Rady Full-Time MBA Experience

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Innovators Under Construction
Full-Time MBA, Flex MBA, Ph.D., Executive Development
>> TERRY AUGUST: One interesting thing about
Rady that makes it stand out from other
schools, the atmosphere here is not
constrained by, let's say 50, 60 years of
history. This is a very new school and so
the opportunity to try to help shape this
program to the interests of the students,
and obviously the interests of our faculty,
is there.
>> ZACH JACKSON: The student body is really
diverse and I am fortunate to have met all
of my fellow students in my first year
program. Having a smaller student body
allows us to really get to know each other
and lean on each other when we need help and
be able to help one another in the event
that we can provide it. This smaller
student environment allows you to have
direct impact on the shaping of the Rady
brand itself.
>> BHAVITA MEHTA: I always had ideas that I
wanted to try out but coming to the Rady
School I actually learned how to give
structure to my ideas; which ideas are good,
which ideas are bad, which ideas I can
actually take to the market and, sometimes,
which ideas that just don't work.
>> MARY KIANG: The community culture at Rady
is extremely flexible and, at the same
time, supportive. Also, Rady students here,
anything is possible, literally. If you want
to go to India to look at pharmaceutical
industry, go ahead. If you want to start a
club of interests, start it. If you want to
build a network of finance professionals
and have happy hour with them, initiate
that, there's nobody stopping you.
>> TERRY AUGUST: Students who do come here
have the opportunity to do things that
maybe they wouldn't be able to do at other
schools. At the same time, they're getting a
world-class education. The faculty here are
the same faculty that you'd find at any of
the top schools in the United States. The
classes that they take are, you know,
basically the same classes that we take.
But we are actually offering additional
options through these independent study
projects and through, like, the Lab to
Market sequence, that they wouldn't even
have an opportunity to do at some of the
other schools.
>> CLAIRE DOBRANSKY: I've learned a lot from
the Lab to Market process. I think it's
really rewarding how they teach you the
business fundamentals and then let you apply
them in a real world situation, and I don't
think that's an experience that you get
anywhere else. So being able to piece
together the valuable parts of different
classes into an operational environment has
been really a great learning experience.
>> JEAN-LUC FRINGELI: Rady brought me with
the insurance of being able to do it. I
seriously think that after graduation, in a
couple of months, I'll be able to start my
own business.
>> ROYAN KAMYAR: They're really pushing hard
on breaking the mold of business schools.
You know, the traditional top business
schools really have gotten into a formulaic
pattern for how they teach their students
and what kind of careers their students
ultimately pursue. Rady is just a whole new
mold, a whole new breed of business school.
It's really taking to heart the word
"entrepreneurism" and creating an
institution that really pushes people in
any direction that they're inspired to
Innovators Under Construction
Full-Time MBA, Flex MBA, Ph.D., Executive Development