Max&Enric gay story 46 7th gay kiss ENGLISH SUBTITLES El cor de la ciutat

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Look what cookie
It's so good I could take it to a competion
come on
now that you leave are you making cookies?
don't complaint so much because when I go to leave away I'll come to bring you some
you say so now, but I'm sure you'll forget your friends when you are living in St. Andreu
you can come to visit us someday ok?
Fidel will leave soon
we'll stay alone, boy!
I'm leaving too, grandpa
To Madrid, I asked for a place in the college of Medicine there
you didn't tell me anything
you asked me to find another place to live
I only wanted to make you react
then, I did
there was not a place far away?
I asked for Sevilla but they didn't have places
Is for sure?
maybe he changes his mind
I don't think so
I go to warm the milk
what are you doing this morning?
man if it was not important I have not called you!
Enric is old enough to make decisions
You don't mind he leaves?
No but if I tell him he will not hear me
With Enric, we can't speak
He doesn't want to leave
Then, why he requested a place at Madrid University?
He wants to be far from us and doing as he likes
You don't understand anything. You don't understand nothing of nothing!
If we have come to yell...
Would you do the favour to hear me?
Look, look this couple
Oh Papa!
We have nothing against homosexuals
Remember Eduard?
Eduard, the butcher's son
Your friend from military service? What he does relate to these guys?
He was living in this building. He had to move to other city
To Valencia he was working in a toys factory
He was homosexual and he had to move because people like you;
when people in his building knew it they avoided him,
they treated him badly, they sent notes in his letter-box,
and they phoned him telling they don't wanted a pervert in the building
In Valencia he learned to hide what he was like
He was unlucky his whole life
Those were other times
It's been 30 years only, Ferrán!
Do you even tried to think why these 2 men can hold hands now and nothing happens?
This is the same place only some years later
Did you think why they can love themselves now without trying to hide?
Because now all of us we are a bit freer,
but things have not changed as they should.
Your son, he thinks he has to do the same,
run away from the neighbourhood and family, because he thinks they don't love him
No, you can't say I don't love my son
Perhaps it's my fault
Before, parents and children didn't talk about everything
You and your brother did grow as you could;
I didn't know how to teach you as it were due
Now I don't want the boy paying the consequences
Don't be stupid like I was. You can solve it yet
What you do you want we do?
Your son will leave and he'll end being unhappy like my friend
Have you some news of Eloi?
Beni went yesterday to see him in prison
No way!
he asked Eloinot to call him anymore
when will be he judged?
I have no idea
but for me, I don't want to know anything in my life
You're right, we better forget this
Gabriel, you sure have not seen the envelope with my tests?
Loli look in the office if you want but you 'll not find them here
and I don't know what are doing them in the pizzeria?
I made them when you were with Joani and I worked here more hours than a clock
Loli you'll not find them in here
How many times I have to tell you, they're not
bring me one croissant when you can
no, I'll take away
yesterday I saw Paco
in one garden in Zona Franca
he was sleeping on a bench
It was late
yesterday he quit my place
thanks for the warning, son
I suppose grandpa told you already I'm leaving to Madrid
This is the reason we are here for. You don't need to do so
I already signed
You don't understood, we want you here with us
In Madrid I'll be way better; here I'm fed up of quarrels
Enric! Listen to your parents
Your mother and I, It came as a surprise when you said you were... homosexual, and after,
after, you didn't give us any opportunity to resolve these things
We didn't know how to react and what to do,
we didn't know being at your side
We had the problem, not you
We miss you
You only say this because you fear I leave to Madrid alone
I promise you from now on we don't have to fight anymore,
no for this motive
We don't have to agree always but we can talk
Come on Enric, come back home
We love you as you are like
Thank you grandpa
Come on I'll help you to make your bag because you sure have things all around
No, I have to leave now
Yes, I have to do something very important, I'll come back home tonight
We begin well!
I don't know what this idiot is doing here
Max should throw him out
I hope he doesn't make another scene
Don't pay them any mind
what? tomorrow are we coming to the beach?
we can get a train to Sitges or Vilanova
Sure, because I'm pale right?
Look I got tanned this way I can put that skirt what?
yes, yes
Hey! What's going on?
I'll throw him out right now
No, forget him, he's just trying to tease
This is his ¿no?
I'll take it
This pizza will be served by me
The pizza
Too late. I don't want it
You do as you want, you'll have to pay likewise
If I don't what? Are you going to beat me?
Oh, I'm so scared, here we have the two, the couple
Do you know what they do?
Wait Max
Why took you so long?