starix interviewed @ ESWC 2011

Uploaded by natusvinceretv on Oct 23, 2011

- Hello everyone, it's Sergey Ischuk
and we are going to record a small interview
right after match versus M5.
Sergey please tell us how was the match,
how did you manage to lose the first map?
- Well, M5 is a strong team, they practiced a lot
before the championship.
Moreover we didn't have ZeroGravity behind our backs during the first map,
he was a bit late but usually helps us...
- ... no no, ZeroGravity wasn't late,
ZeroGravity didn't want to come
because you made him dissapointed last night
so he felt like no need to attend.
- We were sorry ZeroGravity did not meet us,
didn't put a heart into us so we were not so good...
But we've finally got our game
although we were raped on the first de_tuscan map.
Yet, we managed to reassemble and win de_dust2
although it was close match: 7-8, 8-7
it was really hard. We failed a lot.
- What can you say about M5 being so agressive as CT,
using double AWP, rushing, etc. Is it hard to cope with?
- It isn't aggressive. It's not passive also but still not aggressive.
Their gamestyle is based around their aim
and that is what their AWPer dictate.
If AWPers manage to do frags it's really hard to counter them.
But they still just play as any other team using certain tactics.
- How difficult is it to play versus 2 AWPs (like M5)
rather than versus 1 AWP?
- Each team tries to find their unique style to play how they feel like.
This team feels comfortable to play with 2 AWPs
and they try to base their game around it,
it's not correct to say like they are aggressive, etc.
- You've just switched from Microsoft to Kinzu v2
which is going to be released soon and will feature no acceleration thing.
- Yeah.
- What can you say about this mouse?
- I've always liked how Kinzu feels shape-wise
but I still was not OK with it's acceleration.
- These are ORCS!
- They will pay for it tormorrow...
- Yeah, including SEC too!
- Bye-bye!
- Victor! Victor!
- Hairy monkey he is...
- Tomorrow we're playing versus these monkeys
and we'll need to get ready as much as we can for this team.
There is something we should pay them back for and...
- Are you raging?
- There's a real anger inside me after SEC
as they treated ceh9 so bad...
- Haha!
- ... and they should pay for it!
- So let's talk again about the mouse...
- Kinzu v2 is just the same as old Kinzu
but with no acceleration. There was also some changes in its surface -
now it smooth while it was matt before.
So now it's smooth as Microsoft SK special edition mouse.
- So you are going to switch to this mouse, aren't you?
- No, I'm actually waiting for a new mouse
which is going to be released soon but I can't tell you about that!
- So picky Sergey you are!
- Yea, but this mouse is good for those
who wasn't able to cope with acceleration.
This one will be good for them.
- And the last question to come:
what maps are you expect to see in tomorrow's match versus Poles?
- I think they will remove out mirage and tuscan
so we're going to play three maps: train, dust2 and inferno.
- Thanks for the interview, let the force be with you!
- Thanks, you too!