun Byul's father.
Pardon? Mr. Yoo? Not Eun Byul?
What is it?
So now you want the money?
There's no reason not to take it after what I've been through.
Am I some kind of cash machine?
Do you think I'll just hand it over to you now?
Can I at least get half, father?
I told you not to call me that!
I don't have a place to live now, and my father's ill, and...
Alright, already.
Ms. Hong, fetch that money for the teacher.
After everything you did, I'm being generous here.
But this house is mighty big.
Do you mind if I just use the bathroom?
Don't get any funny ideas.
Do your business and come right back. Got it?
If you don't... You know, right?
Hurry up.
You're not stopping? Running will get you nowhere.
Eun Byul!
You little...
Look everywhere!
- Chairman. - What?
I think Yi San has caused trouble.
What? That little creep. What is he thinking?
He's causing a riot in my house? Find him now!
Now what?
Eun Byul...
What about her?
She's gone.
I don't believe...
Those little...
What were you doing?
We were watching her like hawks.
Idiots! Find her now!
Get her!
Watching her like hawks, my foot!
I'll take care of this.
Get the car.
Thank you, Ms. Hong.
This is all I can do for you.
It's only going to get harder now.
Thank you.
Wasn't the gate locked the whole time?
Close it! Close the gate!
Those two were in the house all along.
What are you doing? Close the gate!
Eun Byul!
Ms. Hong!
Yes, sir.
Contact Woo Jin and tell him to turn the car around.
And tell him to track that car!
What are you doing?
Right away, sir!
Ms. Hong said to ditch the car because they're tracking it.
I found it. They're at the terminal.
It's President Choe's turf, so I'll ask him for support.
Are they dumb?
If they left the car at the terminal, they aren't there.
Is there anywhere you think...
Ms. Hong, you know your way around the computer, right?
Have a seat.
Can you bring up all the recent searches?
Here we go.
Find out who the bosses at all the train stations in Seoul are and get them on it.
Right away.
Where are we going?
Not sure.
Anywhere do you want to go?
The sea?
This isn't her?
So it isn't.