Calculus Cheat Sheet | Solver Programs | App | TI89 Titanium

Uploaded by Tommynnnnn on 15.10.2012

Ok, today I'm doing a calculus cheat sheet video, many of you have asked about that,
and I'm going to do one for you here on my programs. There is no better cheat sheet
for calculus than my programs in your Titanium calculator, you load them in there. All you
want from a cheat sheet is a formula, and how to do the problem, step by step, to solve
the problem, so that you can either memorize it or learn it or help you. You're not interested
in learning it, not interested in memorizing it, I understand. Even better in my programs,
you can add your own variables in my programs, where you can't on a cheat sheet, so therefore
you get the actual calculations and the actual answer. A cheat sheet gives you formulas and
that's the first thing that my programs do. When you run my programs, I give you the
formula and you write that down on your paper, the first thing to get started. And then you
go from there. So let me show you about my menu a little bit here. To get to my menu
you have to press index, put in this formula here, index eight closed parenthesis, you
do that by pressing second alpha on your calculator, and putting in these letters, I n d e x, and
then pressing alpha again and put in the eight and the closed parenthesis, and then you press
enter and then you're into my programs. You have vectors, notice a and b vectors,
and you have x,y, and z vectors but if you only have two vectors you can put zero in
for the z variable. And you scroll down look at acceleration, arc length, chain rule, concavity,
I do graphing by hand in my programs, critical points, there's more graphing by hand, cross
product is a vector calculation, curl for calculus three, definite integral, definition
of a derivative which is really difference quotient here. That's the first week of
calculus very very difficult and very, very useless, dot product, all kinds of things
here, e to the x integrating, exponential functions, and uhm, implicit differentiation
that's always good. Ah also all the way down for many, many different things, even
has something for money in here if you want to find the time value of money equations
for calculus, of course we have the quadratic equation, where you can just get the answer
by putting in your variables in your equation or I do it step by step, if you want that,
quotient rule, speed, calculations for a sphere, mid point, sphere equations, volumes for a
sphere, radius, and of course trig and half angle formulas, which are very important because
the calculators cannot enter secant or cosecant and you need to convert those to sign or cosign
to be able to do that and of course I give you the integrals and derivatives of those
trig functions, there's no step by step its just memorization. So check out my web
site. and now also
don't forget my physics programs, ah and have a good one.